Everardan Culture: The Peoples of the Sun

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Jun 29, 2020
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The Everardans; a people rooted in the legacy of the Firstmen and the scholars and artists that they spawned.

Everardan humans are thoughtful and analytical by nature, shirking the savagery of lesser men and paganistic religions in favor of reason, art, and cultural expansionism. It is for this reason that the annals of history shall forever recall Everardans as the supreme cultivators of high culture and higher society. Descended from the Firstmen, the Everardan peoples grew without stopper of violence and wanton war -- they instead invested in the more elite facets of life, choosing to erect spires of beautiful alabaster and rich gold, reflecting the rays of their solar godhead. Their swords were forged flat and flexible, made to be danced with, not swung in a fervor of violence. Their halls are filled with portraits of enlightened men and radiant scenes of triumph. Among men there are few found to be fairer than those of high Everardan birth, who safeguard their bloodlines and appearances with great passion.

Everardan society is a place where class and social politics frequently rule the day. As such, the concerns and lives of the various classes can differ greatly. Among the nobility a penchant for high fashion is common, often copied in other lands such as Rheynland and the Valoran Republic but always at its most extreme within the Everardan heartlands. Both men and women wear cosmetics of various kinds, with subtle differences that indicate social standing. In public gatherings they are also prone to wearing very elaborate masks. These are hereditary and identify one's family almost as uniquely as the heraldry on a crest. Servants sometimes also wear masks at public events that are simpler and not so elaborate as their masters' which indicate the noble household they serve.

The Everardan peoples are highly zealous in the practice of their faith, often imposing it upon vassals and conquered foes. The faithful are held in high regard and the small but closely guarded High Cult is very much so considered sacrosanct. These members often hold positions of political or aristocratic importance among the Everardan peoples, controlling the ebb and flow of their cultured kinsmen. Especially favored in Everardan knights, who swear their oaths not only to their liege but to the Ascendant Man as well, religious practice defines the value of an Everardan.

“For what is a torch, compared to the sun that awaits you all outside?”
-Everardan Proverb

Succinctly unique from their Nornish, Nordyr, and Valoran cousins, the Everardan peoples’ subscribe to a faith founded upon the veneration of the Ascendant Man, a theoretical being of great righteousness and limitless wisdom, who transcended his mortal coil in the ancient age of beginning and ascended to the heavens to be wed with the Sun. His ascension is believed to be the apotheosis of humanity, whereupon the world will no longer be worthy to contain one’s mortal vessel. The Ascendant Man is often spoken of as being three different men, who share the same soul and essence -- each one being a reflection of the others, praised for their virtues and victories.

Everardan worship consists primarily of storied sermons and praise, centered wholly around the accomplishments and conquests of the Ascendant Man, varying greatly upon which reflection the sermon exalts. The greatest of all Everardan holy-sermons concerns the defeat of the Adversary, who envied the beauty and power of the lovely Sun and sought to usurp it for himself. The Adversary, thought to be the moon above Enarion, took the form of a large crow or raven (records vary regarding the form taken) and perched itself upon the Sun’s throne, intending to deceive the Sun and usher endless night upon the world. The Ascendant Man rose to the heavens before the Sun could return to its throne and cast down the Adversary, having laid bare its vile scheme to blacken the world. Upon the Sun’s discovery of this victory, the Ascendant Man proclaimed it his bride and wrested the crown of the heavens from its hand to be worn upon his own head.

“For so long as victory exists, so too will the vanquished.”
-Everardan Recant of Mercy


The Everadan have a long militaristic tradition predating the Great Calamity. It was said that boys as early as five were taught in the arts of war, a tradition that remains today. For ten years, these boys would train vigorously as the weak withered out, only those strong enough to stand at the end of the day would live to see the next. Prior to the Great Calamity, the Old Everardans were known to be fierce warriors and disciplined soldiers, hiring out their services during rare periods of peace for their country. Following the Great Calamity, much of it’s traditions were passed down by word of mouth.

The Everardans predominantly fight with swords, spears, polearms and axes. Although it always had few on the battlefield, owing to the cultural perception of utilizing ranged weapons being a cowardly alternative to melee combat, Everardan archers are equipped with longbows. They are known to be skilled horsemen as well, some say second to only the horse lords of Norn. The Everardan knights also follow a strict code of chivalry, with honor being the most important facet of the lives of not just the soldierly class, but also everyday citizens. Duels for the sake of honor or settling grievances are popular among the common folk and nobility, but they rarely end in death: to slay a fellow Everardan for something as personal as a duel is seen as wasteful and selfish.

