Departure Letter

Jul 3, 2020
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Ranger Tom Shadow
To the Rangers and Rheynland Council,

I am leaving Rheynland and the Rangers behind, whilst I take an absence on a journey to understand my purpose after I finished my father's purpose of forming the Oakleaf Rangers. This is a decision, I have chosen to make as it seems inevitable for me to continue with the continuous loop of fighting the undead and trying to protect people when so many are protected and safe already.

I give the position of leader of the Oakleaf Rangers to Scrap Vexen, companied by the support of my brother Sirius Adler. The Rangers will always be strong and will always be a powerful force against those, who wish to plague the land.

For those who wish to know of my candidacy for mayor, I have chosen to step down from running it, giving my support to Quincy Faygo, who will be the best voice for the people of Rheynland.

I will be back, there is no doubt about that but for now, I must voyage Enarion. Exploring the land and learning more about the home of so many,

May my return bring back the peaceful state without the fame, that I am known so much for.

Goodbye for now,

- Tom Shadow,
Leader of the Oakleaf Rangers