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Jul 23, 2020
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Kine Lidomast
Advanced Alchemy, Continued
By @Sukitoru


Someone once said that we are not the same persons we were last year, or the eons before; That is also true for the process of alchemy, and the advancement of it's concoctions - The advancement of magical potions, special crafts, and the like are unerring and likely unable to be entirely stopped. The original intent of Advanced Alchemy, albeit very simple and fragile, has grown to become a better, more contributive thing that involves more players - Those who wish to acquire magic, those who wish to acquire stronger swipes of their sword, and more.

Although I'd like it if it were otherwise, it's once again to be known that all of these potions require logic and Lore Team approval to be created; Logic as in .. You cannot create a potion of sleeping with a handful of grass and some gold coins, oh no! That must be henbane, or monkshood, or something of that likeness to be done. All of these potions that will be listed below are lore-team approved, although the term "potion" is rather loose ... All of these were invented by my character, Kine Lidomast, ICly - And most of them actually were made for others!

Technique and Technology
I believe it should be mentioned that some of these crafts are impossible without the use of magic, which truly makes some of these objects even more valuable, even more rare, and even more specific in use. As with before, I will list their ingredients and loosely cover the method of crafting; However, one may craft these alchemical creations in whichever or whatever manner they'd like; It just has to follow the loose structure laid down by lore-team's herbal concepts.

Whew, it's cold as a north-wolf's nose ..
Fireheart Flask
Lo, the Fireheart Flask! A potion that can grant resistance to cold environments, and warm up the body quite a lot with it's imbibing! However, the high blood pressure might cause symptoms of fever, or high blood pressure; But who REALLY knows what that is, anyways? After all, it IS medieval times!

Cocoa-bean Milk.
A rather niche drink, this extremely bitter concoction turns the milk a strange light brown. It's made by mixing ground up cocoa beans into a hot pot of milk, and is the base of this flask.
Maidenhair and Agropyrum. Agropyrum and Maidenhair quicken the blood stream and get one's heart pumping. This is easily the linchpin of the potion, which actually DELIVERS the effects to the drinker.
Cinnamon and Pepper. A common ingredient in normal food, cinnamon and pepper are required to heat up the body. Potent at irritating the sinuses and making one almost vomit from the thought of drinking the mix, it's quite good to include if you want extra heat - Or if you want the potion to work at all!

You create the cocoa-bean milk as instructed, first, and then finely chop the maidenhair and agropyrum. You mix the cinnamon, pepper, and chopped herbs together, then grinding it up into a probably wet, powdery form. Leave it in the sun to dry for about two hours, and then deposit it into the hot cocoa milk. Let it boil until a thin film forms on the surface of the milk, and then use a tool to remove that - A fork, or knife, or a forknife! Then, pour the pot into a bottle; You've got your Fireheart Flask!

These wraiths keep phasing through my sword ..
Behold, Silverburn; A death knight's worst knightmare, a wraith's freaky ex wife, and a corpseman's end! Burning with the power of wildfire, this blaze brilliantly shines a blue color. When used against undead, it burns them terribly well; Able to even strike a phasing wraith, melt through Death Knight armor, and outright obliterate corpsemen. Useful against most spirits and un-alive persons, this mix was made for the Siege of Ordheim; A recipe from history.

A component in the crafting of the silverburn strain of wildfire, it's kind of what the silverburn recipe was evolved from. Vital.
Asphodel and Henbane. Asphodel and Henbane both excel against the undead, and are very useful in weaponry used to combat them in general. Their use in this mixture is to further introduce the silver and anti-undead properties into the potion, making it better mix.
Silver Powder. A rarity among the poorer folk of Enarion, you need a gold coin's worth of silver powder to fuel this furious cocktail.

You first mix the silver into the wildfire concoction without finalizing your wildfire; Everyone knows it combusts when exposed to air or catches ablaze, so it'd be best not to do that first. Then, you crush the two herbs - Asphodel and Henbane - with water, heating them up so that they begin to secrete the oils at a better efficacy; Letting them boil down before mixing those, too, into your pot of wildfire.