The Everardan are also zealous people, with religion playing a central role in warfare. All will fight and die to defend their faith and persecute any who attempt to disgrace it, even those who are not traditionally of the soldierly class. Prior to every large engagement, it is tradition for every soldier to pray and receive some form of penance to purify their soul before battle. After battle, soldiers typically clean the blood and grime off of their weapons, armor, and bodies in a ritualistic manner, so they may not be filthy in the presence of the Ascendant Man.

“The sun smiles amidst the chaos.”

While every Everardan is fluent in common, many tend to use words from the language of their ancestors. Before the great Calamity, the Everardan spoke in their own dialect, this being known as Old Everardan. A language only known to by their people. Some of these words from Old Everardan still find their way in modern Everardan speech.

I - Ae (Aye)
You - Ya (Yay)
He - Hij (HE)
She - Zij (Ze)
It - Het (Et)
We - Wij (Wii)
They- Þey (They)

I - Aen (AYE-en)
You - Yaen (YAY-en)
Him - Hen (HE-en)
Her - Zien (ZE-hen)
It - Heten (HET-an)
Us - Wijan (We-an)
Them - Þaen (THEY-en)
The - yaen (YA-in)

Myself - Aev (AYE-vuh)
Yourself - Yaev (YAY-vuh)
Himself - Haev (HAY-vuh)
Itself - Zijev (ZEE-ev)
Ourselves - Wijev (WII-ev)
Themselves - Þaev (THEY-ev)

Old Everardan does not have possession pronouns. Possession is instead displayed on the noun itself.
My - [Noun] + -a
Your - [Noun] + -ae
His/her - [Noun] + o
Their - [Noun] eo

And - en
But - an


Emperor - Ceizer
King/Queen - Keng/Kengiin
Duke - Dujk
Lord - Haer
Lady - Heir
Kingdom - Kengkrik
Knight - Marhder
Count - Graff
Margrave - Margarn
Baron - Barwn
Squire - Schildn
Town - Stadt
Soldier - Soldat
Enemy - Vijjend
Friend - Freund
Spouse - Espous
Sun - Sonne
Food - Voerdir
Merchant - Goltmizer
Thought - Gedache
Sword - Zvaard
Axe - Hakbijel
Polearm - Paalar
Pike - Piek
Shield - Cheld
Steel - Stahl
Clash - Stoten
War - Raet
Attack - Stakk
Raid - Cyrch
Warrior- Krigmizer
Ally - Verbundt
Coin - Koin
Silver - Zilver
Coal - Kool
Gold - Gult
Mithril - Mithrat
Elf - Alf
Dwarf - Dorf
Human/Mankind - Mansheldt
Man - Mann
Woman - Vomaan
God - Goddt
Year - Jaer
Realm - Reik
Homeland - Gaard
Street - Strijt
Name - Maen
River - Rivir
Lake - Meir
Sea - Zee
Ocean - Antal
Pond - Plaz
Swamp - Moir
Herb - Kruid
House - Hús
Peasant - Landmann
Farmer - Weitmizer
Smith - Ertmizer
Baker - Bakker
Bread - Brood
Milk - Mejlk
Wheat - Weit
Day - Dag
Evening - Avend
Cabbage - Groenkool
Bear - Boer
Eagle - Valk
Deer - Herten
Cow - Cú
Sheep - Schap
Goat - Geit
Dog - Hond
Cat - Cath
Dirty - Vuid
Rat - Fawr
Rest (Sleep/Relax) - Schlys

Light -Solast
Undead - Andaed
Dead - Daed
Death - Doënde
Thanks - Dankir
Goodbye - Farvel
Hello - Hael
Greetings - Cyfroet
Carrot- Rumpkr

Fuck - Vermadt
Shit - Sheste
Damn - Dramas
Arse/Ass - Aerse
Shithead - Shestehode
Dumbass - Svadaerse
Bitch - Kjet
Whore - Strijtvomaan
Grow a pair - Eiggean kuisse
Bloody sore/pest - Bloede pesht
Fuck out my face (Out of my sight) - Vermandt allan af golwg

In the name of God. - On Goddto Maen.
Praise our Sun. - Bedden unsar Sonnen
Have A Good Day (Farewell) - Cael an goed dag.
What is your name? - Was ist dy naam?
Safe travels - Veilig reisen.
Good Evening - Goet Avend.

