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May 13, 2020
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  1. Introduction: An introduction to Genasi
  2. Abilities: A description of Genasi capabilities.
  3. Weakness: A description of Genasi weaknesses.
  4. Genasi: An overview of the different elemental Genasi.
  5. Ascendance & Severance: An overview of the creation process.
I. Introduction -

Genasi were once simple mortals, ones who had earned the favour of an Elemental King or Queen. They have now taken a final step in pledging their lives to the service of their spirit. On completion of the final trial of absolute allegiance, the mortal is fused with the elemental their patron spirit had gifted them after their previous trial. The merging of the two souls to become one forms an unbreakable and irreversible change that will alter the mortal for their lifetime.

Redlines (limitations or mechanics) will be described below a corresponding ability when applicable in red text.

II. Abilities -
Planar Tether: Genasi are pseudo-elementals of their respective element. They become immortal,frozen at the age when they were turned. When a Genasi dies their Elemental partner reforms them from their respective element at their runestone.
  • Genasi will still lose memory from their death scenario. All server rules pertaining to death apply normally.
Elemental Resilience: Genasi are immune to their own element.
  • Immunity to their respective element only applies to aligned spells or magical items of their element unless stated otherwise.
Greater Sorcery: Having been imparted a greater fraction of their respective Elemental’s power, Genasi unlike sorcerers will not become exhausted or tire from casting spells.
  • Genasi do not have a limited amount of spell-casts, however, they must abide by all other redlines relating to spells (I.e. If a spell mandates they cast another spell before casting it again, then they must do that).
Inner Elemental Communication: With the combination of both souls a Genasi's elemental gains the memories and intelligence of their host. Two souls in one body, the elemental and Genasi can communicate within the mind.
  • Your elemental cannot go against NLR rules. If you go by NLR, they will not remember the death.
  • Your elemental knows as much as you do. You cannot metagame lore texts unless you yourself have learned it.
  • You cannot communicate with other elementals and those aligned to your element.
  • Your elemental can only communicate to its host.
III. Weaknesses -

Counterbalance: While Genasi are immune to their own element, they have an extreme weakness to the element that opposes them. For instance an Earth Genasi is highly susceptible to being wounded by spells or items aligned to the element of air.
  • Air vs Earth
  • Water vs Fire
Elemental Body: Genasi are incapable of wearing armor with any iron.

Forbidden Domain: Genasi cannot enter an area of their opposing element (blessed temples, runestones etc) without feeling immense pain and uneasiness.

  • Cannot go into opposing elemental areas (blessed temples, runes, etc). This is also from spells that affect a certain radius of an area as well.

Irreversible Process: Due to the creation process of an elemental and mortal soul merging, if the elemental patron is to revoke the power they bestowed upon the mortal, or the mortal denounces their patron, the mortal will die (permanently killed).

Infertility: Due to the transformation process Genasi undergo when merging with an elemental, they are no longer fertile and cannot reproduce.

PK Clause: Should a Genasi fall out of favor of their respective elemental patron they run the risk of their power that was imparted upon them being revoked. In doing so the elemental will be forcefully unmerged from their body and the individual will be permanently killed.

IV. The Genasi -
A Genasi, though are combined with their elemental, does not mean that they are a true elemental. They are still mortals and are simply aligned to their respective element. By becoming one with the elemental the skin shifts hue to match the color of their element. The skin of an elemental is still a mortal’s, meaning that they hold no extra and special effects except of those that are stated.


Skin Color: Red, orange, red-orange
Eye Color: Shades of red, orange, yellow
Hair: Flames/ fiery red but has no advantage in roleplay and only gives off a gentle warmth

Infernal Attunement Fire Genasi cannot be burnt, being completely immune to fire whether it be alchemical or magical in nature, additionally they are able to withstand any heat or touch magma and lava much like it were normal liquid.

Aquatic Disordinance: Genasi connected to fire and it’s plane are affected by their opposite element much like elementals.Cold takes a larger toll on them and they are more susceptible to water that can douse their flame. Ice-based attacks easily freeze Fire Genasi and frostbite spreads more rapidly and increase damage.



Skin color: Shades of blue, aqua, cyan
Eye Color: Blue, aqua, cyan
Hair: Flowing water or ice but has no advantage or blue, cyan, aqua

Aquatic Attunement: Frost rolls off of a water Genasi as if it were a cool breeze as they are able to withstand the coldest of temperatures with ease. They are able to breathe underwater as if they were on land.

Infernal Disordinance: Water Genasi are weak to their opposing element just as much as they are strong against it. Fire and heat based attacks burn Water Genasi much more than the regular person. It is as if they’re skin is made of paper, easily catching alight. Water Genasi feel weaker and oftentimes slower in blistering heat.



Skin color: Shades of white, gray, light blue
Eye Color: Light blue, white, light gray
Hair: Clouds or light blue, white, light gray

Aerial Attunement: Air Genasi are attuned to the element of air and are naturally lighter. They are far less affected by gravity and descend gracefully no matter the amount of gravity forced upon them. They will not sustain any injuries from falling.

Earthen Discordance; Air Genasi are naturally lighter and have softer bones and skin. They are more vulnerable to blunt damage, their bones easily broken by heavy hits and their skin easily broken through by earth related magic. Additionally, Air Genasi feel heavy stress when underground akin to being watched.



Skin color: Shades of gray, green
Eye Color: Gray, green, gold, silver
Hair: Unmoving stone hair of gray, green, gold, silver

Earthen Attunement: As Genasi of Earth, they are naturally harder to the point their very being is as durable as stone. Punches, kicks, blunt attacks, slashes, cuts, etc. against an Earth Genasi are more ineffective. Though their skin is harder, they are slower by 7 blocks for movement.

Aerial Discordance: Earth Genasi are only able to be forced off the ground by air related magic. Lightning bolts shatter the skin and are more effective towards an Earth Genasi. Earth Genasi take heightened damage when falling from heights above 10 blocks, their legs in their bones breaking on impact.

V. Ascendance & Severance -
The process of becoming a Genasi requires strenuous loyalty and servitude towards their respective elemental patron. Only those that have attained pact sorcery are eligible to become pseudo-elements after they prove themselves and their patron deems them worthy. However, with that comes the need to remain in the favor of their spirit or else they will have their power revoked. Due to the creation process, becoming a Genasi is irreversible and having it stripped will result in a permanent kill of the character. It should be noted that Genasi is an extremely role play heavy race and should be treated as such.

[Credit: Mac-tire]

[Credit: ZoaArt]

[Credit: Zhjake]

[Credit: MajorieDavis]

@Phaeondra - Ideas and Writing
@Totalore - Ideas and Writing
@IndeanaJones - Ideas and Writing
@Emp__ - Ideas and Writing
@LeonFrostfire - Proofreading and Clarification
@Nyomi_Wood - Main Genasi Art
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