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Dec 6, 2020
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Definitive Role Play(RP) guide

Foreword and basics chat commands

First off read what you will and no need to read it all and have to use everything listed.

RP is what you make of it. Although you want to have fun depending on your actions and that of others it at times can become tense and stressful. Or the opposite being too engaging in which case you should focus on yourself and real life. Sometimes a break is needed especially if urgent in which case let people know you must leave to IRL especially if in a high stakes long running RP session as this is best done with as much notice as possible due.
Now the basics and text commands

Chats: Do note the chats function by block distance

Speech “[text]”: also known as putting your speech in quotes “” to denote them as words
Action *[text]*: Same as speech but the text between ** to denote them as action

Emote example: *The fellow waved as he pointed to the shop* “hello travelers, wish to refresh yourself from your journey with my well priced wares” *they said patting a ale bottle with many more like it and many more various foods on the cart*

/me [text]: which puts everything but speech denoted by “” as action

**[text]* : similar to /me [text]: but it hides the character name showing the emote as [!]. Great for ambient emotes or for when you don't want your name out here.

/looc Void : just that. It is shorthand for revoking your last emote. Useful for getting rid of meme emotes such as /me Stabs the king . Which if not a meme emote will go quite poorly due to said kings resources, conflict Rp options, and Power gaming.

/l (languages): There's more than just common to be spoken IC this shows the list and how well you know the respective language IC. Useful to accentuate RP and potentially confuse/ have others not understand but beware you never know who knows what language.


/w (wisper): The smallest chat range around 1 block and useful for making quiet plans with allies you stand near. Emoticons such as detailed very quiet actions such as if you foresee trouble you can emote in /w to yourself readying what you will, but do emote the movement of your arms in a main emote

/q (Quiet): A smaller chat range and good for smaller RP interactions and you not wanting the whole block to know your… HANDHOLDING. Best in high density areas and more private conversations but still open to a fair distance for those close to hear.

/rp (role play): The default and most common chat as it has a nice range but not too loud. Best for getting people into RP as well as keep conversations going and open to whoever wanders by and may engage.

/s (shout): Yelling and the largest range typically used in events and great for reaching all in an area. Best not to use it often or casually though as you don't want to become the boy who cried wolf. Useful if you do need to really need to rally a town or otherwise get help.

Then comes the ooc channels which are all similar as above in distance but for talking Out Of Character(ooc) about real life, clarifying emotes, and general memeing. Beware as typing emotes ** in ooc automatically become IC emotes for some reason.

/ooc : The worlds Out Of Character chat great for weeing what everyone's chatting about and ooc trading, getting help, getting RP, and memeing. Also known as Cringe as it clogs up your RP and chat so its best to be avoided via the command /leave ooc: but if you ever wish to rejoin do /ooc [text]


/msg [In Game Name] /r : this is a two way channel to talk to anyone particular person and only them on the server with additional options such as if you wish to block people from /messaging you. Naturally this is an OOC chat but has it uses such as ooc trading to hash out the specifics of the deal. /r standing for /reply will likewise send back your message to the last person who /msged you, this however mean if someone else then the last person who /msged you and you hit send on a /r message the new 2nd person will receive it and not the first.

Useful commands

/n compass : helps you find the main player nations
/cprivate: and other /c variants to protect chest and that what you put in
/soul help : to see all soul/character options
/edit help : to see all your options when it comes to making RP flavor text items
/Ticket: useful for setting things up and calling relevant staff to help you with what's needed. Important for OOC things and getting events IG vs talking to people on the forums here or on various discord.

Honorable terms mentions

Pugsy: Clicking on a player without proper RP or PVP countdown then popping said player while they are down. Now a friendly click or two is fine but not popping them and if you're ever pugsyed do make a ticket as that is not allowed. As for why its called pugsy…


Find out In character: This is to be your response when people want IC knowledge and will use it as such. So if someone wants to know what armor you have on your person, wanna know who attacked you IC if you lived to tell the tale, or want to learn about your backstory . Tell them to find out RP

IRL and ends(PKing)

As stated above IRL(In real life) should always come first. RP is an outlet for fun and stories but also keep in mind your IRL affects RP and that's fine. Just be aware of it as your mood due to events in the day and modern perspective in regards to how you RP your character/s In regards to incorporating them or removing said values from your RP. IF you're in a mood IRL find a reason to be so IRP and it may help. Seething you lost a bet IRL? Perhaps say a similar thing happened to you via an NPC (Non Player Character) IRP(in Role play). Coping as due to the recent lost IRL? Perhaps it's best to just let it out and talk to friends in ooc.