White - Wenit
Black - Schwoir
Light Gray - Solast Graujs
Gray - Graujs
Red - Roege
Orange - Juidelb-Roege
Yellow - Juidelb
Lime - Limal
Green - Gruairt
Light Blue - Solast Bluam
Blue - Blaum
Purple - Phurpiliar
Pink - Rinca
Silver - Zilver
Gold - Gult

One - Aien
Two - Duei
Three - Trei
Four - Vierth
Five - Vunf
Six - Ziechs
Seven - Ziebechd
Eight - Auchd
Nine - Naugin
Ten - Ziehn
Twenty - Zwichd
Thirty - Treitig
Forty - Dierante
Fifty - Ciontig
Sixty - Zechant
Seventy - Siebventig
Eighty - Achdig
Ninety - Neunhig
Hundred - Heundert
Thousand - Millend

Present Tense
I… -[VERB] + -te
You.. -[VERB] + -ten
He/she/it…-[VERB] - tenre
We…[VERB] + - et
You all…[VERB] + - aet
They…[VERB]+- enet

I [w] + -ed… [VERB] + er

To - Tú
To Kill - Duvet
To Eat - Eaeten
To Drink - Dranken
To Fight - Striladd
To Die - Dey
To Pray - Bedden
To Love - Cariafde
To Help - Helfen
To Work - Argwaith
To Cook - Kogin
To Sell - Verkofen
To Buy - Kofen
To Play - Chwarlen
To Win - Winnsieg
To Lose - Collizen
To Talk - Sialten
To Run - Rhedef
To Hunt - Helacht
To Teach - Lebehr
To Learn - Lehr
To Craft - Ambast
To Farm - Ffaurn
To Do - Dú

New - Neuwd
Old - Oudhen
Beautiful - Frelain
Good - Goet
Bad - Kwaacht
Early - Fruhnar
Young - Unge
Same - Unleich
Different - Difrant
Dark - Nijk
Bright - Brijkt

Rheynland - Rheyngaard
Aellen - Alfgaard
Ordheim - Dorfgaard
Glarenydd - Glarengaard

Ancestor - Voorfadr / Voormaer (Masculine / Femenine)
Grandfather - Ouhenfadar
Grandmother - Ouhenmerhter
Father - Fadar
Mother - Merhter
Son - Zohn
Daughter - Mercht
Eldest Son - Fruhzohn
Eldest Sister - Fruhmercht
Youngest Son - Ifangzohn
Youngest Daughter - Ifangmercht
Older Son - Ouhenzohn
Older Daughter - Ouhenmercht
Younger Son - Neuzohn
Younger Daughter - Neumercht

Male Infant - Mannling
Female Infant - Freiling

Brother - Broeder
Sister - Chwester
Uncle - Onkle
Aunt - Monte
Cousin - Vettender

Older Brother - Ouhenbroeder
Oldest Brother - Fruhbroeder
Older Sister - Ouhenchwester
Oldest Sister - Fruhchweseter
Younger Brother - Neubroeder
Youngest Brother - Ifangbroeder
Younger Sister - Neuchwester
Youngest Sister - Ifangchwester

Step - (FAMILY PRONOUN) + steape

In - on
Of - Af
var/vas - Son/daughter of
(ex. Aymar var Rheden)

House Rheden of the Radiant Sun, Lords of the Everardan
House Gvaedyn of the Red Serpent, Keepers of the High Cult

See below for a list of some potential names for if you are interested in playing an Everardan character. Names of French, Dutch, German, Frankish, Gothic, and Welsh seem to work best. If you have any questions involving about the culture contact 𝐋𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐢#7910 and Malaise#1701 on discord.

