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Oct 21, 2020
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Event FAQ
The following is a compiled list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the event team and events in hopes that having more information written down can help form stronger communication between the Event team and the community!

How can I request an event?
If you want to have an event run for yourself and a group of players then all you have to do is get into contact with an ET member and convey what it is you desire for the event and they will either take it on. If they are unable to recommend another ET member for you to speak with.

What ET member would be best to contact about doing X type of an event?
Check the Event team roster where we have the different types of categories for events and each individual ET member’s preference! That roster can be found here.

Is there a minimum player requirement for requesting an event?
No! There is no minimum number of players required to request an event, however, it can be preferable in most cases to have a group of players so that the event is able to target more people rather than one individual.

Can I get a scripted event or request rewards to be given out?
No, when you come to us with a proposal for an event we will then take that and run the interaction as long as it is lore-abiding however we do not do scripted events (i.e. if you want to fight a big troll and win) there might be a chance of failure. Furthermore, you may suggest potential rewards/loot but ultimately the final decision is at the ET’s discretion.

Can you run a rune interaction for me?
The event team does not handle magic (rune) interactions as that falls under Lore Team, you can find more information but who can run those here. We can however run elemental fights for you.

What kind of events can be done without an event team member?
NL’s (Nation-Leaders) or people assigned by a Nation-Leader are permitted to RP mundane creatures to host an event for their nation. For example, if an NL wanted to have a hunt for a boar for their citizens they may do so as long as it is within their own nation tile or the wilds outside. The creatures must be mundane such as a boar, deer, bear, etc, if you are unclear whether or not a creature is mundane ask an event manager for clarification. NL’s are not permitted to host these events to attack other souls or kill a player’s soul (unless given OOC consent by the player in question) during one of these encounters.

Additional types of events that do not require ET-Support are things like feasts, festivals and may be hosted by players. In general, most types of things that do not require an ET member to be playing a creature or introducing lore that is not already public can be done by players.

No lengthy set of rules is put into place for RPing mundane creatures - but abusing this system in any way shape or form or even RPing the situation extremely poorly (i.e. The bear befriends the hunters and lays on its back for bellyrubs; The wolf watches on in pure awe as Billy Bob does a triple-blackflip round-house crescent sword slash and its head is looped clean off) will result in first a blacklist on said player, then on the nation as a whole - running the risk of even removing the possibility of RPing mundane creatures for events all-together if it cannot be used in good-faith.

What kind of risks exist in an event?
Events are not risk-free! While death is a possibility (not permanent death unless explicitly stated otherwise) there is a potential to receive other critical wounds or injuries (such as mutilation). Furthermore, at the discretion of an ET depending on actions performed through roleplay, there is a chance for armor, weapons, or other miscellaneous items to be broken and require being repaired or even destroyed/lost.
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