Court Session: New Leadership of Calendale


Dec 27, 2020
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New Leadership of Calendale:
King Richard II of Myrfeld


King Richard started off the court session by recognizing the prior division in Calendale, and how he intended to unify the people under his rule. He informed the courtroom that former King Merdarion, committed suicide by jumping out a window in the palace. He also declared the witch Meredith as a criminal. Throughout the latter portion of his opening speech, he continued to recognize the people in the courtroom, and ensured that the people of Rheynland would maintain their positions in the army, and keep their rights as citizens under his rule.

After the opening speech, King Richard welcomed anyone who wished to speak to him on matters in the center of the courtroom. Aethelred approached him and presented the sword “Aelfswith”, revealing that he is Harold. He also revealed that he was dying of a deadly disease, and that the weapon belonged to King Richard, making him the rightful heir to the throne.

Vranick approached the King, and presented himself as the leader of the mercenary guild that took care of law enforcement in Rheynland. He also voiced concerns about maintaining his guild’s spot as law enforcement in Rheynland, to which King Richard assured that they would maintain their position, and work out details at a later time.

Ser Oswald approached the King, presenting two gifts. His first gift was a weapon, and was accepted by the king, but was requested to be wielded by Ser Oswald himself. Ser Oswald agreed, but requested that the King instead wield the second weapon, the Myrfeld Lance, to which the King accepted.

Ceola approached the King, and requested that he take her hand in marriage, to which the King denied. The King instead suggested that he find “her” a bachelor instead.

Ranger Solaad Viseron approached the king, presenting none but his allegiance to King Richard, to which Richard proudly accepted.

Knight Karl Mannhardt approached the king, introducing himself, and doing none but swearing loyalty to the King, to which the King accepted.

Lidmann approached the King, offering a pouch with a large fang as a gift to the King. The King accepted, leading Lidmann to present his request. Lidmann wanted to get permission to confiscate the ship that was built for Meredith, to which the King responded by giving Lidmann full control over the docks.

King Richard asked Aelfwine, Tom Shadow, Alphraid, Oswald, and Lidmann to join him in the center of the Courtroom, and proceeded to recognize all of their strengths and weaknesses. He ultimately declared each of them worthy of the title of “King” for having worked as hard as they have for their nation.

Scribed by Samuel Bellwether,

King Richard II
of the House of Myrfeld


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