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Jun 9, 2020
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In host by Lady Katerina vas Leutfried

Missives and postings seem to spurt around the region of Enarion, as a tailoring business arises in the County of Veldenz.

KATERINA VAS LEUTFRIED pronounces the declaration of a tailor shop to open for all those who wish to have the utmost regal fashion within the regions of Enarion. The fashion includes that of the Everardan homeland’s origin garb, and only uses the most pristine silks and fabrics.

A few notes from the Lady Katerina:
- Custom tailoring will not be done unless stated upon the visit, or through a very special request if the requestor contains the right amount of incentive.

- All garb is premade and shall be newly posted around Enarion for those to see the choosings of which they prefer.
- Most clothing is a representation of the Everardan Fashion but some works may vary.

The tailor shop is found within the heart of the County of Veldenz, and customers who wish to purchase must visit the shop to claim their garb. Other postings will introduce further garb and their status of availability.

Send a letter to Lady Leutfried if she is not available.

Skins will be posted in the comments whenever a new arrival is present.
It will state whether the skin has sold or not next to the title of the skin.
You must buy the skin in roleplay (IRP).
Do not resell, repost, or reuse my skins.
After a whole batch of skins has sold, I will delete the comment and make more skins to sell.
DM me if you want updates on the next batch of skins. @chloe#9750 or if you wish to reserve a skin.

$8 for an outfit, negotiating will happen IRP
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