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Jul 23, 2020
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Death Knights
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"Come to me .. Rise .. RIIISE!"
- King of Valrond
The Death Knight; An adversary for even a strong soldier. A risen warrior's soul with the capabilities of a living knight, perhaps to an even greater efficacy. Where the Wraiths can phase through attacks, a Death Knight can simply walk through them with their shields. Where Corpsemen stagger mindlessly, a Death Knight marches forward. Their appearance now does not matter, as their bodies are covered in a dull, bold steel that completely guises their body. One may not even notice that a Death Knight is before them until their visor has lifted off their face.

One can not easily identify a Death Knight at a glance. Death Knights can wear any kind of armor, and as such they can possibly be overlooked from a distance. Speaking to one still does not easily identify them as undead, either. They lack the mindlessness and stupidity that their brothers - the Corpsemen - contain, able to hold conversations and understand complex orders.

Their strength comes from their lack of maintenance and fatiguelessness. A tireless army, one could describe them as. In a fight, a Death Knight's steel-plated body is much more resistant to the blows of silver weaponry, and their capability of actual combat allows them to block, parry, and perform different, more intelligent attacks, despite still being rather slow.

As with the Corpsemen, they follow their masters - The Wraiths, or whoever has risen them. These undead knights are usually born from strong, risen souls of warriors like the loyal troops of Tor Ascara's fortress, or the unending forces of the Nornish. Despite this innate urge to obey their undead overlords, Death Knights are capable of going further with their orders, instead of mindlessly slashing away.

- The Death Knights have better combative abilities than they did in life, and due to their unusual undead intelligence, they can take more of an advantage from such a blessing. A knight that does not feel pain, tired, or hungry is a knight that can fight forever. Along with such, they are immune to poison, disease, and any other "ingested" material that may harm a mortal.

- Death Knights are plated with steel, and as such, they are extremely resistant to mere slashing blows or attacks from silver weaponry. While mithril or other alloys comparable may make a dent or heavier cut in the plate armor, they are still formidable.

- Death Knights have the same intelligence they had in life, but their focus is defending their commander should they have no other orders. Should they see a stronger foe or recognize a machine that is more capable of destroying their ranks, they will march in it's direction with the intent to destroy it. However, if they recognize that such is a trap, or that they are outnumbered, they will - if not ordered otherwise - direct themselves to another place where they may be more useful.

- The Death Knights are, despite their formidability, slower than a normal creature. Their steel-plated bodies are not as nimble as, say, a wraith, and as such may be target to slower attacks or impacts.

- As of all undead orientated creatures, Death Knights are especially vulnerable to weapons constructed from Silver, and any direct contact with this alloy will be extremely painful. However, with their armor, this "direct contact" becomes difficult.

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How to become one
- The Death Knights are, once again, risen from warrior souls that have fallen in combat against greater foes than themselves. Should a greater wraith encounter such a soul, they would wisely re-animate it to serve in their ranks.
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