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Aug 30, 2021
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Chaos_Empress | Chimoya
MC Username: Chimoya

DiscordTag: ayomich#4758

Timezone: CET

How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) a fair amount

Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate. yes i've been staff many times and managed a big server before and on FRP I currently hold the position of build manager (i manage builds)

What made you consider joining ET? I would like to host events. However as one of the few BT, completing build projects would always be my first priority, but as of now i build so much that i dont get much of the 'roleplay' that fantasy roleplay is about. So i would like to sometimes do some events to change things up now and then and find more enjoyment in FRP.

Another reason would be that i think events are a very important aspect of FRP but lately i felt that things have been a bit stale, so i really hope to contribute to changing that.

What can you offer to the Event Team that is unique? I am a very active and passionate member of the community, i am proficient with worldedit and most other plugins and i can do my own event builds. I also think i am pretty nice person to work with. I definitely think my emotes and writing are nowhere near the best on the server but i think i can make up for it with creativity and interesting narratives

What are some themes/genres of interest that you'd like to develop into events? i dont really have a specific genre in mind but i would like to see some wacky events or eventlines where players dont really know what is coming and with a story that goes beyond just 'go here to kill _____' and perhaps leave long term impacts on the world

Write out an extensive idea for a small event, directed towards a group of 4 players. In a westholm back alley there would be a fresh corpse, their blood staining the dirt of the road. Of course, to bypassers a sudden corpse laying in the street would be a little suspicious, so surely a few self proclaimed investigators would likely grow curious and start examining it.

The corpse appears to be of an elderly nobleman. There is a big wound on the back of his head which indicated the way he met his end, and on his arms is a piece of fabric that was torn from whatever it was attached to (later revealed to be part of a packaging). Further rummaging through his clothes will reveal a note, with an adress on it. The adress on it appears to be in promdor, and the investigating players will find it leads to a modest living on the outskirts of the city. As they try to get in, the door appears locked and no one seems to answer as they yell for someone to let them in, so they will need to find alternative means.

Well, they probably find a way and as they get inside the house they discover a man with a scraggy beard, seemingly in his late fourties that is aiming a crossbow right at the intruding players, leaving them with a couple of options; either they assume he's evil and will start to fight back and kill him, or they will assume there is a misunderstanding, and clarify to him that they're not there to hurt him. The latter being what is actually going on; the alert man was actually on guard for an assassin that attacks shortly after, and with the assistance of the player characters this assassin would probably be defeated without too much difficulty.

The bearded old man introduces himself as an expert on old weaponry, and will inform the player characters that the corpse they found in westholm is from a nobleman which recently aquired an elven artifact, and brought it to him to be thoroughly examined. It becomes clear now that after he left, he was attacked and the artifact was taken from him. The bearded man would tell who the man exactly is, and attentive players would take pointers from his dialogue to where to search next.

Besides that, there now lies a dead assassin on the floor, his figure hidden by a hooded cloak that bears strange colours and patterns on it. Around his neck is a strange amulet, which seems to be ceremonial, but not from any of the known religions on the continent. A cult then perhaps?

Anyway, in the following steps of the event the player characters would likely go to the dead nobleman's house to find out more clues, and perhaps do research on whatever organization the assassin was from.
I was going to write out the entire eventline but it'd be quite long and if I were to get accepted and would ever do something along these lines I would not want to spoil it, so I will end it here and also not create too much walls of text for whoever reads these applications.

Write out an extensive idea for a medium-sized event, directed towards a group of 8-10 players. Across many places in Zhulnarion/Enarizhul strange flyers have appeared overnight. A large sized paper, fancy in appearance tells any who read it: "The Amazing Circus Festivus, a real spectacle for all to enjoy! Come and watch the greatest show of your life!" below a neat looking drawing of a circus tent would be a time, date and location of the event.

Out of curiosity, or perhaps just interested in watching the /amazing/ show, a group of people would probably be drawn to the circus, and as they approach would hear large crowds of all races, and likely made out of wool, that have aready gathered in the tent. However, before they get to enter themselves, a lanky, carnivalesque dressed man would approach the players with a distressed look on his face.

He introduces himself as John Festivus (I'd put more effort into names for actual events), The master of the circus, he who runs the entire place. He quickly gets to the point, and explains what is troubling him: It becomes apparent that a recent meal left a lot of his circus artists with food poisoning; the acrobats, the clowns, the circus magician are all unable to perform and now the entire show might get cancelled!

Luckily for him, the brave warriors and adventurers of Zhulnarion that came to his circus might be his saving grace, as they seem capable, and crazy enough to substitute for his sick performers, especially after he promises to reward them handsomely! With his new volunteers, the show can now go on and the players' skills will be tested as they perform wacky, and dangerous stunts that likely have been kept hidden from the safety inspections. Impressive parkour stunts, risking their life in the maw of a tiger, or insane magic tricks would leave the crowd astonished, and the volunteering performers maybe wounded, or dead perhaps.

Since we have so many clowns on the server I reckon they will do a fine job, and probably leave old John satisfied with their performance as he comes out to the middle of the ring to announce the final act! He makes a deep bow and thanks his spectacular volunteers. A big grin now appears on the ringmasters face, as he starts twirling his fabulous mustache before he begins to speak again "And now! For our finale.." Suddenly he falls to his knees and the cracking of bones can be heard as he starts to deform, and morph into something that is anything but human; where his head used to be an enormous maw appears and his body starts to shape into that of a beast. A large lycan now stood in the middle of the tent, and hungry eyes directed to the people gathered, them knowing very well he intended to devour them. The crowd that was cheering just a few seconds ago now cries out in terror and probably tries to flee, but will find that the other circus performers who were supposedly ill from food poisoning have also transformed, and are blocking any way out.

Obvious to the player characters now, The Amazing Circus Festivus was a grand tool for a group of lycans to deceive and gather big crowds that would make for a lavishly feast. This might also explain why despite the circus being so 'amazing' that nobody had ever heard of it before.

Anyway, this time the beasts didn't take into account that instead of helpless prey they would be dealing with some of Zhulnarion's smartest and strongest that would heavily resist being eaten like a bunch of large, walking chicken nuggets. Clearly negotiating does not seem like a good option here so combat would follow, and hopefully for the players they are good enough to not get eaten, and rid the world of the evil lycan circus and get some cool rewards. But maybe they're bad, and will all end up a meal for the beasts, and the circus will disappear again, off to some other place to trick people.

(note: in hindsight I realized lycans can't really get sick so just pretend there was a good reason for them to lie)

What is your take on item rewards? I think rewards are very important as they first of all encourage people to attend next time and makes it feel like the time they spend in it was worthwhile. More special items that are looted from an event can assist in building someone's character and are a memento that tells you 'hey! this event happened!' when looking back at them after a long time.

ofcourse not everyone can leave with super interesting items as they should be somewhat limited (thats what makes them interesting) but I hope to find a system to distribute the cooler items fairly and not just make it depend on who can loot goblin the fastest. Regardless, i think everyone that participated enthusiastically should get something; a token that serves as a reminder of the event, and maybe even a bit of coin so they do not leave with empty hands.

What is your vision for FRP’s narrative? I don't have a very clear vision to be honest but I believe it should be very dynamic and events could leave long-term impacts that shape it. Of course it also depends a lot on what players do and want


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