Arcana 101; Introduction to Magic

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Apr 30, 2022
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Arcana 101: An Introduction to Magic

For all that is known and yet unknown, there exists an ebb and flow of forces that create the natural and supernatural. A constant, chaotic whirlwind of power and destruction - but also a giver of gifts and grace with no master; To make sane and simple, this force is to be known in our world as Majicka.

Majicka is the inherent force behind both the supernatural and mundane. It is the overall energy that weaves into every facet of the land, a primal essence that can be found in all of existence. This Majicka is ever-present in a wild and fluctuating state beholden to no external elements, some that may manifest as living forces and others that simply enforce natural law.

Given order and command, Majicka and its amalgamations may manifest in many ways that can be perceived or found within the known worlds. Existing in this world with function, purpose, and will, Majicka is thus structured into a concept widely known as Magic - The power to shape reality.


Considered both the manipulation and manifestation of Majicka, Magic may present itself in many forms. Not just present in flora, fauna, and the world - Magic occurs through the dangerous application of an inner power - Chi, ki, mana, flux - Essence, the naturally regenerative form of Majicka present in all things, with qualities pertaining to it that are mysterious still.

By manipulating Essence, one can perform the fathomable and unfathomable. Naturally, the detection and channeling of Essence is not inherent for most creatures; Because of this, they must open themselves to a source - Connecting to it and drawing supernatural capability from it.

While certain creatures and beings are already inherently connected to a source, it is possible for mortals to learn to find one of their own and cast Magic through a wide variety of ways - from hitting the books with the guidance of a teacher, to meditating atop mountains to find inner peace and master chi, or simply being struck with a connection at birth or through unusual means.

Whichever one a prospective magician may choose to pursue, whether it is in divine, arcane, or primal pursuits, once they have established their source of Essence within themselves and made a connection, they will find themselves open to an entire world of possible experimentation and exploration - The world of Magic - Which can be as profitable or prosperous as it can be dangerous.


Magic has been divided into three far-reaching categorizations that allow ease of understanding to those who use them. These categorizations are based entirely upon the source of the magic, not the inherent capabilities or even the untampered form of the magical power. All dangerous and mystical in their own right, any path comes with its own limitations to its abilities or influence over the world, alongside dangers associated with its pursuit.

Divine Magic is the essence of the otherworldly. Powers that have been derived from gifts of patrons, good or evil, are divine in nature. Whether they are the holy conjuration of lightning from the God of Thunder or the evil manifestation of wickedness and trickery made manifest by the powers of a demon, the power of the Divine is usually based on one’s relationship to something else - Difficult to pin to any form of mortal powers and naturally perceived differently than the other forms of magic, the history of Divine magic is a tale as old as time.

Known forms of Divine Magic consist of ..


The gift of deities and domains of power above or below, used in service of their morals, tenets or orders as a reward for dedication and worship. Never is one the same to the other, and gods or even elder powers always watching for both vice and virtue of their worshippers.

Arcane Magic is the power that mortals hold over the world which equalizes them to the gods and monsters that bless or plague its lands. Arcane Magic draws upon the concentration of the self and inner power to control, create, or infuse the Essence of the world with one's personal will or desires through the act of its manipulation. The imperfection of arcane magic, however, is that it is wildly dangerous in any powerful application, and in most if not all cases, its alterations or transfigurations to the world are always temporary, or impermanent - The Majick returning to whence it came when their spells reach their end.

Such examples of Arcane powers include ..


The use of one’s inner creativity to manifest life in objects and grant them motion and animation. The creative power of its caster fuels the power of its casting, limiting but also giving way to uniquely created paths and diversity through the imbuement of personality upon mundane things.

The expression of essence through the mind, emotion, and soul to manifest empathetic links and telepathic bonds. A dangerous art, as excessive expression of its power can shatter the psychology of its wielder, annihilating their mind.

Primal Magic is by no means a kind or easily tamed power; Both wicked and wise in its own right, Primal Magic draws on the essence of the world - The water in brooks, the life and wind in the trees, and more, to create and manifest magic. This can be a wicked power to wield, one that draws on the life or magic of other things by force with which to create or conjure other effects from them. Alternatively, it can be the natural powers held by magical creatures whom are attuned to their Essence by birth and simple existence.

Applications of Primal Magic include but are not limited to ..


The ability to speak to and work alongside the powers of nature by harmonizing with it through service, and connection of one’s spirit to the world.

The attunement to and use of runes - which are themselves linked to the veins of essence in the world - to manifest codified and static magical powers or spells.


Magic is an art little understood by the mass of citizenry in the world; Many see it as dangerous for all of the horrifying cataclysms it has caused, one such example being the Calamity which reshaped the world itself. Despite this, there are many who seek to harness its power and make it a part of their lives, finding great difficulty in doing so.

Whereas in ages past Magic was far more common, in modern day, it is much more rare and misunderstood, striking curiosity or fear in the average person. Whichever opinion one might have, one sentiment is common. Magic is a powerful tool which can shape the very fabrics of history and warp the world–for better, or for worse.
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