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Jul 3, 2020
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A culture focused on worshiping the natural world, hoping to bring about a flourishing environment and harmonizing with creatures and nature spirits to attune to the mana of this natural world. Based on the belief that all living things come from the same life essence. The druids protect this life essence and worship not one deity but all natural things, which they despise the undead.



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Grove Island
Grove village is a simple island located in Zhul next to Heiyeong’s lands. The grove lives in as good harmony with nature as possible and is used by the druids of Enarion as a common gathering place. Simple and tranquil, they hardly ever seek to take part in politics, only if they need to, will they do so. This is because they consider their business to be mainly with nature, where they can seek out and learn of the spirits that inhabit it, while also giving back to nature by taking care of it to the best of their abilities. Though the island, the druids are grateful to Heyieong, for they gave them their land. However, they do not associate themselves with their politics, unless their help is wished upon. They do not bother anyone and hence wish not to be bothered.

The Grove Island features the following:

  1. Local Fae: Many natural creatures, entities and fae have found themselves a home on Grove Island. Including but not limited to: Mermaids, Sprites and Fairies. With the hope of expanding our base to other creatures such as mushroomites. These local fae are considered citizens of Grove Village, and are to be respected. Any harm to these creatures is considered an offense to the druids and will result in consequences from both fae and the druids.
  2. Druidic Shop: A local shop open to anyone. Items sold within this shop tend to follow druidic materials, things of nature or books of information. New inventions, information recorded and more are tend to be sold here. This shop helps fund the druid's island, and provide assistance for Heiyeong if a need persists. Disclaimer: the shop accepts anything redeemable of being sold, no matter who gives it (no undead). Those who provide items to be sold will get 50% of the revenue generated from their item. For example Johnny the druid documents the different types of fairy wings, and what unique abilities they each have. He makes a few copies and has them sold in the druid shop for 50 silver, and receives 25.
  3. Unique Clinic: This clinic is unlike any other seen on Enarion and Zhul, built within the trunk of a tree opening up into the very heart of the Island. The Clinic serves as not only a place for those to go when injured but a place of safety. Those working in this clinic have been recorded to have healing abilities, that compete with even the best of potions. Those injured and resting in the clinic are visited by creatures and fae to soothe them in their time of pain.
  4. Museum of nature: A clinic open to the public, showcasing the known history of nature. Featuring past founders of druidism, prominent figures and relics provided by our environment. However, that is not all. At the very end of the Museum seems to be something in the works......a statue of some new looking......creature. What is that thing?! Guess you'll have to wait and see!
  5. Incoming Ent.....?: ...!
and more!
Located in Heiyeong, follow the green banners to Druid Island. Undead are prohibited from entering the island and will be K.O.S entities
The island is in the build world rn and is not yet up


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Druidism is an ancient religion, beginning sometime pre-calamity and lasting until the return of Enarion from generational stories passed down. However, as it modernizes it shifts away from religion and is recognized more as a culture.

Pre Calamity

Pre-Calamity druids are fairly unknown as much is about the time period. However, from the ancestor’s stories, we have learned that Pre Calamity druids at one point started through recurring rituals and natural bonding. Druids would host a variety of weekly rituals that unkept the harmony between druids and nature. Many times a year different groups of druids would go out on a pilgrimage to connect and upkeep packs with different faes, creatures, or natural spirits. Through the recurring process of connecting and upkeeping pacts, druidism became a flourishing religion. However, as it modernized it became so popular it integrated into what was once called the Kingdom of Aellen, during its Pre-Calamity time.

There are no known important figures within Pre Calamity for druidism, though they are sought out.

