An admittance of wrong doing


Jun 7, 2020
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[!] A letter would be penned and posted for public eyes to see

Around a year ago a declaration was made for Elathion Dagre'sae to hand over a precious item back to the Kingdom, alongside this were what could be considered as threats to make sure the weapon was indeed handed over as it was of extreme importance, elves had died getting it and elves were dying because we were without it.
We made that declaration in quick haste as an unknown mage attempted to summon a horror within the court room, luckily Gnorf pierced his heart before he could and so tensions were high. This being said it does not excuse the aggressive manner in which we asked for the Weapon to be returned, an Elder does deserve more respect and it was not given - This is an apology.
This however does not change the fact that the weapon must be returned, this time we are asking for it to be given back in good faith so a collective can use it to kill the horror attacks which frequent the many cities. Within the year two people were eaten alive even I was attack and almost killed by a horror. This can't happen. The weapon must be returned.

[!] The letter would have the stamp of a Kraken at the bottom, as are all letters written by Nardual.


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