Convictions of the Five Divines


May 14, 2020
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Convictions of the Five Divines
The Dogmatic Principles of the Cult of the Five Divines as revealed by the Elyar.

Excerpts of the Founding Mythology can be found here:

Cult of the Five Divines

Excerpts of the Elyaric Order can be found here:
The Elyaric Order

All information herein was compiled by Augurs Edmund & Humfrey
[ LoLzboi (LoLzboi#4696) & Lukylucaz (LukyLucaz#5749) ]

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Creation, the Blazing Sky and the Ever black

What is the source of reality?

In the beginning all was covered in a shrouded darkness known as the Everchanging, a plain of dreaming mists that swirled and rippled with the frothing tides of magical whim. When the First Spark erupted forth from the darkness there came to be the Deific Sun, what we now call Mytra. A being whose presence transformed the Everchanging into two distinct and opposing realities, those we know as the Blazing Sky and the Ever Black. Born from the Deific Sun is all we know around us or that has ever been revealed to us through the Golden Rays of Truth, while all we intrinsically fear and show disdain for has essences of the Ever Black worked in amongst itself.

How was the Blazing Sky made?

When the First Spark erupted and the Deific Sun was coalesced into an awakened being, the Everchanging was split in twine, producing the Blazing Sky and the Ever Black. Within the Blazing Sky of this time, there was only the Deific Sun that burned against the surrounding Ever Black, but this did not last long.

As the magics of the Everchanging were harnessed by the Deific Sun, creation began with the formation of the Hall of the Gods where the Throne of Flames rests. This created the first plane of the Blazing Sky, its tethering point and the center of all creation.

Soon the swirling and rippling magics that were disorienting and confused came to be set in line through the birth of Tyth who took their myriad paths and aligned them into a grand scheme. Time was made as all events followed the flow and the Blazing Sky was given order.

From this point on the Blazing Sky changed to a more constant state which allowed the birth of Syra and the formation of the Physical Plane. Soon the simple creations of the Deific Sun were transformed into complex environments and creatures of innumerable variation by the loving touch of Syra. It is at this point that the first mortals were born, however they were not granted Souls.

As these new flora and fauna proliferated across the Physical Plane, they soon found themselves in constant competition as ever more variations were born from the ingenuity of Syra. The birth of Usyl set the desires and wants of these beings which shaped the order of the flora and fauna to suit their needs and his wishes. From his design the Mortals rose to prominence within the Physical Plane and were recognized by the Deific Sun who bestowed them with the gift of Souls and made the Hall of Mortals which stored them until Usyl could bestow them to the deserving.

The last of the Deific Suns children came with the birth of Rema, who entered the Blazing Sky and saw the Physical Plane overwhelmed with the creations of Syra and the mangled remains of Usyls great conflicts. Astonished by the suffering she saw around her as ever more flora and fauna were created by Syra, she set about taking the Souls from the fallen Mortals and bringing them back to the Hall of Mortals to be resurrected by Usyl, while allowing the physical bodies to decompose and return to their base elements so that they may once again be formed by Syra.

With the births of Tyth, Syra, Usyl and Rema, the Blazing Sky was ordered and made robust as the Deific Sun continued to expand its creation outward from the Throne of Flames within the Hall of the Gods.

What is the Everchanging?

The Everchanging was the state of existence prior to the First Spark. It is generally understood as an indefinable period where concepts of time and matter mean virtually nothing as the unrestricted latent magic of the era did as it pleased. The latent magic that existed in this state is that of the Deific Sun before its awakening.

What is the First Spark?

The First Spark is the coalescence of the latent magic of the Everchanging into the Deific Sun, and the distinction between existence known as the Blazing Sky and non-existence of the Ever Black.

What is the Blazing Sky?

The Blazing Sky is what we refer to as all of the Deific Suns creation. It encompasses the Physical, Spiritual, and Magical planes of being and holds within it all Mortals, Spirits, Flora, and Fauna as the most recognizable elements of its makeup.
Generally, however, it is referenced primarily when speaking about the realm of the Gods themselves, or the collective Ancestral Plane.
It is also considered to be the awakened state of the primordial Everchanging.

