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Oct 19, 2020
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MC Username: Axros

DiscordTag: gaz#0974

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

How well do you know the existing server lore?
I've read through everything under the lore section currently, spare for a handful of the bestiary entries. By far, my favorite bit of lore present there currently has to be the current Nomad lore. I find it was something leveraged incredibly well in theory, but it doesn't actually get leveraged nearly as frequently. My thoughts on this are that there is the possibility of opening up the Nomad positions to certain players vetted by staff on the server and treat them almost as a monastic tradition for characters to train with and meditate alongside.

TLDR: I have read the lore, and the Nomads currently have my favorite bit of lore written for them.

Why do you want to join the team? What kind of lore do you want to write about?
Being a part of the team that crafts the general theme and pushes forth, discusses, and even challenges the server's vision is the backbone of a lot of what's working here. Many people might overlook the significance of having an active LT with a give-and-take relationship with the community's culture. Still, I find it to be something that separates this server's team from others. LT are more user-facing on FRP than on any other roleplay server I've been on to date, and I find that to be an incredible draw.

Ultimately, my favorite lore to write about tend to be narrative-oriented—backstories and tales for creatures and magic, rather than glorified wiki-how guides on the subject. Don't get me wrong. The latter is incredibly crucial to putting lore into playable action. Still, while something I can do, my preference is to explore the narratives behind a creature or discipline's existence.

TLDR: Narratives for Creatures/Tech/Magic. I wouldn't mind helping out with alleviating the strain on magic interactions as well.

What interests you about fantasy settings in general?
Some may write to discern how the world is; dreamers write to express how they want the world to be. When it comes to fantasy settings, I believe the latter is starkly apparent to anyone who's ever cracked open a Tolkien book or played a copy of The Witcher 3. Fantasy settings are unique ways to tell human stories, and I think characterizing lore in a narrative format is the easiest and most effective way of teaching it to people.

The humanization of inhuman gods and monsters is something I personally find incredibly alluring about fantasy. However, I think it's best to explain this through my favorite fantasy genre: Arthurian/Medieval Myths and Legends.

These tales describe outright horrible people (oofing Lancelot) who manage to accomplish incredible tasks. I think people tend to overlook how these stories laid the groundwork for the modern understanding of 'The Hero's Journey.' Now, that isn't to say that I prefer lore to be ripped off of Arthurian legend and medieval folklore, but I certainly think it's a unique field that isn't explored much more outside of the "Sword in the Stone" trope. I like to take inspiration from the original myths and legends when I write fiction and have a fairly vast knowledgebase of the subject-matter.

Were I brought onto LT, a major drive for me would be to come up with grounded but still fantastical narratives to describe how the world ended up in its current state while consciously walking the tightrope of keeping lore vague enough to avoid railroading players into a singular belief system.

Do you have any prior experience with writing lore? Please provide examples if you can.

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Oct 1, 2020
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I love this man. In a way that is border line SUS. He's a great dude, un-problematic entirely, very understanding, empathetic, all around just a good homie. He's not only helped me with ideas for my own lore stuff, he's also already made some of his own. I have absolutely no doubt he would be an incredible fit for the team. Absolute +1


Aug 1, 2020
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Has a lot to offer, especially due to his unbiased and fervent nature when it comes to writing and adding new ideas or lore to the thought process of Enarion. An excellent candidate, which should go without saying. +1


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Jan 30, 2020
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Accepted. Add me on Discord, AGiantPie#8258.


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