Along with considering PK(Player kill) where one has their character die for good if killed which depending on how and why may be frowned upon or approved. It may also cause you distress and sadness but much like how it's a part of life so too is it in RP. Sooner or later you will have to stop playing them so have fun while you can and do what makes sense

One has options and there are only three scenarios where you will be forced to PK

  1. Least likely Old age (although there may be ways around this) the least common as auto aging can be turned off and the minimum life for a character is 100 years IRP (more likely less though as no one RPs babies) or more IRL weeks almost 2 years if not more. But if you're too old and a higher rung staff member says Ya have to kill the PC of old age, you do.
  2. PK clause event. Some events do have a PK clause to keep players on their toes and if someone does happen to die and consented to coming to the event. Then as the clause stated, they must kill off their character.
  3. Lastly suicide or intentionally emoting your death. If you kill yourself IC to get out of jail, or say /me dies as you're pushed down a cliff by bandits, /me becomes a suicide bomber with wildfire, getting hit IC and emoting a heart attack ect. Then that constitutes the intentional death of the character since others could not save them and they willingly died and thus they are gone for good. This only does not apply if you are grievously injured and have no means of surviving, Such as being crushed by a boulder for the most part and being unable to escape (though such things are rare and typically only happens in events or CRP which often takes a while and you should talk to your opponent/s, ally/s if any, and the moderator whom can be called at any point if any involved person wishes.)

In all other cases you can revive as outlined in other forum posts if you want the IC lore on that. You would revive with your clothes (character skin but RP as you will) and in good health (maybe have a scar or many depending on what got you killed if you wish) and have a gap in your memory of the events that lead up/about to your death. IC you would think you lost your items/not remember the death but can RP it as you will and put context clues together if the situation allows or are just outright be told about your demise and apparent revival by witnesses.

You just can't meta the knowledge such as if you were slain by other players or died in an event. This includes dealing with players who have done such acts to you. Remember that even if you are not happy with a player for banditing/hurting your character they are a person the same as you and not doing it because they have anything against you personally. Unless you have a way to recall/know about the altercation and evidence, you have little to know way to prove it either IC or OOC and it becomes a baseless accusation.

PK is also not always warranted or good from a narrative perspective. Such as you lose PVP to some random bandit who pops you after or an event where you rolled poorly and got rocked. There are also alternatives such as Shelving(not playing them actively for a time but not dead/gone for good) a character or having them retire and lead out a normal NPC life to play someone new.

Character and Backstory

Just to start off one does not need a defined look or physical definition if that's not your thing. Height, body type, speaking tone, resting expression, and general demeanor is good to note and for more descriptions in such manor try this article for further ideas. MASTER LIST of Physical Descriptions! – Bryn Donovan.<<<(Link Here)

These are your characters aesthetics and specifics such should be put on your souls desc section. Here you can write about whatever anyone would be able to tell at a glance or perhaps a bit of surface observation such as the above and maybe habits, Important RP Items, Scent. It's yours to inform those that check it so put in what you wish others to know about the character and avoid having your backstory in there as that's best conveyed via RP.

In regards to backstory and character specific one can always make up whatever and state that's how it was and what happened in your character's refugee realm. Although If you can Involve other players such as becoming a member of a family or tieing in some of your characters backstory with server events it allows for such events to impact and shape you. If you do have family IC played by people it also provides automatic reason to RP and longer lasting relationships.

In regards to making backstory there are a few approaches. As for the reason to have a backstory it Informs why you act as you do and why your character values what they do.

  1. The blank slate amnesiac. If you don't want to bother with backstory and just want to go, this is a great start and leaves everything open. Although it can seem contrived and does not leave many natural RP hooks for your character.
  2. The outline. Outline as in knowing the important events that happened in the characters life and the status of others in relation to them such as friends, family, rivals/opponents. Such as being an orphan who took up lumberjack work but one day in the forest… So on and so forth but by knowing the major beats and significant held events you can RP accordingly with depth. This also leave you a lot of room to add what you will so never thought about music but got one IRP and like it Incorporate it or say you learned it sometime.
  3. The Fleshed out life. The hardest one is also not one I recommend as this takes the most work and consideration. To do this you would need to clearly write out everything about/has happened to them and know how they would always behave accordingly. The character walks down the street and hears a drum so they immediately start having a panic attack as war drums sounded as the army marched through towns with their torches for the festive during which their pet rodent ran away, As you can see very specific and not much room for additions/changes but very defined and once done great to RP.

Also keep in mind where in lore you want your character to be from, be it from the Minecraft servers setting proper. Or the alternative we have in lore about the refuge realms which are basically backstory planes for you to make up whatever you wish.
This is a problem and reason why seldom few Dwelfs(hybrid dwarf/elf) are played as dwarf and elf culture is very different and explaining how your parents got together let alone writing out your upbringing is quite the undertaking.

In the end make your character have RP you find fun or at least engaging as you go through life. This can be paired with the mechanical sever /skills but one does not have to base what a character does for a living such as a metalsmith who RPs as a expert jeweler despite having a low mechanical level or a poor baker despite having a high mechanical skill. If you like Minecraft farming and the process of reaping the field do so and level as you will, but as stated one does not need to mechanically and arbitrarily level up to be good at their job in terms of emotes or output of crafting RP. This can of course be paired into how one IC got into the job to begin with, necessity, family, aspiration, or perhaps another or a mixture of these reasons?

