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Nov 6, 2020
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(Set before you, are two tomes bound by leather. One written in common, the other in dwarvish. It is up to you, which one you are able to read.)

First Chapter: Introduction
Welcome to the waters of Enarion! I am your guide, guiding you through the cold waters of Fyrmana, the deep swamp near Glayrendd and the calm river and ponds across Enarion. Why do you need a guide to fishing? To know what fish to catch where and how to catch it of course! As an passionate expert fisherman, scholar and head of the Sea Alliance I wish to spread the knowledge of the acitivty that can feed entire cities and make you enjoy your natural enviroment!
To become a fisher be sure to be comfortable around water and do not underestimate the waters. It can turn out deadly and we'd rather the fish eat our bait than your corpse.
In the next chapter I will tell you how to assemble your gear so your journey may begin!

Second Chapter: Gear
The waters of Enarion are varied: But a simple wooden rod with a simple line and a simple bait shall be enough to master the waters. There are many types of rods around Enarion: Regular rods, profiecient rods and dragonwood rods, to get any of these ask your local woodworker or ask away at the Sea Alliance!
Another aspect of fishing is goldpanning. If you wish ask your local enginner to craft you one or simply buy one.

Third Chapter: The Waters
On Enarion, each type of enviroment offer different fish to catch. The following terrains are recommended for fishing: Deep Oceans far from the shore, regular ocean waters, lakes near plains, rivers and swamp waters.
Here are some fishing hotspots:
Plains: Lake and river directly adjacent to Promdor
Deep Ocean: If you sail far enough, any deep ocean will do.
Ocean: If you sail just far enough, between shore and the deep ocean, any ocean wil do.
Swamp: West from Glayrendd and south from Veldenz is one of the two swamps, whilst the other remains north from Calendale.
If you insisted to buy a goldpan, just be sure enough to find a large enough river to start goldpanning.

Fourth Chapter: The fish
This chapter will touch on all fish species currently known by the Sea Alliance, uses will be discussed in the next chapter. Fish with a (NRR) stands for "Not Region restricted", so these types of fish can appear almost everywhere.
- Trout (NRR)
- Carp (NRR)
- Bluegill (NRR)
- Catfish (NRR)
- Bass (NRR)
- Tench (NRR)
- Perch (NRR)
- Rainbowfish (Plain)
- Minnow (Swamp)
- Herring (Ocean)
- Sawfish (Deep Ocean)
- Tuna (Deep Ocean)
- Goldeye (NRR)
- Haddock (Deep Ocean)
- Kingfish (Deep Ocean)
- Mullet (Ocean)
- Cod (Deep ocean)
- Blowfish (Deep Ocean)
- Scallop (Deep Ocean)
- Bowfin (NRR)
- Lobster (Ocean & Deep Ocean)
- Crab (Ocean & Deep Ocean)
- Mussel (River, Ocean and Deep Ocean)
- Electric Eel (Plain)
- Echeneis (Swamp)
- Pumpkinseed (NRR)
- Clownfish (Deep Ocean)
- Eel (Ocean)
- Salmon (Deep Ocean)
- Bishopfish (Deep Ocean & Ocean)
- Shrimp (Deep Ocean & Ocean)
- Rainbow Trout (Plain&River)
- Koi (Forest)
- Unicornfish (Forest)
- Jewelfish (Forest)
- Rubyfish (Plain&River)

Fifth Chapter: Uses for several fish
This will be the last chapter of my humble guide. Of course, each of these fish above can be safely cooked and eaten, however I will explain which fish have certain value inside the international trade of Enarion.

Fish Oil
Is an Oil made by 3 Minnow, 2 Herring and 1 Rainbowfish. Fish Oil is regurarly sold for 40 Silver coins per vial. To gather the 3 fish, one would have to travel to the Swamp, then to the Ocean and then to a pond. This is the most valueable fish related commodity at the time.

Fish Sausage
Is made by 1 Salmon, 1 Bass and 1 Carp. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

Is made by 1 Tuna, 1 Salmon and 1 Eel. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

Noodles of Longevity
is made with Bishopfish, gathered in the ocean. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

Ocean's Bounty
Is made with 1 Scallop, 1 Lobster, 1 Mussel, 1 Crab and 1 Shrimp. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

Salmon Pie
Is made with 3 Salmon. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

Fish Waffle
Is made with 3 Haddock. At this time, no one sells this item on a large scale to give it a fair value.

The fishing market on Enarion is still young and we at the Sea Alliance will always be happy to accept any new fishermen/women and other corporations that share our passion for fishing and those fishing.

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