Post Calamity

Post-Calamity Druids followed the most recent practices of the past Enarion druids. They had become political yet natural. The Archdruid, leader of druids, had been a councilor for Tor Ascara, during Post-Calamity. Potentially having the chance to become the next leader of Tor Ascara, Once named the Kingdom of Aellen. However, this religion was one of three at the time to be within the elven nation. The post-calamity druids focused on the same values that those of pre-calamity had, yet first needed to re-establish relations. They held circle gatherings for the Archdruid, elders, and druids to commune at. Teaching circles, pilgrimages, pacts, and more to regain their place within nature. Most of their time had been spent trying to regain lost knowledge. A special mention to the first Post-Calamity Archdruid Minerdhir. Who in his elderly years taught the religion of Druidism to those returning to Enarion after generations. Through his knowledge, he spread information about many druidic rituals, practices, traditions, and ruins. He is the reason druidism is strong today.

An important event within Post Calamity was the Undead War. This war allowed druidism to shine through their pacts and bonds with nature. The druids had asked for the Seasonal Courts to stop Winter, bringing about a blazing hot summer, and help to defeat the invasive undead. As the Undead are the foes of druids, if there were to be any, the Druids took it upon themselves to help at any cost to be rid of the plague known as the undead. During and After the Undead War druidism had become much more of a respectable religion.

Archdruids of Post-Calamity:

Pre Modern Druidism

After the leave of some of the most prominent and knowledgeable leaders of druidism, after the passing of Minerdhir, druidism had begun to lose its leaves. While a form of druidism will always reside within the hearts of a few and those such as Consantoirs it had become fairly lost to the time. There had been no real Archdruid, and any elder druid at the time had not been as knowledgeable about druidism as they should have been. The fault of druidism falling at this time and point was the absence of passing information. For a few decades, druidism has simply become a word. Very few worshiped it, and the religion had become fairly ancient.

Post-Modern Druidism

This is the present, our modern day. As nations turn and join one another druidism recognizes that its roots were not set in any specific nation, nor any specific dryad. Therefore, Druidism had shed its term of religion and turned to a new leaf called culture. To this day Druidism is revived by the permanent residents of nature, Owen and Mythri Aerdant. Two Consantoirs who aren’t directly connected to Druidism as they once had been. Yet still, wish to see the connection between mortal and nature rebound. Now, Druidism holds a base through Heiyeong’s lands called The Grove. This area is a gathering place for those who entertain the culture. Druidism can be appreciated by anyone. It is not a religion that requires immense dedication. Yet, more of a culture of which anyone can become a part of. A high level of attuning is present within the culture, as one dives more into it they can become more harmonized with nature. It is not required for anyone for a druid to stay within a specific nation or region to become a druid.

Post-Modern druids are typically nomads, who have one location as a more permanent home. Their aspiration for traveling and attuning to different natural elements is what makes them a nomad. A series of new ranks, new rituals, and
traditions had risen to better let druids attune with the mana or nature. Something that previously had not been understood, lost.



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Druids perform a lot of rituals, each serving a different purpose, from joining two people together in marriage to summoning and communing with spirits. Though a lot of the rituals are performed in groups, most of them can be performed on a smaller scale by a single person if they so wish.

Intending to be kept sacred to a druid, a list shall be provided of the Rituals with little to no explanation of what they do, and are for. This must be learned icly

Communion is where druids gather to summon a spirit and converse with them. Often this is done to seek knowledge or to ask for help. The procedure often starts with the druids gathering at the spot where they will attempt communion.
Consecration is a sacred ritual where druids gather to cleanse a space of darkness and malice so that life may prevail and keep the consecrated spot safe from creatures that adhere to the power of life.
Though most druids do not actively seek trouble, and hardly ever actively seek to kill anything besides death-aligned entities, they acknowledge that sometimes violence is a necessary evil. Different groups of druids have different views on them, but most of them share hatred towards undead and other death-aligned creatures, as druids believe that those creatures break the natural cycle.

Besides these moments, sometimes druids do hunt in order to secure food, hunting sometimes happens in groups, and at other times a single druid has hunted themselves for some food. When death has happened, the druids perform a purification ritual where they give thanks for the source of food they have been given.

