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LT NOTE: You must be turned into a Cosantóir in RP and receive LT approval before you may play one.

Followers of Nature | The Forest Adherent

The Cosantóirs

(By Rotaken on DA)
“Come to me, my Cosantóirs, fulfill your duties as those who swore yourselves to me, the forest”
-A Dryad calling for her verdant champions.

Cosantóirs are those who have received the greatest blessing from a dryad that they’ve dedicated their lives to. They have started their journey on a long path of devotion, at the end of which stands the ultimate reward; becoming a Cosantoir, colloquially known as the treemen or nature-blessed, aptly named both for their transformation implies the full polymorphication a humanoid covered head to toe in living, wooden armor; eyes either amber or golden in color- leaves of hair and practically humming with woodland servitude.

Though they are most often known for their service to the dryad, it is not something that they receive straight away, first they need to go through a process in which they prove themselves worthy of such a blessed form. This occurs throughout the passage of time or as the Cosantóirs call it, a cleansing of the mind as they prepare for eternal service to the forest they’ve served for ages, now. That cleansing of mind prepares oneself for the complete and ultimate transformation into Cosanthoir, for you no longer serve as a mortal entity; you are one with the forest itself and serve the dryad for eternity, so long as they live.

Essence of Devotion | A Chance
When an aspirant grows strong enough and has efficiently proven their devotion to protect nature and its spirits, a Dryad will call upon the aspirant to swear an everlasting oath to serve and protect the spirits. This is the future Cosantóirs’ last chance to change their mind, though that is often frowned upon but understood, given the mortal condition. For the ritual, the dryad and a group of aspirant need to be present, though, often to ensure a successful ritual, other followers of nature are present. Such as Druids or other spirits, however, most often the ritual is joined by other Cosantóirs generally. That ritual itself consists of three phases, and they’re the lead up.

The Ritualistic Phases
At discretion of whoever plays the Dryad in question, for the most part - the aspirant may endure these changes rapidly or slowly depending on the RP - however, slow changes are often slow in nature, resulting in sometimes excruciating pain.
Phase 1: Those who have joined to ensure a successful ritual will perform a ritualistic chant in order to call other spirits of nature for assistance. The aspirant is then instructed to take some of the Dryad’s sap, one leaf, and a small piece of her bark - this bark is considered incredibly potent and one feels ancient intent with that in mind.
Phase 2: When entering the second phase, the aspirant roots themselves onto the ground and drinks the Dryad’s sap while keeping the leaf and the piece of bark close to their skin. This assists the Dryad to begin phase three of the ritual, to which the aspirant feels a dulled pain throughout his form before succumbing to a coma.
Phase 3: When the aspirant enters phase three of the ritual, they fall into a coma as a cocoon of vines and leaves forms around them. Over the course of the next two to seven days, the aspirant’s new body has fully formed and they awake anew in the form of a spiritual creature, most often one of tree-like origin, such as Spriggans.

The Verdant Initiation
The Cosantóir initiation often goes as follows. The Cosantóir bows down to one knee in front of the dryad and recites a vow to protect nature, likely after years, maybe even decades of service to their patron Dryad. They then must prove their might and valor by completing a quest that the Dryad assigns them, the quest can be virtually anything that the Dryad can come up with. For instance, having a duel with a knight or something as simple as healing a dog or saving a cat. As the name suggests, the quest is meant to test the Cosantóir in various ways, from combat abilities to their resolve, wisdom, and loyalty.

If the dryad sees that the Cosantóir is ready to be accepted as a new sapling of the order, the Dryad will give the Cosantóir a wooden item of the Dryad’s choice and casts a spell known only to the Dryad, ‘Blessed Champion’.. This spell causes the item to be absorbed into the Cosantóir’s body, this gives the Cosantóir their powers as a new sapling of the order. With this in mind, the once-mortal entity will serve the dryad until it’s demise, if it ever comes to that - which is a brutal truth all by itself.

Dryad’s Demise:

If the Cosanthoir’s Dryad should ever fall for the last time, their forest proverbially scorched, the Cosanthoir will be brutally maimed spiritually before returning to their mortal self - those who survive feel an incredible urge to serve another forest again as if compelled by an extreme force.
Natures Carapace:
A Cosanthoir’s carapace is incredibly strong against blunt and piercing weapons, but not things like axes or similar weaponry. That said, constant beating for long periods of time will sooner or later have an effect and ones ‘skin’ feels like it’s being tugged at after the fact with the implication being that they heal over time but rather slowly. Those blessed may not wear armor due to the fact that they have joint limitations that normal mortals do not have - that and it simply won’t fit, as they’re made up of wood and plant matter.
A Verdant Inferno:
The blessed naturally seems to fear fire or be emboldened by it’s presence, this is up to the player; but regardless that every Cosanthoir has an innate disdain for fire for those who are touched by it immediately bust in flames, without assistance they will burn out and die before being painfully resurrected.
Heart Of Sap, Body of Oak:
The nature of a Cosanthoir is that they’ve taken on a physical manifestation of the forest, an avatar of the Dryad’s will upon the mortal plane, that said they have their weaknesses. Those whose golden heart has been pierced will die and, upon resurrection feel an increased fervor into the depths of service to their patron with their oak-like carapace seemingly strong as ever.

Source Material - @Dairsad
Lore Consultation - Lore Team | @AGiantPie
Finalized Work | Edits - Auriel, Dairsad, LT.


Jan 30, 2020
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Full Cosantóirs all possess several blessings and abilities. Adherents in service to a dryad may earn these blessings individually as their level of devotion increases. The transformation into a Cosantóir is only offered to an adherent who has earned all the lesser blessings.

These blessings include:
First Blessing - The ability to speak telepathically with intelligent fae and vaettir.
Second Blessing - The ability to innately feel the health and status of their Dryad's woodland. If the forest is in danger or under harm, a Cosantóir will know intrinsically.
Third Blessing - The ability to understand animals. (Note: One way understanding. The blessed individual cannot speak to animals).
Fourth Blessing - Night vision. Cosantoirs can easily see in the dim light of the forest underbrush, or in the dead of the night while standing guard over the forest.
Fifth Blessing - The ability to summon the Dryad's power to heal wounds as well as damaged and tainted plantlife.

This ability can be used to heal minor and major wounds, but not restore limbs or missing body parts. It takes 3 emotes to heal a minor wound and 5 emotes to heal a major wound. While being healed, the person is stable and will not die from their injuries. Also, the ability can only be used on other people, not oneself.
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