Clash of the Goddess Atl, Tenoch's final Speech


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Feb 17, 2022
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A hooded figure in all back was seen posting an interesting yet lengthy piece of paper
Some of this may have been exadderated, however it still struck hope into the hearts of velnari and enari alike

As the Velnari began to gather and chat amongst themselves in the Peak of the temple of the all clan, a lone velnari stood up and the area fell silent as she moved to the Ritual table to stand near its ledge, She pulled a mithril sword out of its sheath and drove it into the ground infront of her, making a loud BANG as she plundged it into the stoneListen up She saidSoon, we begin the march to save the true high chief of Nex. But before we go, I want you all to know that after this point, I have no idea what may befall us. May it be certain death, Or we become graced by the gods. However there is no point in standing around worrying about what COULD happen, It will only lead to uncertainty in our mighty city, as well as fear and division.She placed her palms onto the mithril sword as she spokeSome of you feel afraid…or unsure… But don't you think it would be better if we actually tired and died fighting? Or should we just curl up in our homes and leave our High Chief to waste away? Well let me answer your question; Everything you thought had meaning, every hope, dream, or happiness none of it matters as you lie bleeding out or fading away at that shrine, None of it changes what the wrath of the gods may do to the velnari body, We all die. But let me ask you all something. Does that mean our lives are meaningless? Does that mean that all of this preparation was for nothing? Would you say that to the high chief, Or the first leaders of Nex if they were amongst us today?! What about their lives? Were they pointless?She took a deep breath before her voice roared throughout the halls of the temple doing her best to reach out to the many velnari and enari hearts present… Even the ones… who may be here in spirit watching over They were not! Their memories serve as an example to us all!! The courageous fall, the anguished fall, their lives had meaning because they all tried! Even when faced with complete certain death, they did not give up, and neither shall we. And as we ride to possible certain death we trust our children, our successors to do the same for us, Because the velnari don't buckle or yield when faced with the cruelty of the gods. My people…. No…. Quinns people. Push forwards.. No matter what, People of nex, scream out!!She then yanked the mithril sword up from its resting place raising it skyward blocking the sun as its rays poored behind itBecause today " she paused looking around to the many faces around her " is the day we get our fearless leaders back, Nex will live STRONG and UNITED once again " She then turned towards the exit and began her march velnari and enari cheering behind her

This was the last time Tenoch was seen...

All hail the true high chief of Nex, and honor to the ones who have sacrificed to get him back
The City of Nex thrives once more.
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