Festival of Morale

Jul 3, 2020
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Character Name
Mythri E. Melodine
Written: The Eclipse of 31 A.C
Penned by:
An Unknown Author
Hosted by: Queen Mythri Aeleth
To: The Citizenry of Elven Kin & Their Allies

Festival of Morale

Art Link: [!]
Above would be a painter’s vision on two elven children in Overgrove, Aellen

It has not been long, since the kin of the Elven race has emerged once again onto the content that is Enarion. Rediscovering lost history, building new wondrous relationships, and flourishing into an Era of hope. However…..inevitably war creeps the corners and stalks this happy Era. The officials of Aellen would like to extend an offer to those within the Enarion, to rest your swords and fighting words. Take up a moment of peace within Aellen this Season’s Turn, a Festival of Morale.

The Festival of Morale Shall start at 4pm Est, 2/7/2021. It will begin with an opening speech by Mythri Aeleth.

Shopping/Market Stalls:

(Shopping can be done throughout the entire festival's time period.)

Indulge in the flourishing markets and economy within the Kingdom of Aellen’s Markets. Here you will find the perfect souvenir of a great time. Perhaps a beautifully crafted gem carved by the finest of stonemasons for an Elfess of interest, or a sword of great steel crafted for the bravest of our Kin. The farmers and providers of our food will find a variety of fresh harvest and crafted herbs for their specialty.

For those that wish to get a stall, and do not currently have one in Aellen you must Roleplay being at the stall. Contact MythriStudio#4333 to get a stall set up for the Festival and earn some money!


Stalls of Information:

The stalls of Information will be open for the entirety of the Festival.

Enarion is a vast and confusing place. Those just now arriving, or perhaps one who’s lived here for a handful of years may have questions about the continent in which they reside in. Within the Festival of Morale, there will be markets marked with the Banner of Aellen, made of green and white wool. Here you will find individuals blessed with a variety of knowledge on Enarion, though of course not all of it! If you are a new arrival to Enarion or may have any questions about the Kingdom you can ask such here!

Targeted for new players and those who are looking to get more involved in the community, a variety of Aellen influencers will be at the stall such as:
and possibly more!

If you have questions about how to get involved, this is for you!


Tour of Aellen:
(Tour Starting at 4:15 pm Est)
Art Link: [!] -> A painter's vision of Annumara, The sacred tree of Druids, in the night.
After some time has been given to those within the Festival to shop in the markets and ask any questions that may run through their mind, a Tour given by the Queen of Aellen will take place. Accompanied by guards, those on the tour will make their way through the flourishing Elvecapital. Stopping at the Sacred Tree of Annumara, Sacred Hollow, Library, guild locations, and much more. A small array of information will be given for each location and questions may be asked.

In order
Military/Barracks: Speech given by Aristo
Sacred Hollow: Speech given by Flemish
Astral Sect: Speech by Ttsim…??
Order of Druids/Annumara: Speech given by Kai
and possibly more!
Last stop: Tavern w/ Drinking comp hosted by Strawberry!


(Starting at 4:30 Pm Est)
Egg them on!

Entertainment at its finest, watching people run around like headless chickens to knock their opponent out of a small ring before they get knocked out themselves with Eggs. Two competitors will compete in a small ring, they will get a handful of eggs to throw at each other. First to knock their opponent out of the ring with eggs ONLY will win. The Winner of such will win a gold piece and a potion

(Since eggs do not do knockback, we will use Warhammer for knockback. First, to 1 get downed or be knocked out loses) Warhammers WILL be provided
If you wish to compete in the Egg competition then Contact MythriStudio#4333 to join in on the competition.


(Starting Right after the competition above, therefore time date varies)

How good is your shot?

We all know your shots with the ladies go missing, however, prove you are one to be messed with by winning this archery competition! Surely this will get the lady’s attention…..right? A classic bow 1v1 will take place until a grand victor is presented. Alike to the Egg competition the winner will receive a gold piece and a potion, perhaps even a lady may notice your skill...or perhaps not, you may be lonely forever.

If you wish to compete in the Egg competition then Contact MythriStudio#4333 to join in on the competition.


Both the Archery and Egg throwing competition will be held within the ballroom. There will be boxes and such to hide behind, to make things more interesting.
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Jun 27, 2020
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Vorion Isilros throws the missive into his fireplace cursing to himself.

"Want to know how to raise morale? Get a victory. I'm fed up of hiding within walls and when the time comes being unprepared and losing every single fight..."

He would then sigh as he wished to patrol but was ordered not to.

Good Event though I'm looking forwards to participating!!!!


Feb 4, 2021
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Olivia Fendel: Looks at the missive with a sigh. She was weary with the war and she wasn't sure a festival would be the best way to raise morale. "when will they learn,.." she sighs and tosses the invite into the trash without a second thought.

Yenfri: stares at the missive with nervous excitement in her eyes. As a relative newcomer to the Alliance, she was excited to get out there and meet some new people. "oh god I need to get ready" she says to herself as she grabs her lute from its stand and begins to think of songs she can play while drunk out of her mind.
Dec 19, 2020
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Cirdan Hallowsby wonders if there's a knicknack he can buy for his daughter, setting himself deep in thought at he stroked the bit of beard on his chin. "Does she still like flowery things I wonder? Who knows..."
Jun 7, 2020
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Lixis Reyphyra


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