I really want to destroy that guy, but I'd get caught ..
A truly toxic tint of green colored this potion, a vile vial of potent person-killer! Doze is a potion invented solely for the purpose of making someone fall asleep for a long, long while - Perhaps even a dirt nap, if one could call it that! After it enters one's system, it takes 1 Action to begin taking effect. On the first action, the drinker feels really, really anxious - And then on the second, they feel like nothing, because they're unconscious! On the third, they simply pass away, the drug having gone through their system with haste. Whew!

A component in the crafting of various poisons pre-calamity, Monkshood is potent and very capable of killing. Doze requires a good handful of this!
Henbane. Henbane assists in the part where the person passes the H-E-double hockey sticks out! This also helps in the death bit, but that's debatable.
Maidenhair. And lots of it! It puts them into that perfect, panicking state where you know that they're about to go down and very easily makes it visible that the toxin worked!
Cinnamon. For taste! For the most part, Doze is actually scentless AND tasteless, but on the off chance that you taste a bit of cinnamon in that wine .. You might want to spit it out!

Crushing the monkshood, chop it finely with leather gloves on; Even a drop can make you sick. Chop the henbane right after, too, but instead of crushing it, mix it with the monkshood and drop it into a boiling pot of water with the cinnamon. After allowing the water to boil down a bit, take the leaves of the herbs and put them into a separate bowl; However, pour the concentrated oils and syrupy goodness made from the melting of the cinnamon and herbs into another pot! Mix the maidenhair with the shriveled up, empty herbs, and then boil them all down again to draw out EVERY INCH of useable material from the flora. After you draw out all of the poison, remove the herbs and pour that syrup into the poisonous cinnamon syrup - Bottling it as quick as possible!

The magic circles I'm drawing with dirt don't work, but ..
Special Chalk
A neat little stick of golden aptitude that allows one to draw with it, creating golden marks that glow in their wake. It's worth one gold coin from it's illustrative power and ingredients, but that goes beyond normal-old chalk, too, doesn't it? Bits of glowing stone, clay, asphodel .. All kinds of things go into this one little stick, useful for one little thing; Magical circles! Or .. Well, what one could assume to be magical!

Fine Gold and a Gold Coin.
A component in magical casting, gold is useful for rite-writing by default, as it's marks conduct magical motes of .. mmm-energy! Couldn't think of a rhyme; You get it. The amount of gold packed into one fine gold ingot is equivalent to about 30 mundane gold ingots, so it's definitely going to conduct it!
Asphodel Paste and Clay. Having chalk without these is impossible. Vital to the process of making it, you need to roll everything up into these to actually get it working.
Blaze Powder and Meteorite Dust. A pretty neat aspect of the chalk; Both useful for magical conduction, blaze powder naturally emits a very low glow, as does meteorite dust! Gives the marks that much more of a magical something-something, doesn't it?


Clay and Asphodel first; You mix them together to create a very, very sticky and wet goo, and proceed to pour in your fine gold and powdered golden coin; Both need to be ground into dust beforehand, so it'd be advised to do that first! After mixing in the gold, you (in a separate bowl) mix the two other powders, before pouring those into the mix after the others have been combined. Lifting the clay from the pot or bowl you're mixing with, you casually roll it into a long, long, shaft-like form, and then proceed to chop them like one would chop sausages! After they've all been chopped (typically what you'd want is about five inch long sticks ..) you line them up side by side and stick them into a brick oven. After three hours, you turn them over, and leave them in for ANOTHER three hours! It's important not to over or under bake, as, if you over-bake, they fall apart; Under bake, and they mush apart in your hands like sticky candy .. Let them cool down for a day, and you've got your chalk!

This iron sword isn't too good at slicing OR dicing ..

