An Ocean of Black and White - A Free Company Story


Oct 1, 2020
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The Gathering of Men
Throughout the wayfarer, a bell tolled thrice, signaling the gathering of a particular mercenary company, adorned with black and white cloth. The previously slumbering tavern roaring to life once again. The clattering of heavy plate and chainmail, discussion and planning, the sharpening and gathering of weapons and steel. Preparations were finalized, the men and women of the company gathered with a number of close companions from the tavern, and moved off towards Innse Brenna.
The sun beamed throughout the sky, heating up the chilled air as the company padded over the bridge to Innse brenna, all giving the occasional glance around themselves. Something felt off, though they did not stop. Some murmured prayers to the moon, to Itaos, despite such not being visible within the cloudless blue sky. Others seemed content to push forward in silence, leading the group towards the stables of the town, turning their steeds into the farmhand, before going over their plan.

The Ambush
The air was crisp, small clouds of fog pushed out of the lungs of the company as they prepared themselves for oncoming conflict. Though, from the same direction they had came, a quiet thumping of hooves began to be heard, growing louder as the steeds approached the company. Gravel and dirt rumbled and shook as the thunderous clattering of hooves pushed over the hill, men adorned with leather and plate, holding spears and bows atop monstrous warhorses slowly came to a halt at the crest of the hill, peering towards those clad in white and black. Steel was drawn on both sides, a shieldwall of company men and companions having quickly formed before the attack. The bandit cavalier lifted his blade, and with that, the thunderous clattering of hooves began once again. Steel clashed again steel, arrows let free to strike both sides, ambushes set and flanks taken advantage of. The battle was bloody, though in the end the brigands stood not a chance against the company. The injured were taken care of, and the party pressed forward.
From the east, the clattering of metallic cogs would sound out, mechanical whirring ensuing before a peculiar, metallic “THUNK” would echo throughout the surrounding woodlands. Yet another ambush, though this one was different, the attack came in the shape of a ballista bolt, the shot landing true. The thick bolt pierced directly through the metal, and flesh of a peculiar human jeweler, before obliterating the knee of a half-elven smith. Though, through the quick work of a loving couple, would their lives be saved. The two injured having to be taken back to their homes, before the others pushed forward, towards the hills and towards the ballista that had nearly taken the lives of two dear friends.

A peaceful, but spiteful rest.
The gathering of company men and friends arrived at the ballista, easily taking out the bandits that were operating it, before moving towards the encampment. Steel once more clashed against steel as the petty brigands amongst the camp were slain. The air was growing colder, the sun beginning to dip behind the surrounding mountains as the fighting continued. The moon watching over its followers. Nothing is done without some form of sacrifice, be it material, mental, or a sacrifice of the flesh. As the company gathered their bearings, figuring out how to get within the cave encampment they so desperately seeked to force their way into. They would find the corpse of a dear friend, Askold. Diana’s heroic, loving husband, had left the mortal realm to join those who had passed before him. The woman mourned, companions surrounding her in her time of desperate need, though they had to push forth, breaking through the reinforced gate to push their way down into the stronghold of brigands.
The company once more clashed steel with steel, blood drawn yet again on both sides, though in the end, the men clad in black and white pushed through the enemy ranks, breaking down doors to reach their target. Vranick, the leader of the company who had been missing for weeks now, was found. The leader of the group who had taken him was captured, and the Justiciar freed. The gathering could now rest, they had lost a lot, sacrifices had been made in the previous months. Though, the moon watched over them, and in time they would rebuild and strike with a vengeance for those lost and those damaged. The Free Company has prevailed through many brutal trials, this was but one of many.


Oct 16, 2020
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"May Itaos guide us all to a speedy recovery." Mishal stated while reading the text


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