What is the Ever Black?

The Ever Black is what we refer to as everything outside of Creation. It encompasses primarily the incorporeal or mystical planes of unbeing, while generally hostile or malignant entities are also associated with it.
Generally when it is referenced, it is to label all things not created by the Deific Sun.
It is also considered to be the dreaming state of the primordial Everchanging.

What is the Deific Sun?

The Deific Sun is the generic term used to describe Mytra. As multiple cults from various cultures praise the same being, the specific cultural name may change. Using this generic term helps alleviate misunderstandings between the Faithful while it is used to describe the originator of all Creation.

What are the Golden Rays of Truth?

The Golden Rays of Truth are elements within the world that either are plainly evident, like streams always running downhill, or that have been described by divine revelation. Often these revelations are made to Augurs while performing rituals to the Gods, and come in the form of Omens, whispered words, or signs. Once received, these revelations are added to the communal understanding of the Deific Suns Creation.

What is the Ancestral Plane?

The Ancestral Plane is what the Gods and the Souls of all beings in the cycle of death and rebirth inhabit. It is distinguished by two general regions, the Hall of the Gods and the Hall of the Mortals. Because of its nature it is not accessible to physical beings, only their essence or Souls.

What is the Hall of the Gods?

The Hall of the Gods is the region within the Ancestral Plane that houses the Gods themselves and their subservient Spirits. Uniquely distinct from the Hall of the Mortals due to its far more powerful state. Within this hall the entirety of the Blazing Sky is manipulated as the Gods see fit.

What is the Hall of the Mortals?

The Hall of the Mortals is the region within the Ancestral Plane that houses the Souls of all Mortals. Unlike the Hall of the Gods it is not connected to the entirety of the Blazing Sky, instead it is above the Physical Plane and can be seen by mortals upon the Physical Plane. Within this hall all delights of the Blazing Sky are offered to Souls as they await rebirth upon the Physical Plane.
When viewed from the Physical Plane, it appears as an incomprehensible number of stars and celestial bodies.

What is the Throne of Flames?

The Throne of Flames is the symbolic representation of the Deific Suns place as master of all Creation, and is recognized as the place the Deific Sun occupies within the Hall of the Gods.

The Elyar

What are the Elyar?

The Elyar is the collective term for all of the Gods held within the Cult of the Five Divines. Each Elyar is recognized as having divine authority over Creation in some aspect, and are capable of manipulating it to their whim or will. They were born from the Deific Sun, and so hold a piece of it within them.

What is the nature of the Elyar?

The basic nature of the Elyar is to safeguard Creation from any entity that would seek to destroy it, whether they originate from the Ever Black or within the Blazing Sky itself. Each Elyar therefore concerns itself with a specific aspect of Creation and seeks to ensure its continuity while also carefully cultivating it to fulfill what desire they have.
They are known to be omnipotent forces far greater than any other beings within the Blazing Sky, however, the Deific Sun is unique in this as it concerns itself with all of Creation. With it choosing to intervene at points in a myriad of ways to ensure whatever goals it has come to fruition regardless of the other Elyar.

Who are the Elyar?

The Elyar consist of a plethora of Gods but are generally recognised as being Mytra, Tyth, Syra, Usyl and Rema. Various cults expand or retract the number of Gods, however all agree on the basic principles of these Gods existing, whether they are worshipped separately or united.
It is typically understood that Tyth, Syra, Usyl and Rema act as limbs to the body of Mytra, partaking in individual tasks on behalf of the whole.

Who is Mytra?

Mytra, also known as the Deific Sun, is the creator of the Blazing Sky and the foremost deity within the Cult of the Five Divines. Often considered as a female God she is known to have birthed the Elyar, blessing them with the first lives in the Blazing Sky beyond her own.

