Edict of Health, Revised

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May 29, 2020
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Edict of Health
10th of the First Moon, 27 AC


As The previous clinic under The Kingdom Of Aellen’s Health Department has been removed from the Druid’s responsibility, The former Senior Physician will be taking charge and overseeing it as her own responsibility from here on out.

Following the change in overseer, the clinic will be adjusting their titles, positions, and responsibilities as listed below;

Article I - Previous Edicts and Amendments on the Health Degree

All previous Health Edicts and Amendments are Formally dissolved as this Edict is signed.
Clinic Staff are still found responsible in making sure their facility is clean, and organized.
Clinic Staff remain responsible for the Health of the General Public and protecting them from diseases and illnesses that may plague Enarion.
Clinic Staff will never deny treatment to anyone who is in need.

Article II - On Head Doctor (Physician)

- The Head Doctor of Aellen is hereby granted full authority over the clinical staff and to oversee everything which is practiced in their clinic.
- They are in charge with paying the clinic staff on time.
- Reserves the right to recruit clinical staff and give them the proper roles required for such roles.
- Reserves the right to dismiss clinic workers within reason.
- They are given the responsibility of going through Clinical Logs.
- They may perform the tasks of any other clinical staff position if needed.

Article III - Clinical Positions

Clinic Secretary
The Clinic Secretary is in charge of keeping records within the clinic. They are to keep list of what all is stored in the clinic's storage and what's been used. They will also assist the head doctor to making sure all clinic staff are writing in the clinic logs per treatment. The secretary will also be responsible for helping with appointments anyone makes for the head doctor to visit outside of the kingdom.

Doctors (Physicians)
As a Doctor one's duty is in the clinic itself. These workers make up the bulk of the Aellen’s clinic. Their sole task is to treat those who have been brought to the clinic with physical injuries. They are required to know the basics of herbology and medicine.

Surgeons are those in charge of performing operations on patients with more severe injuries. They will practice bone setting, deep arrow removals, cauterization, and amputations. All surgeons must go through separate training than those becoming Doctors. They must also finish training as a Doctor of the clinic before training to become a Surgeon.

The Alchemist is in charge of providing the clinic potions and antidotes that will be used for treatment if needed. They are to only create concoctions to be used that are specifically made to help, not harm the patients. If caught doing otherwise, they will be removed from this position.

The Herbalists are in charge of gathering herbs for the clinic to use in treatment if needed. They will store the herbs in the clinic’s storage. Herbalists of the clinic will also be in charge of researching other ways the herbs can be used for Medical purposes only within the clinic’s research quarters.

Caretakers of the clinic are mainly in charge of caring for those resting for longer periods of time within the clinic. Their duties also include; Keeping the clinic clean, providing resting patients food and drink, making sure our patients are comfortable when staying overnight, and managing the front desk.

Field Medics (Corpsmen)
Corpsmen are those who are out in the heat of battle. These people will have to be ready to work in difficult situations and stay on their feet. They will also be tasked with helping the soldiers in their fight if none are injured. Thinking on their feet quickly and swiftly will mean life or death for not only the corpsman but the wounded on the battlefield. To obtain such a position as corpsman one must go through clinical training as well as military training.

Clinic Interns
Interns are only within the clinic to watch and learn, never to perform treatment to any of the patients. Interns are in the process of training and, therefore, will be spending most of their time observing the work of other clinical staff and taking notes. Once deemed ready to begin performing treatment, the Overseer will provide them the proper uniform and title of the positions they spent training for.

Article IV - Clinical Authorities

Clinic Staff
- The term “Clinical Worker” is defined as anyone who was recruited by or approved by the Overseer
- Any worker at the clinic has the right to ask anyone who is in the building to move to the waiting room which is at the front of the clinic. If this is not obeyed, then law enforcements will be brought in to enforce it.
- If a personnel attempts to tamper with the clinic or clinic tools then they are breaking this statement and will be brought to law enforcements.
- If a personnel attempts to stop a clinic worker from working on a patient then they will be dealt with whatever force is necessary to allow the worker to continue working.
- If a doctor causes harm to the patient while doing his work then he or she is not able to be held responsible. However if such damage is dealt intentionally and can be proven then the first statement is null.
- If a patient intentionally hurts his or her care taker then they will be subdued and depending on the situation healed and sent on their way.

Article V - Clinical Logs

The Clinic Leadership will now be fully required to log every patient entering the clinic. These logs are to include the following;

Name of the Clinic Staff who is assisting the patient
Name of the Patient
List of all injuries the patient has come in for
The Treatment that was given to the patient
Patient’s Signature.

Article VI - Addition of Clinical Boundaries and Laws

Human Experimentation is never allowed under any circumstances. If revealed that this is going on any clinic member involved will be immediately dismissed by the Overseer

Unsanitary Clinical Areas - Any areas that are found unsanitary will be immediately shut down temporarily until deemed safe for practice once more.

The Clinic will never charge anyone for their treatment as following the Overseer’s beliefs.

Any Clinic Staff caught stealing herbs, potions, or anything else from the clinic will be brought to the authorities to be dealt with.
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Jul 3, 2020
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Please do not copy the template/format above for the clinic. I would like to keep it original.


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