This procedure is also used when a person has died, it is not uncommon for druids to perform a ritual to ensure their passage to the cycle, instead of once more returning as the unnatural, living dead.

Weddings are rather important everywhere, and this goes for the druids as well, and thus they have their own ritualistic ways of joining two lovers together to walk the path of life.
A ritual within the druidic culture to thank someone for being in their life, and wish them a good next life. This ritual is long and the most important of any rituals a druid goes through, as it shows devotion and loyalty. Two of the most important qualities of a druid are.
The journey of a Pilgrimage is done typically within a larger group or individually. While there tends to be a goal for a specific pilgrimage, like maintaining or creating a bond with the local mushrooms. Druids are more or less required to travel Enarion and Zhul to find a deeper connection between themselves and nature, these pilgrimages where you study and connect with nature better help you harmonize. If you find yourselves running into a fae or natural spirit, even creatures, you may find over time they’ll be less hostile to you. Or even prefer to help you in your times of need.
A long and tedious process that connects a regular person to nature, defining them as a druid. This process allows someone to connect to their environment, storing mana and using it to pull from their environment.

The rest are to be learned ICLY!
Harmonized Power

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The ability to draw from the mana of nature gained through your bonding with the natural world. There are a variety of powers based on how you harmonized and how much. Harmonizing is done in a variety of ways, though to even begin properly harmonizing you must be given the ability to do so by a Chief druid or Archdruid. Levels of Harmonization are reached over time and dedication, to reach the next level see your Chief or Archdruid.

When Harmonizing to Nature you first begin harmonizing with general abilities. Once you’ve mastered a certain level of General powers you begin to be drawn and connect to a certain circle of life, such as a druid who represents the sea and one who represents the land. . even sky! Each type of druid harmonization offers different abilities. Circle of life harmonization is taught through dryads, consantoirs, and other natural creatures. While general harmonization is taught through general druidism knowing of the art. Attuning to a specific creature is unteachable, and something unique to each.


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Drums, Flutes, and wooden instruments are a huge part of Druidism culture. Druids will use the humming of their voices and Drums to call upon Faes, and it is often that they will play Drums or wooden instruments to soothe the local creatures. Dancing can be randomly seen almost anywhere within the Grove, specifically near Stonehenge. It is considered an act of friendship or communion to play music with someone. Lastly, Music is used by Druids to welcome and give farewells to those that come and go into the grove during events.


Farming is not a thing of the past or….nationalized for the druids. Instead, druids take pleasure in gardening. There are those called Gardeners who are in charge of food supply. They deal with the agricultural side of food supply. Make sure crops are healthy and well supplied. Those who harvest are often closely related to the skill of cooking or healing the body. Vets are the term given to those who take care of the animals within the surrounding area. They are those in charge of supplying meat. When slaughtering any animals they first look to see if there are any injured or elderly to choose from. If not, they choose an animal of maturity and pray for its soul to pass well after killing it, not doing so is a sign of disrespect. However, vets often treat injured animals within the area. There are many who are both a Gardner and Vet


A part of Druidism education is learning how to heal the body. You are taught how to wrap an injury, how to make basic healing potions and herbology. Specific druids will choose to take an interest in Alchemy. These Druids are given the title of a local Medic. Typically they will carry herbs and potions in their bags, bandages, and wraps. Wearing a red band on their arm or a ribbon in their hair. Some Druids may even choose to tattoo a symbol on their body.


When living in the grove or becoming a druid you are given free education. This education comes with the knowledge of how to live off the land, to be grateful for what you have, and to know how to protect yourself. This includes gardening, herbology, healing, archery, and fighting. Living here you are taught about the history of druids and how to practice druidism. This includes the rituals and beliefs of a druid. Considered the main courses, we also have electives. These electives are heavily suggested. Including Enarion History, and Zhul history. More in-depth creature analogies, anatomy, alchemy, dancing, and crafting classes. Education is typically given by an Instructor. Someone who is typically well-versed in any of the courses, these people will be given a certificate to lead a group circle in their affiliated teaching. Anyone who has knowledge of a particular field and shows neutrality can appeal to the elders to teach. Education is taught at any age and does not have any age requirements to attend. It is based solely on your comprehension of what’s being taught.