Blade Oil
A fancy little functionality that was created for bringing back the power of simple iron; Not everything needs to be mithril, yo! These oils are multi-purpose and multi-use, and can be smeared on warhammer or broadsword alike to achieve different results that may impress you and repress the morale of your opponents! Only three are publicly viewable, as others are .. Actually quite a lot more dangerous, but that is par for the course with alchemy, isn't it? Blazing oil, first and foremost, like wildfire for your sword that leaves burns in the cuts it makes! Wounding oil, which creates slashes and bruises that are unable to be healed with alchemy (unless you wash it out) .. And finally, Spectre Oil, made just for undead and spirits and having a cool sword that burns blue! Here are the three, detailed below!

Burning Blade Oil
A component in wildfire, as beforementioned, and useful for burning things up!
Asphodel and Celandine. Having something that burns without these is essentially impossible, and these are for the oil-like nature and burning-wound ability that the oil grants!

Carefully burn the rue just so that the oil can be rolled out of their petals; Then, mash up the celandine, rolling the sap out of IT'S petals and throwing away the loose extras. Then, you take your asphodel, crushing it and creating a glue with added water. However, you usually want a bit of extra water, to give the oil a better splashing effect. You pour the "glue" slash oil into a pan, cooking it in a basin of hot rocks. It's IMPORTANT not to use an open flame. Then, allow it to reduce to something akin to a glaze or syrup. Mix the other oils in, and add more water, proceeding to reduce it once more. Without touching the rocks, or any open flame, pour it into a flask, and boom! You have your burning blade oil. When poured on a weapon, the wounds left by it's blaze burn even still without the sword. This effect lasts for only three actions before it becomes normal fire!

Spectre Blade Oil
Silver Powder.
A component in silverburn; This is par for the course, obviously.
Asphodel and Henbane. Having something that works good against undead without these is near impossible, like before-mentioned! These are necessary to give the anti-specter effect-er.

After grinding the silver coins into a fine powder - the finer the better - you burn the henbane only slightly, preventing yourself from inhaling the fumes, and crushing it into a fine paste. Mix it with crushed asphodel and water, and boil it to reduce it to an oil. After it has become a bubbly, syrupy mass, filter the petals out and pour into a separate bowl, mixing the silver in. Then, before it completely cools, pour it into a container and cork it! When poured on a weapon and set ablaze, even an iron sword becomes akin to silver, burning with effects identical to Silverburn; Capable of supereffectively wounding the undead, and hitting wraiths even in spectral form. This lasts for only 3 actions, before the blaze becomes a mundane red, though.

Wounding Blade Oil
Maidenhair and Asphodel.
Useful for causing excessive bleeding in wounds, Maidenhair and Asphodel work well together to create a bloody paste.

Salt and Myrrh. Salting the wound and making it sizzle; Myrhh and Salt are good for making the cuts hurt that much more.

Similarly to the silver, grinding the salt as fine as can be is best. Then, put it into a pot of water, allowing it to boil down. Crush the Maidenhair, rolling over it with a rolling pin to soften it, and then place it into a pot with water; Separate from the one with salt. Repeat the same process with Asphodel and drop it into the Maidenhair pot, proceeding to drop the Myrrh into the boiling mixture as well, to melt and integrate it into the concoction. Boil that down into a sticky syrup, and then filter it very slowly. As the salt must've boiled down a lot at this point, pour the part-salt part-water mixture into the filtered sap, mixing until they're well combined and thinner. Then, allow to cool before pouring into a container. When poured on a weapon and used to cause injury, they bleed excessively and hurt a lot more, unable to heal by alchemical means until someone washes the wound. After the wound is washed of the oil, THEN healing potions may be utilized.

Final Word
hew! I don't know about you, but I don't think I feel like doing this too often, so don't expect another for a good .. while! These were all fun to come up with and create, and it's always a joy hearing surprise and laughter from Lore Team members when I make something unexpected. Speaking of; It's always very important to say thank you to the Tech Team member who helps you craft these objects, as they have to do a .. bit more work than you do when logging and assuring they are all accounted for. I usually tip them one gold coin, but I'm aware that not everyone can do that, so just try to show a bit of appreciation for their work after you finish getting your things signed!

Anyways, thank you for reading this far! Peace.

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