What are the titles associated with Mytra?
Some of the Titles associated with Mytra are: The Flaming Mother, The Golden Goddess, The Lording Sun, The Sovereign Sun, The Queen of Fire, The Master of Dragons, Mithra Al-Fatir and Al-Illah, among others.
What power does she hold?
Mytra holds power over Creation, Magic, and the Blazing Sky. From her all of Creation was made, and from her all Magic is drawn. She is capable of bending reality to her will and can bestow powerful and terrible blessings to those who seek them.
What are common rituals associated with her?
Common rituals associated with Mytra consist of the sacrifice of blood, fauna, or possessions to a Sacred Flame. Generally these rituals are only conducted by Augurs who specialize in her worship.

Who is Tyth?

Tyth is the curator of Time, Destiny and Fortune. Often considered an eccentric male God, he is the first born of Mytra and holds special favour with her as a result.

What are the titles associated with Tyth?
Some of the Titles associated with Tyth are: The Clockwork God, The Master of Time, The Silver God, The First Born, The Silver Tongued, The Artificer, The Master of the Mind, The All-Knowing and The Timekeeper, among others.
What power does he hold?
Tyth holds control over the flow of Time and Knowledge. From him Creation is set into a relatively predictable path, with knowledge given to and taken from mortals at his whim as he weaves his story. He is capable of hastening or slowing the Blazing Sky and can bestow primordial and convenient wisdom.
What are common rituals associated with him?
Common rituals associated with Tyth include the use of herbs and meditations before the Sacred Flame. Generally these rituals are conducted by Augurs, however any Faithful can attempt his worship.

Who is Syra?

Syra is the guardian of Nature, Fertility and Seasons. Often considered a warm female God, she is the second born of Mytra.

What are the titles associated with Syra?
Some of the Titles associated with Syra are: The Garden Goddess, The Keeper of the Waters of Life, The Seeder of Life and The Progenitor to the First Lands, among others.
What power does she hold?
Syra holds dominion over the physical portion of the Blazing Sky. From her Creation is given form and function, with even the beings from the Ever Black being given recognizable form in the Blazing Sky. She is capable of remaking entire continents and transforming whole beings at her whim, while also crafting new forms to suit her desires.
What are common rituals associated with her?
Common rituals associated with Syra involve the procreation of flora and fauna before the Sacred Flame. Generally these rituals are conducted by Augurs, however any Faithful can attempt her worship.

Who is Usyl?

Usyl is the master of War, Victory, and the Strong. Often depicted as an imposing male God, he is the third born of Mytra.

What are the titles associated with Usyl?
Some of the Titles associated with Usyl are: The Warrior God, The Master of the Sword, The Unconquerable and The Undefeated, among others.
What power does he hold?
Usyl holds the ambition and drive of all beings within the Blazing Sky. From him form and function turn to purpose and desire, bringing competition and rivalry across the Blazing Sky and even into the Ever Black. He is capable of stoking the flames of conflict and setting all beings to an order as he sees fit.
What are common rituals associated with him?
Common rituals associated with Usyl pit mortal against mortal in a myriad of different ways, from intellectual debate to martial ability. Generally these Rituals are done by the Faithful, however Augurs have been known to conduct them.
Who is Rema?

Rema is the bittersweet Death, Disaster, and the Unclean. Often recognized as a weeping female God, she is the fourth and last born of Mytra.

What are the titles associated with Rema?
Some of the Titles associated with Rema are: The Sorrowful Goddess, The Taker of Lives, The Mortician, The Lady of Mercy and The Soul-Shipper, among others.
What power does she hold?
Rema holds the souls of all beings within the Blazing Sky. From her souls of all beings are taken from the physical portion of the Blazing Sky and transported to the ethereal portion high above. She is capable of taking life as she acknowledges its need.
What are common rituals associated with her?
Common rituals associated with Rema revolve around the loss of a loved one and remembrances performed before the Sacred Flame. Generally these Rituals are conducted by Augurs, however any Faithful can attempt this worship.

The Physical Plane and Mortals

What is the Physical Plane?

The Physical Plane is the home of all the physical creations of the Deific Sun. It is made up of earth, fire, wind, water, flora, fauna, Mortals and Spirits among other elements with the unifier between them all being corporeal in nature.

How do we perceive the Physical Plane?