An additional resource I consult when making characters is this handy website with a bunch of great random generators about whatever what have you. Personally I always start by rolling the same amount of positive and negative traits and go from there using this website.

Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters. <<<(Link Here)

Character growth (static vs dynamic characters)

Here we have something not too important seemingly but is significant in the long run and why I like many joke about elfs.

  • Static characters are those who will not change. Such as a person offered the ownership of a ship freely and all the benefits of it and refuses due to their fear of the ocean and nothing else, won't even sell it and keep the cash just total decline of the gift.
  • Dynamic characters on the other hand do change and can dramatically due to what happens. A child who grew up as a zealot to an evil god which values strength and battle who grows up within the cult, as the years pass and they find themselves grown they are one day knocked out from behind and taken prisoner as the captors work to destroy their home. Over time and with the fall of their home along with seeing more of the world and the harm of war perhaps this zealot abandoned his last deity and took up another as they now lived their way as a pacifist.

Both examples portray the nature of it and many people seem static rather than dynamic. Though that is due to the fact that most people employ a mix of Static and Dynamic characteristics. The problem elf's usually have is that they are played more like humans then the longer lived wise people the race would be like especially when elders are in the picture IRPly, Imagine a society run by great Great grandparents in their ripe age of 175 and all their descendants subsequent descendants you being the newest, All caring, mentoring, and judging you. Along with being perceived to be more static characters then dynamic ones. This is further exacerbated by elf's being Fantasy Role Plays most populous race and often chosen by new players who do not stick around and or survive into being older figures with a storied history under their belt and wisdom to extend to the youths IRPly at least.

At the end of the day just keep this in mind as RP happens and your character ages. Being static on some things such as morals and beliefs is good. However, like in Real life, how do they hold up in the face of hardships and do they remain the same? Grow in terms of ability and reverence, or has been cast aside, perhaps still upheld despite the sense of dread due to wounds and likely hood of the old soldier gaining another scar for their collection? Does the monster attack on their home make them more militaristic? Did that holy preacher's word really reach them? Did the pink name child character who said “Your face is dumb” affect your characters self esteem? Why or why not and in what way?


Finding and Making RP

Now onto the activity of even getting into role play situations.

  1. Organic, this means two or more players run into each other and start interacting spontaneously. This is perhaps my favorite on the list due to it being anything and makes the world feel more fleshed out and real. Problem with it being that many don't have reasons to interact also known as plot hooks and thus leads to a problem the server has with so many people on and running around but having so little RP as not many people have plot hooks and thus do not interact. In addition organic RP can have issues as the people may need to leave the server soon especially due to time zone differences, may be away from their computers, and ignore you as they have other things to do.
  2. Arranged, where two or more players arrange to meet up somewhere to RP. Something I often do and a way I get solid RP as this method ensures you will get willing and ready people to engage and make stories with. It's also quite simple and only a matter of the people being free at the time and organized.
  3. Events and invitations, Where one posts the details of a happening and potentially offers rewards, opportunity to learn, and most definitely fun as to get many people to come out, Especially if its put on by staff which often involves more than just slice of life RP but may kill you depending on the nature of the post. These forms of arranged RP constitute more effort and an IC aspect of putting up posters or sending letters. It takes a bit more work but is certainly nice to finally get a letter in your mailbox or receive a missive via the bird NPC.

Now there's a lot more to it but the above are the primary ways in which RP occurs both good and bad in terms of quality or in regards to your characters goals and health. Questions/reasons to speak to people is key. What about and why is what the rest of this guide is about but to name some examples. A manhunt for a criminal, Seeking to do business in some regard either as a buyer or seller or something. Wishing to learn about the world, mayhaps magic? Be told miss information and metaphorically or literally have to pull teeth to get magic Info. Rob others to get the money to pay the powerful magic informant who legally power gamed you with said magic. Finally Get T1 sorcery and facepalm at the solution after all the RP, scouring the forums, and reading all the in game books in libraries. Realize you're no where close to power and that all the work, pain, and weight of your sins were not worth it. Grow to hate the arcane and seek better forms of IC power that are actually fun.

Events are great and if you want the responsibility of running whatever gaggle of players shows up for your idea. Creating a group Nations being the most prominent examples but as an individual one can make smaller entities managed mostly by themselves like KordoL and ImmortalShadowZ for example as players who made such organizations and host events run and arrange many events to the public that wish to engage and with staff support when needed. One is free to arrange and even RP on the forums for any old one off event, it's just a matter of coordination with people and putting the work in to have such RP happen especially when they require staff support.

Using the /edit command to write flavor text to make mundane Items can go a long way, such as gifts, trade goods, or something your character would always have with them to perform whatever particular task they do or quirk they have due to all the above.

Emots and Words List

Skim it over and use what you will<<<(Link here)



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