Campaign for Archon (Lixis/wootdahnoot)

Jun 7, 2020
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Lixis Reyphyra
I Lixis Reyphyra am hereby entering the campaign for Archon.

Personally, I think I would be a great fit for the Archon position, since I'm around the city most of the time, I'm only really away from Tor Ascara when I need to trade, fight in battles or patrol. I have been in Tor Ascara for many years, and I have seen the city go through a lot. Most importantly growing and being prosperous. Other reasons why I would be a great fit for Archon are because of the many ideas I have for the city. Some ideas are making more jobs, possible city related events, and some new additions to the city and other ideas that in my eyes would better the kingdom's capital. Personally, I think you should vote for me to be Archon of Tor Ascara, as I have many ideas that would better the city and the kingdom. I also know a lot of people within the kingdom. I care a lot for my city and the citizens that live in it.

For jobs, my ideas to make them better are:
-A Fixed amount of pay.
-More jobs such as: Farmers, Fishers, metal/jewelry/armorsmith and Brewers
-have the jobs be more connected with one another.

Jobs are important for the city to function, people get their tax money from it and buy their goods with it.
A lot of citizens are unemployed, i want to change this by creating more job opportunities.
Connections between these jobs will be important, you cant have a tavern without your expert brewers, and you cant have your farmers function without them having their tools.

As for city related events, i plan on:
-More fun-fairs
-Miscellaneous events

I know most citizens loved the ball and fair, which i enjoyed a lot too.
These events will bring the people of Aellen together, bettering the community and bonds between people.
The city will get better from its citizens being happy, for those two things i strife.

For the thing i want to add to the city, they would be:
-A dock
-A local smith
-Improved stables
-Improved training grounds
-A post OFFICE
-Mills on the farmlands, along with farmhouses

These things im planning to add will support the new and old jobs more.
A dock will increase the amount of trades and jobs.
For the stables, they are simply outdated and small, we need more space, thus larger stables with a new look.
The army has been training on these same grounds for years now, its ground is all stomped by their feet.
I think our army deserves a better training spot, they have protected us all and their training grounds needs improvement.


I am what some would say a nationalist. I take great pride for my kingdom and city and only want to improve it even more. Your support for my Archon campaign would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



-Lixis Reyphyra
Sentinel/Military command
Leader of The Iron Shepard guild


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