The living cost of being within the Grove is close to NONE. Again, this is not a nation. It is simply a group of people living in tents and caves who live off the land. Druids often travel to other nations and buy goods from those provinces using silver as currency. Therefore, those druids who wish to make money to do so often become working-class for another nation. They join adventure guilds, sell potions in shops, write informative books, or become teachers. Most commonly they tend to travel to Heiyeong or Nex as it is the closest. Therefore druids are oftentimes somewhat living in other nations or traveling to provide their service and knowledge to Enarion and Zhul.
  • The only cost to living in the Grove is providing mutual respect for each other, this includes the creatures within the grove. Though, typically those who put more effort within the community to create clothing, food, and more are more well known.



It should come as no surprise to hear that those who live within the Grove or follow druidism, even slightly, prefer to wear their clothes of natural materials. Their clothes are typically crafted in C.P circles (see below under Harmonizing). Typically the most common wear is made with Leather, fur, and wool. Though wearing steel and gold is not frowned upon, though it is preferred there is some sort of environmental use to it. As for armor druids prefer to use the skin of animals or beasts with thick skin. This is a supplement for metal or leather, as it would be technically thicker. However, these types of armor are rare to find and hard to make as it requires the slaying of such creatures.


Hairstyles with the druids are typically pulled back with leather-made hair ties or horse hair. The natural decoration is common and considered beautiful in any gender’s hair. The more well-crafted and natural someone’s outfit is, the better looking they are considered. It is very often you can hear them getting complimented for their “good nature”.


Previously the alteration of one’s natural body had been frowned upon for a druid. It was seen as disrespectful towards nature, however, in the more-modern years, this has changed. It is now seen as an honor to wear or possess a tattoo affiliating with a druidic custom. Those who prefer not to permanently tattoo their skin are offered a semi-permanent paint made with ink and natural hues that at any time they can wash off, after some persistent scrubs. Though, if not either you can get a sash with badges to indicate your good deeds and accomplishments within the druids.

There are a variety of different hierarchical Tattoos among the Druids. The most basic Tattoos are those given based on the ranks or status you achieve within the druidic customs. Such as if you were ever an Elder Druid or even a gardener within the Grove.
There are even tattoos for specific events. If you had fought in the undead war, you will find a tattoo there. If you got all of your blessings from a Dryad, there is a tattoo there. If you spoke to the seasonal courts, you might have a tattoo.



Druids don’t have any Queen or King, or any form of the national military. Their Hierarchy is very limited if any. It mostly follows the ideals of “respect your elders and those wiser”. However, for anything to function properly, there is a FORM of hierarchy instated.

Archdruid - ONE
  • An archdruid is a single person, not defined by age or race, who oversees the entirety of the druids. They deal with making sure that every rank is doing their job properly, and that there is peace between the druids and the natural world. That the world they are living in is flourishing. They are typically the more educated of all druids, knowing all of the culture’s rituals, traditions, and so forth.

Chief - TWO
  • Harmony Chief - The druids stray from civilization and politics as much as they can. However, sadly it is of no surprise that there has to be some involvement in politics for peace among the mortals. Therefore, this chief is in charge of the peace within the Druids as a group and peace among the Druids and nations. Typically this Chief deals with planning events and inviting other nations, going out, and making sure that they have meetings with nature spirits to upkeep the druid’s harmony as well.
  • Traditional Chief - This individual deals with supplying the rich culture that encases druidism. Make sure that there are circles run weekly that educate newer druids, overseeing the advancement of ranks and trials of druids. This Chief is seen and entrusted with documenting which Druid is at what rank, and how educated and well off the Druids are.
(Basically Foreign Affairs Chief and Internal Affairs Chief)

Elder Druid -
The highest ranking druid without reaching a leadership role. Elder druids are highly respected druids who’ve been within the culture for a long time. Not always do they need to be aged, as they can be those who’ve contributed majorly to the druids. Always have a large amount of knowledge on the druids.