We view the Physical Plane as anything Mortals are able to witness or touch. It is recognized as the water, earth, wind and fire. Tree, shrub, grass, and moss. Stone, ore, coal and clay. We understand there to be vast lands and expansive oceans with both overseen by a brilliantly bright sky that is set in the Sun and Moon Cycle.
Anything within the Physical Plane is given shape and form, even if it is from beyond it. Thus the Elyar and the Spirits manifest themselves when they grace it with their presence, whether it be by look and form, or by reverberating voice spoken allowed or whispered in a Mortals mind.

What is the Sun and Moon Cycle?

The Sun and Moon Cycle is the foundation of the alternating day and night in the Physical Plane. During the day all creation witnesses the manifestation of the Deific Sun shining brilliantly above and can focus more clearly on the Physical Plane that surrounds them. While during the night the darkness of the Ever Black is allowed to creep upon the Physical Plane darkening it with only the soft reflection of the Deific Sun present in the moon above and revealing the blinking lights of the Hall of Mortals above with the Souls of all Mortals. This cycle reminds Mortals of the great salvation from the Ever Black that is given to them by the Deific Sun with their ever waiting place nearer to it in the Hall of the Mortals, and their need for the Deific Sun through the use of light sources that emulate the Deific Sun during these times to reveal the Physical Plane to them once more. It is this cycle that promoted the use of Sacred Flames across the faithful world.

The Sun and Moon Cycle also includes expanded concepts such as the Moons Dance which explores the waxing and waning of the moon at different times of the year, and the Black Sun which addresses Deific Eclipses.

What is the Sacred Flame?

The Sacred Flame is recognized to be a Mortal maintained perpetual manifestation of the Deific Sun from which they may receive blessings directly. Although it is not considered to be greater than any other flame in the Physical Plane, as all flame represents the Deific Sun, it is understood through its maintenance and propagation that it shows service and devotion to the Deific Sun and creates a focal point from which a community of Mortals can grow both spiritually and in number.

What are Mortals?

Mortals is a collective term for the races of Dwarf, Elf, Human and beyond but usually means exclusively Dwarves, Elves and Humans. Generally any race with advanced sentience is considered to be Mortal. Any creature with its own language, culture, traditions and/or hierarchy can be considered to be Mortal. All Mortals have a Soul bestowed to them by Usyl which is the source of their distinct natures, even amongst the same race.

How were the Mortals created?

When Syra began the formation of the Physical Plane the first elements made were those of the earth. Stone, ore, gems and clay were brought forth firstly followed by sand, silt, coal and flint. As these basic elements were solidified in the Blazing Sky, Syra populated them with the first creatures of the depths, fashioning them from the very rock that surrounded them. It is in this method the Dwarves were made, as old as the rock their forms were hewn from.

As Syra completed the base she began crafting the top with ferns, flowers, grasses, and moss rising up from the fresh soil followed by trees, bushes, vines and shrubs. The creatures of the overworld were delicately molded from these twisting and smooth shapes with some covered in hair as if to be like the trees adorned in leaves or smooth of skin and scaled like flower stalks. It is with this thought that the Elves were made, their people as old as the trees their bodies were fletched from.

With the outline of the Physical Plane now formed Syra turned her mind to the creation of waterways and steppe lands as she carved winding passages through forest and cleared large expanses of trees, soon water flowed down from geysers in the mountains down to the oceans and lakes while wheat, beets, carrots and potatoes sprouted up from the steppes. The creatures of these features were as swift as the water and were given endurance to travel the expanses of the steppe. It is here that Men were made, their bodies amalgamated from the swiftness and rugged endurance of these lands and waters.

Why were the Mortals created?

The Mortals were created as guardians of the Physical Plane to combat any ills or travesties that would afflict the different parts of its whole. Thus Mortal races were created in each of the landscapes Syra formed and were originally held to this one duty until Usyl gifted them with Souls.
However, because this was the initial purpose of the Mortals, they will consistently be drawn to defeat any threat that looms to the Physical Plane by instinct, regardless of their personal ambitions generally.

What is a Soul?