Male Names
Alayn, Aenton, Aermand, Abelard, Ardaal, Adalbert, Aymar, Aelric, Asher, Adriaen, Arent, Acelin, Adalberon, Adaleus, Adhemar, Aetherius, Aeleran, Aredius, Artald, Auderic, Auventin, Albern, Auberlin, Aerthvis, Aerthvulf, Aerthroege, Beyaert, Bruynsten, Baldwar, Baudet, Beorthic, Beorvulf, Baeuvais, Baenegar, Benoist, Berfrid, Bernart, Bernier, Bertran, Berric, Bertulfo, Briant, Bayard, Bernard, Bouvier, Balderich, Baldram, Bentz, Berfrid, Broseke, Burgold, Bledri, Blethyn, Briamail, Caspaer, Christiaen, Cadvethen, Christwin, Claudin, Conwal, Cynthius, Cyran, Cancor, Casarius, Clewin, Cunad, Cadwal, Cadwallon, Collen, Cradoc, Carl, Cynfran, Damiaen, Donaes, Donaet, Dyrck, Dyr, Dan, Dacien, Deocar, Domard, Donadei, Diem, Denis, Diederick, Dietz, Ditwin, Deivyn, Emrys, Erik, Erikr, Evan, Emlyn, Edgar, Ecbertus, Egbald, Egeno, Egildad, Egilwaldus, Egilbraht, Eilbrandi, Eilburn, Eilgerus, Eilherd, Eilric, Einardus, Ercken, Erec, Evrart, Eilhart, Elbel, Emich, Emrich, Eowan, Endris, Esiko, Ednowain, Eilian, Floris, Frans, Faucoen, Frijn, Ferrand, Ferrandin, Floriant, Franchot, Freidank, Fridolin, Frix, Gareth, Griffith, Gvdion, Karl, Kristoff, Karloman, Henri, Henrik, Harvey, Hubert, Herve, Jermaine, Jansen, Lamont, Lanzlut, Lucian, Mervin, Marcel, Mathis, Maurice, Obert, Olivier, Percival, Percy, Pepin, Pierre, Parry, Quillon, Roric, Rainall, Ricohard, Richard, Reynard, Rupert, Roussay, Raine, Sebastian, Severin, Sigfrid, Theoren, Theovyn, Theorik, Varian, Verrill, Vynne, Widukind.

Female Names
Adelisa, Adelin, Alaire, Alainne, Aldessa, Anstrude, Annora, Aldeva, Alveradis, Aleydis, Annlin, Ayla, Annes, Arianven, Acherea, Alianne, Azeline, Alodie, Balsinde, Beatrisia, Blitza, Brida, Basina, Bernadette, Cynthia, Carthia, Cathereau, Cyprianne, Crestienne, Climence, Claricia, Crisly, Deotille, Dalmatia, Dietta, Dorothye, Duretta, Dillena, Emmelina, Eddeline, Elisanna, Emelisse, Emilande, Emissa, Eila, Eilika, Erika, Emnilda, Enede, Elsslin, Ethelinde, Enith, Felise, Florie, Francesia, Fulka, Fey, Genevote, Gilia, Gisa, Galiana, Galiena, Geva, Generys, Halene, Heloys, Hudria, Hasala, Hazecha, Herlinde, Husa, Isabea, Iolente, Ingarde, Idelinde, Irmla, Isalda, Isla, Islana, Ina, Ingride, Ingarde, Ingbalda, Jamette, Joia, Jonatha, Katheline, Kaetherlin, Katrey, Ketha, Karie, Katerine, Ketha, Livina, Lielde, Liesbet, Landelanda, Liliola, Lintrude, Liutisma, Liutrada, Loysse, Leonetta, Lutrud, Mabelie, Marcibilia, Megriet, Mageurona, Maroie, Mathia, Maurisia, Michielle, Magdalen, Margreth, Maurisia, Mabiley, Milisandia, Nicol, Nadalinde, Nomidia, Neste, Odierne, Odine, Ombeline, Orienta, Offmey, Othilia, Osterlind, Opportuna, Parette, Parva, Plesance, Robine, Rosceline, Rosafiere, Regelinda, Rutharda, Siwa, Saidra, Salvia, Sanceline, Sancta, Saronide, Superantia, Sennehilda, Sophy, Syele, Talesie, Theuda, Tyfainne, Uote, Ursilda, Verlisbette, Verildis, Wistrilde, Wastrada, Winda, Wentliana, Winefrida, Yolente, Ysabeau, Ysmaine, Yslana, Yzabe, Zoete, Zymeria.

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