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May 29, 2020
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Enarion Medical Union (EMU)
10th of Seasons Turn 10 AC

Article One - Terminology

The term “Medic” refers to personnel working at a clinic
The term “Kingdom” refers to a settlement under the rule of a king or queen
The term “Harm” refers to any damage done whether it be physical or mental.

Article Two - Union Terms

- The kingdoms who sign the pact are agreeing to the statements below and recognize if broken could lead to major diplomatic issues.

- The medical union of Enarion recognized the personnel designated by a kingdom in this pact as fellow medics and are to work to their best ability to help each other in any circumstances.

- The kingdoms apart of the union recognize that while a medic is in uniform and doing their job they have no other interest but to help their patient and should be allowed to do their job unless actively disrupting the peace, causing unnecessary harm to their patient, or are actively breaking a law stated by the kingdom they are in.

- The medical union realizes that while in uniform medics interests are only in saving their patient.

- The medical union may at any time request to hold a meeting with the other kingdoms on world matters that can be solved by banding together and using the combined information and vast expanse of medical knowledge. The meeting date, place, and time will be given in advance.

- The medical union’s main goal is to create a safespace to share and research information using their information they have gathered over their years.

- The kingdoms in the medical union are suggested to create a special team to combat disease and other problems. These teams will work alongside other kingdoms and provide any missing information which is required to complete the task they are on.

- The kingdoms in the medical union are required to share knowledge on a certain disease or medicine if requested by another unless they give a proper reason why the information may not be shared. This does not mean that the kingdom has to give materials for said cure or medicine.

- The medics in the kingdoms that are a part of this union may use another kingdom's clinic if it is at the time deemed by the medic him or herself to be a life or death situation in which if they don't get the proper equipment then their patient will die.

- A medic in the union may not order another medic from a different kingdom to do something while they are actively working on a patient and it requires their full attention to do so.

Article Three - Letters to the Leaders around the Enarion

A Letter is hand delivered to the Nation Leaders of the World

“Blessings to you and your family, I write this letter today inviting you to join the Enarion Medical Union. The Enarion Medical Union has been founded to combat any future illnesses and begin research on medical advancements. A meeting will be hosted every year to discuss illnesses and other advancements that could be made to the medical field. Within the First meeting, depending on which nations decide to sign we will elect a capital city for the Union. The Capital city will be elected every two years. May peace be with you and your kingdoms.”
Head Physician

Eric Fischer


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