A Soul is the gifted being of Usyl, it is the drive and determination as well as the deliberate actions of all Mortals and separates them from Beasts. Every Soul is unique but also shares many aspects with one another, generally a Mortals personality is thought to be the remnants of the untethered spirit of themselves. Souls are only housed within the Physical Plane of the Blazing Sky for a portion of their existence, meaning that their bodies do not necessarily reflect their true form.
It is understood that Souls cannot be killed in the Physical Plane, only returned to the Hall of the Mortals upon the ending of their physical life by Rema.

What is the relationship between Mortals and the Elyar?

The relationship between Mortals and the Elyar is similar to that of a parent to a child. All Mortals seek answers and stumble in the darkness of naive innocents, with their cries for help in the form of rituals and worship often performed by the Cult of the Five Divines which reaches out to the Elyar in the Hall of the Gods. Often these cries are answered with small nudges imperceptible to most, but at times large correction is needed and it is these events that stir the most spectacular of blessings or revelations to the Faithful.

What are Beasts?

Beasts are the unthinking, simply motivated, and otherwise unremarkable creatures that inhabit the Physical Plane. They are generally creatures that are acted upon by Mortals such as cattle, or act on their own will in limited capacity like wolves. The Beasts of the Physical Plane lack Souls and so are relegated to often subservient roles, rarely being given the ability to challenge Mortals outright by any of the Elyar.

What are Spirits?

Spirits are elevated Mortals who reside within the Hall of the Gods as minor influencers to the Blazing Sky. They generally maintain a portion of Syras power within the Physical Plane as a gift from a singular or plural number of the Elyar for deeds done during their time on the Physical Plane. Acknowledged as long forgotten heroes, poets, artificers, or beyond, they are known to intervene within the Physical Plane whenever they choose to.

The Cult of the Five Divines and the Elyaric Order

What is the Cult of the Five Divines?

The Cult of the Five Divines is the general term for all worship that revolves around the Deific Sun and the Elyar. It is recognised as the greater society of an assortment of localised cult traditions throughout the Mortal world dedicated to the Elyar.
Although not all cults are the same, they all share the single overarching Deific Sun and so any dogmatic, ritualistic or traditional divergence from one another is of little importance to the greater community. The foremost and oldest Cult of the Five Divines is that of the Elyaric Order, with other cults presenting themselves over time like that of the Nornish tradition or the Al-Fatirid Sect.

What is the Elyaric Order?

The Elyaric Order is a member of the Cult of the Five Divines that concerns itself primarily with guarding the mortal world from divine retribution through service to the Elyar. As the oldest of the Deific Sun cults it hosts many progenitor traditions and rituals found across the Cult of the Five Divines.

What are the Roles of the Order?

The Roles of the Elyaric Order are divided into three distinct Echelons, each with their own unique duties and tasks. These are known as Acolytes, Augurs, and Grand Augurs respectively, while the general term for all of the Mortal kind who follow the Deific Sun are referred to as the Faithful.

What is an Acolyte?
Acolytes are those who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the advancement of their own knowledge in the Elyar. They are often kept under study of an Augur who will pass on his learned knowledge to them through oral teaching. Until they are capable, Acolytes will conduct rituals and ceremonies in unison with an Augur.
What is an Augur?
Augurs are those with sufficient wisdom and experience to conduct rituals and ceremonies befitting the Elyar. Often travelling whimsically across the face of the world to perform them. Some, however, prefer to remain in settlements where they can better offer their insights to its local populations.
What is a Grand Augur?
Grand Augurs are those who concern themselves with the upkeep and maintenance of rituals, ceremonies, teachings, and readings within a Temple to the Elyar. Often the founding members of new Temples, inheritors of established Temples, or co-curators of a single Temple the Grand Augurs establish themselves as beacons to the Faithful in their communities for questions of faith or the organization of ritual and ceremony.
What are the Faithful?
The Faithful are those within the Mortal races that observe and worship the Elyar, and hold the Deific Sun as the progenitor of all of Creation. They do not generally perform rituals and ceremonies unless guided by an Augur, but do make reverence to the Elyar throughout their daily life.

What is a Temple?

A Temple is a place of worship that is devoted to the Elyar and houses a Sacred Flame. There are no strict definitions of what constitutes a Temple beyond these two criteria, which allows the Faithful and Grand Augurs to create a vast array of diverse sites of worship. Generally, however, the most prominent sites are found within settlements.

