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Nov 22, 2020
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Name(s): Gargoyle; Stoneborn; Dreadstones

Physical Description: When resting during the day, Gargoyles are almost indistinguishable from common statues, but can be identified during the day from small cracks in their rocky skin that forms when in daylight. Upon the suns setting, their cold-blooded bodies shake their stoneborn forms and they truely awaken as terrors. Their eyes and wings glow a crimson red as their veins begin to warm themselves; their tendril like appendages resembling claws on the top of the wings and sharp 3 toed talons make their lower half as terrifying as their

Life Expectancy: Immortal given enough consumption of flesh. Weaker when hungered and vulnerable when turned to stone.

Preferred Environment: Dark Ruins, Castles and Dark forests.

Behavior: Passive during the day due to the intensity of the suns rays preventing them from transforming, but deadly in darkened parts of Enarion. Gargoyles live in clans, and are relatively intelligent despite their ferocity. Their bite contains a specific toxin, and depending on the age of the Gargoyle, can infect a victim with Gargolis Sanguinem, or Gargoyles Blood. The victim will either depending on willpower, suffer minor stonification which can be remedied from Lesser-aged Gargoyles, or given enough time for the infection to spread to the brain, cause Gargolyic transformation. As Gargoyles can only procreate once turning 250 years, their kind are considerably rare, hence the infectious bite.

Combat Abilities: Swooping Grab; Gouged Attack and Gargolyic Bite

Weaknesses: In their stoneform, Gargoyles are vulnerable to any and all attacks provided enough strength. A common steel sword won't do much but Mithril warhammers are best to pulverise parts of them during daylight.At night,due to their bloodshot sight for tracking, they are terrible at long-range and have softened yet somewhat sturdy underbellies.

Useful Materials: Rare stones depending on their age, cobblestone and smooth stone.


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Jan 30, 2020
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We already have gargoyles written. Moved to Reviewed.


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