Teachers -
Those certified by either a chief or the archdruid to teach a specific topic, or more, within the culture. They’re able to host events around the education of what they know. These people are thanked for their knowledge spread to future generations.

Medics & Treethanes -
Both on the same level of the hierarchy the medics of the grove are those certified with healing, more than the average druid. They tend to be skilled with any type of injury or know of alchemy’s healing potions. Treethanes are those who defend the grove and natural world from the undead and take a more physical way of showing their respect for nature. They are not to be confused with guards.

Caretakers -
Those who dedicate their time to the upkeep of filling each person within the grove’s belly. They often host cooking events, where people can show their skill in soups and other dishes. For daily chores, a Gardener will water, fertilize and upkeep crops. Vets will tend to the care of the animals within the grove, small or big. They deal with figuring out what animals is used for stock and making sure that if they do kill an animal within the grove for food they honor their death, thanking it.

Druids -
The average member within the druids. They are fully fledged into the culture and have been educated on the beliefs of druidism. Typically nomads who travel to the grove and other locations to spread this knowledge, or those living in other nations travel to the grove to upkeep their culture.

Initiates -
Given the nickname of “newborns” this is the lowest rank, they are those who’ve been accepted into the order. They are always learning and attending events to gain knowledge of druidism.

Prospectives -
Those who’ve come to learn of the druidism culture but have not yet either decided to join or been accepted as an initiate.


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Mythri_Studio Dairsad
Overlooker: Sukitoru

Jul 3, 2020
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Mythri | Ronnie
Return to Nature

Join Us, for a reopening of Druidism. All prospective interested in joining druidism is allowed to come and attend.
The following will be included in the event:
- A pilgrimage
- Initiations
- Dinner and Crafts
- The chance to learn
Hosted by: Mythri the Consantoir

[OOC TIME: Wed 8/17/2022 @ 3:10pm EST]


Jun 7, 2020
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This is the proof that Druidism is the best sect/religion to come from Aellen.
Jul 3, 2020
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Mythri | Ronnie
EVENT COMPLETE: Return to Nature

Thank you all for coming! It was a very successful event, we hope to see you all again. Stay tuned for more events....oh what's this? Below is another event. Updates on what's to come?
See below!

UPCOMING EVENT: Finding your Path


Art Link: [Here]

Join us for an event where you shadow current followers of druidism and learn about the many pathes of a druid.
Within this event we will:
  • Go on a hunt and collect food, where a druid will learn how we properly supply ourselves with food without the excessive need to kill animals. We will also be show casing the unique way a druid can track/find animals, along with talk to wildlife.
  • Take care of injured animals, a event will come up where the druids must befriend an animal on their own and gain their trust. Then, treat their wounds. This part of the event will showcase the future healing abilities a druid may gain
  • Lastly we will do a Cleansing ritual, where current druids and past druids may confess their sins against nature and mortality, and either be forgiven for them or accept their temporary punishment for doing so.
[OOC TIME: Undetermined but currently looking to be sometime Sunday]
Stay tuned for Updates

Credit: Dairsad & Mythri_Studio

  1. New "Quest and Adventures Board"New "
Honor the beloved Adventure's guild the Druids will be implementing their own version of the Adventure's guild tied to nature. Stay tuned for this, it'll be uploaded soon. Everyone will be able to take quests, suiting their level of druidism, and get rewards for doing so. Not all quests will require you to be a druid.
  1. New Fae lore
Needing a serious update, the fae such as Fairies and Sprites, alongside many other creatures in nature like Unicorns and the whatnot need some more lore and updates. That makes it more interesting for players to learn about and interact with.
Note: We're starting small with updates, but we have a few things planned in the background that we're really excited about announcing.



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