An Advancement within Technology!


Jul 3, 2020
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Mythri E. Melodine
An Advancement in Technology!
Discoveries led by The Aellen Research Team!

While traveling around kingdoms, and roads you would see a piece of semi-dusty parchment wedged in between the barks of trees, and hung on walls. If you were to read the parchment you would see information of new inventions made by The Aellen Research Team.



The “Aellen Researchers” are proud to announce their most recent discoveries!
For the past few months our team of researchers have been hard at work with not only documenting but investigating the works of anything we can get our hands on! In which it seems the team’s hard work has finally paid off, as we’ve successfully developed three new inventions that are beneficial to anyone’s daily lives!Seek out books written on how to make these inventions at the:
“Melodine Bazaar” within the Market of Aellen.


Our first Invention:
Credit to:

Easton Syllar
~Eric Fisher
Mythri E. Melodine

A painted picture of a decorative clock.


Within our daily lives we often go through a cycle. For some it’s farming their lands and for others it’s patrolling the woods. However despite the differences in each of our daily lives, we all have a cycle, it’s hard not to lose track of time when we’re often repeating this cycle over and over again. So without further or do….Clocks! Composed of a selection of different metals and gears. Hours on this invention are determined by Roman Numerals starting from I all the way up to XXIV.
Let it be known that this invention was already known, it's more or so of a public announcement of how to make this invention.
Our Second Invention:
Credit to:

Mythri E. Melodine


We've already gone over how one can get lost in time with the same recurring daily cycle of our lives, however...what about just getting lost in general? Have you ever been a sailor out on a mission to rescue those who've sailed out before you and gotten lost? Had to try and navigate your way through the water by word of mouth and memory? Or perhaps you make a living on gathering herbs, however you often get lost because you have to go by route of memory and maybe some written landmarks near certain areas a herb may naturally grow. Well... the Aellen Researchers have a solution for you! Introducing...COMPASSES! These circular creations use a a combination of metals and magnetic rocks to show the direction of north. When holding the circular invention you'll always be able to tell which direction your heading! Just remember "Never Eat Sour Watermelons!" as a catchy phrase.
Let it be known that this invention was already known, it's more or so of a public announcement of how to make this invention


Our Third Invention:
Credit to:

Mythri E. Melodine


Our last invention for the time being might look a bit weird at first, however let it be known that this invention is by far one of the most helpful ones! Let say your a shop owner, before you would just go by opinion on how much an item would be worth, however sometimes it's hard to tell exactly how much something is worth. For example, how many feathers would you say is worth five pounds of beef? Well, with this invention you'll know! Place the beef on one side of the scale, and keep adding bags of feathers to find how much it's worth! An easy and simple way of determining worth between objects.
Let it be known that this invention was already known, it's more or so of a public announcement of how to make this invention.

At the bottom of the parchment would be a side note to the reader, if one had chose to read further you would see:
"These public inventions will be put on halt, due to recent events. The Research team of Aellen will be dedicating their time to aiding the advancements in cleansing Enarion from the plague of the undead, if you may be acknowledge with any useful information or suggestions that could aid us...please find one of the Researchers of Aellen and share this information."


Owen Grenan
[Clinic Overseer]

Eric Fisher
[Clinic Owner]

Mythri E. Melodine
[Head of Research]

Thank you to the Lore Members who helped me with this!

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