What are the Practices of the Order?

The Elyaric Order conducts a vast array of rituals and ceremonies with a few being very common among the general lives of the Faithful. Generally practices of the Order include veneration of a flame and offerings being made to that flame. The most common rituals and ceremonies conducted include Inoculation, Marriage, Cremation and veneration to Blazing Glory among others.

What is Inoculation?
Inoculation is the ritual conducted to bring a Mortal into the Cult of the Five Divines through exposing a portion of their flesh to a Sacred Flame. It is understood that through this method their Soul is strengthened by the power of the Deific Sun with a physical mark being left upon them which is referred to as the Kiss of Mytra.
What is Marriage?
Marriage is the ceremony conducted to unite two Mortals and join their Souls together, thus creating a single more potent Soul. This is often accompanied by the binding of hands, a sacrifice of a cow or horse to Mytra, the drinking of Sacrificial Blood and the reading of an Omen.
What is Cremation?
Cremation is the ceremony of burning the body of a deceased Mortal. Through this action their Soul is fully released and can be taken by Rema to the Hall of the Mortals. If a body is left unburned it is thought that it can be inhabited by malicious entities and resurrected.
What is Blazing Glory?
Blazing Glory is the boon given to any Mortal that is favoured by the Elyar. They are usually marked by great deeds they have accomplished that no other Mortal would be capable of doing. Some notable figures would be Richard I of Westholm who defeated the Elves of Tor Ascara in their own city while outnumbered and Richard II of Calendale who successfully defended his kingdom from a united force of Elves and Men while capturing an Elven fort.

What do Sacrifices do?

Sacrifices are given to the Elyar so that they will turn their attention for a brief period to those who are beseeching them. Generally the more grand and intricate the sacrifice, the more interest will be drawn from the Elyar who may bestow an Omen or blessing on the worshippers.

What are the different kinds of Sacrifices?

The Elyaric Order recognizes a wide variety of common and rare items as proper sacrifices for the Elyar. These items generally include: Blood from a still living creature, roses or rose petals, etched runic symbols, imbued water, sentimental items, dragon teeth or scales or claws or bones, etc.

What is the significance of Sacrificial Blood?

Sacrificial Blood is significant as blood from a still living creature or Mortal is imbued with the essence of that creatures life, thus making it a strong substance to use when scrying into the future or creating a pact with the Elyar among other rituals.

What is an Omen?

An Omen is an insight into an event in the future, the past or the present. They are typically cryptic or vague, while ranging from useful or enlightening to useless or mundane. Generally a wise Augur can decipher their meaning, however some Omens are even beyond them.

What are the symbols of the Elyar?

The Symbols of the Elyar are often personalized to each God, however there are a few generalized symbols that describe the whole of the pantheon. These general symbols would be: The Four Limbed Sun and the 8 pointed star.

General symbols to Mytra would include: The Blazing Sun, roses and dragon motifs.
General symbols to Tyth would include: Gears, motifs of dance, hour glasses and books.
General symbols to Syra would include: Vase of pouring water and fertility motifs and idols.
General symbols to Usyl would include: Birds of prey motifs, spear and shield motifs and drinking horns.
General symbols to Rema would include: Praying hands motifs and idols.

What is the Four Limbed Sun?

The Four Limbed Sun is a representation of the Elyar in its fullness. The center of the sun is typically golden and represents Mytra, while the left arm represents Tyth. The right arm represents Syra with the upper arm representing Usyl and the lower arm representing Rema.

What is the Blazing Sun?

The Blazing Sun is a representation of Mytra alone. It is typically golden and is emblazoned with a face at its center in either a neutral or smiling expression.

Why do we compare Mytra to the Sun?

We associate her with the Sun because the Sun is the recognized manifestation of Mytra in our world as both a physical object, a metaphorical idea, and a symbolic representation.

As a physical object it can be witnessed and its rays felt as warmth on the skin.
As a metaphorical object it represents the Hall of the Gods high above the Physical Plane.
As a symbolic object it represents Mytra on her Throne of Flames.

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