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Oct 15, 2020
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Updated as of 04/26/2021
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The event team is a crucial backbone of the world of Enarion, its members partaking in various narratives and events to liven up the experience players have on the server. Fantasy Roleplay is a place where we strive to create a dynamic where anybody can find events they enjoy and wish to pursue. By doing this, we bring players together to delve deeper into the numerous twists and turns of Enarion.

Every person has their own personality and unique way of conveying a scene or event, on top of things they prefer to specialize in and run events for. Thus, this forum post serves as an up-to-date roster of all of the event team’s members and their preferences and specialties. On top of this, it includes their status on the event team and what players can contact them for if there are any questions.

Should you wish to schedule an event with one of the listed ET Members, please do reach out to them on Discord!
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Event Admin
@Pyrias (Pyrias#0887) Pyrias: EST
Handles management of the ET and supervision over the important event-lines, ensuring standards are upheld and members of ET are given the resources they need to run events.
Preferences: Investigation, Creatures, & Factions

Event Managers
@andydreww (andydreww#8816) Andydreww: CST
Communicates with event members and ensures dead-lines are being met and agendas are being completed in a timely manner.
Works on playable creature eventlines and provides oversight on them besides ET Lead.
Preferences: Investigation, Exploration, & Combat

@Kenzo74 (Kenno#3628) Kenzo74_: EEST (GMT+2)
Communicates with event members and aids in completing relevant materials for event coordination.
Works on faction interactions and provides oversight on them besides ET Lead.
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

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Event Professionals
@Phaeondra (Phae#5806) Phaeondra: EST
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@Burnsalan20 (Creator_Alan#8029) Creator_Alan: EST
Preferences: Investigation & Story

@Transistor (Harrison#6969) Transistor: GMT
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@Cepheid_ (Cepheid#9520) Cepheid_: CST
Preferences: Jack of All Trades (Minus Criminal RP)

@Simba (simba#3042) SimbaSensei: PST
Preferences: Handles Adventurer's Guild ET Oversight

@Emp__ (Emp#4242) Emp__: PST
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@IndeanaJones (Inde#0066) IndeanaJones: PST
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@Karim (Karim#4233) Karim__: EEST (GMT+2)
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@ArbiterRequiem (Arbiter#4333) ArbiterRequiem: PST
Preferences: Criminal, Quest, Combat, and Creatures

@Overlord8000 (
overlord8000#0292) Overlord800: EST
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

@Callum (Callum#9575) Gored: GMT
Preferences: Jack of All Trades

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Event Categories
...The different event categories and what they pertain to...
  • Quests: The most widely known example of quests is the Adventurer’s Guild’s quest-board. However, this expands into bounties, quests, expeditions, etc. These sorts of events tend to have an objective to them that requires completion.
  • Investigation: These events tend to be ones involving scouting or discovering what’s going on in an event, such as coming across a blood trail and attempting to discern where it came from.
  • Combat: As the category suggests, these events have a combat focus and will more likely than not have CRP in them. This can be a chance to utilize different weapons, concoctions, or even deploy tactics that can be used against creatures to turn the tides in your favour.
  • Exploration: Similar to investigation, exploration involves adventuring into ruins or unknown territories, perhaps to document findings or to even learn more about something for yourself! Examples of this would be the many ruins across Enarion that have yet to be explored by the brave inhabitants.
  • Story: Far more intertwined with the other categories, events should generally always have a story behind them. This allows for a better depth and narrative, as it makes Enarion feel more alive rather than artificial. For instance, there are various goblin tribes in Enarion, but not all of them get along. Why might that be, what caused that conflict to arise?
  • Jack of All Trades: For the jack of all trades category, for an event member to have this as a preference implies they do not mind which events they hold. From combat to story-lines, it’s all on the table for hosting.
  • Criminal RP: Some people enjoy being the heroes! Others enjoy being the villains. And in Enarion, pesky guards may make it rather difficult to truly have criminal roleplay. This is why this category exists, as it provides an outlet for those who wish to participate in that sort of field. Examples of this are the well-known fisstuck drug trading, or perhaps simple thievery that took place under the noses of wealthy nobles.
  • Creatures: Werewolves, wraiths, and the coetus… creatures known and sought after by many for their power and intrigue, events in this category are primarily related towards interactions with them and discovering more about where they came from and perhaps even how to become one.
  • Factions: From the mushroomites in the east to the goblin tribes scattered across the west - each and every event faction has a rich story of its own, its own grudges and its own allies. Interactions in this category are as versatile and vast as the groups themselves, ranging from cultural exchanges and mere diplomacy to Player versus Environment scenarios.
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