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Jul 23, 2020
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Kine Lidomast
Advanced Alchemy, Continued
By @Sukitoru


As a wise man once said, continuing on a past idea is like writing the sequel to a book. In my previous Lore Information post, I went over the process of creating brand-new elixirs, new creations and considering the idea that there could be more than simply 'potions' under the title of Alchemical Creations. With this previous document published, I have been permitted to create few 'custom alchemical creations' myself, allowing me or others to create recipes that are unlike the current ones.

While strange, they continue to be anchored in the capabilities of the herbs in the lore as-is. Allow me to indulge you into a few recipes that my character, Kine Lidomast, has made up .. With a lore-team member's approval, of-course. The original intent of these creations is to have small remedies for specific injuries that can't simply be healed by the power of a Revivifying Elixir or Anodyne Essence .. And unless those can heal anxiety or help with sleeplessness, then there is a case to be made!

Recipes for Disaster?
s with before, I will explain each step of creating these new elixirs, as each one requires you to do an in-roleplay "action" that allows one to (within reason) concoct an elixir of this kind. I will explain the logic behind the function of each potion, the ingredients, the creation process, along with what it does - At the end of each one, of course. Can't give everything right at the start.

Going for a swim?
Raincoat Oil
Raincoat Oil - Just as it sounds, based off of the effect that a coat gives to one wearing it; A waterproofing oil.
After being smeared on an object, it leaves a blueish shine and - Presto, that surface you covered is waterproofed!

A key factor. It's blood quickening ability or lung-enhancing factor may lead one to think it has waterproofing abilities, but instead, it's used to bind together the ingredients.

Asphodel. Even more important than Agropyrum in the elixir, arguably, due to it's ability to create a paste, which is what allows the mixture to dry up on an object and waterproof it.
Rainbow Fish. A rare ingredient, surely, but necessary for the oils it's body can give. It's the final part of this process, but unlike Fish Oil, Raincoat Oil ONLY requires the oil of the Rainbow Fish.

To mix the ingredients, you simply mash the two herbs together and press their fluids from the mashed up collective. After pouring those into the bottle, you pour in the fish oil and lightly heat it over fire - Not to the point of boiling, but to the point where it starts to steam! After that, bottle it.

Got a sailing leak?
Caulking Clay

A bunch of light yellowish gray dust, that, if you apply to a wet surface, will quickly become a hard caulk.
It's not necessarily akin to concrete, but it is like a thick, hard glue. It allows for quick plugs of leaks so you have time to repair!

Raincoat Oil.
Hey, you recognize this! Yes, Raincoat Oil, which will allow the clay to be a waterproof mass when you apply it to something, preventing it from being too diluted.
Comfrey. An ingredient familiar to those who frequently brew Ironhide brews or teas; It hardens the body, and can harden the clay faster, when mixed into the batter to create this.
Clay. A clay block, obviously, to be the "base" of this alchemical creation. You mix everything else into this.

To mix the ingredients, you simply sir all of them into a pot, and then bake it in an oven until it is hard, but not completely cement hard. Then, you shatter the hardened clay, creating the dust that makes up the alchemical creation. After that, scoop all the dust into some kind of container for your own uses later. Keep it dry!

Feeling anxious or unsteady?
Soothing Incense - A solution for anxiety.

A stick of brown color, with a bit of normal stick at the bottom to grasp it with.
If you burn it, it makes a sweet-smelling smoke that gives you feelings of stability, and heavily reduces anxiety!
The stick can last for one entire day, and it's considered a good way to unwind or chill out after a rough day

A copious ingredient; If you use too much, it causes you nausea and exhaustion. If you lose too little, it does nothing. It's a careful balance, but if you attain it, it gives you those feelings of stability and reduces your anxiety.
Myrrh or Camphor. Smoke-based alchemical creations have these two as TOKEN ingredients. They are something of a must-have should you want the smoke to perforate correctly, or else the effect will not be spread properly, and you'll end up with a house full of black smoke.
Asphodel. A necessary compartment for this recipe, which is explained in the recipe itself. It's properties as a glue are very useful!
Stick. A stick. You need this for the recipe, too.

To create the incense is a multi-step process. First, one must gather the copious amount of Fly Agaric required for the recipe, and with that, they need an oven. Then, you would put the fly agaric into the oven for a duration, letting them dry and crisp without burning, and then grinding them to a dust when they leave the oven. After that, you take your smoking ingredient and your asphodel and you grind them up together in a bowl, using water to turn the asphodel into a sticky, gooey paste that could ALSO create smoke when it's burnt. Rolling the stick in the sticky glue, and then tightly rolling it in the powder, you let it dry in the sun for a day before having your incense! Simply burn it to release the smoke, and keep it dry!

Feeling stressed out or like you've got a lot on your mind?
Flying Incense - A solution for stress.

A similar creation to the Soothing Incense, the Flying Incense lets one have a bit of time to cool off.
If you burn it, it makes a citrus-smelling smoke that gives you feelings of weightlessness and clarity of mind/
The stick can also last an entire day, and is a fine way to simply relax or study with.

Fly Agaric.
Much like Psilocybin, you have to be careful with how much Fly Agaric you use in a potion or other alchemical creation, as using too much will cause the same as the other - Nausea and exhaustion, which is no good when someone is trying to relax.
Myrrh or Camphor. Again, these are necessary to produce the right amount of smoke for someone to smell the effects of the fly agaric - Vital to the creation!
Asphodel. A glue to mend the incense to the next ingredient.
Stick. A stick. Surprise!

To create this incense is EXACTLY the same as creating soothing essence, except you replace Psilocybin with Fly Agaric. You grind up the fly agaric after baking it for a time, and after making it into dust, you create the asphodel-smoking glue. Then, once you dip the stick into the glue, you TIGHTLY roll the incense dust around it. It's important that you roll it well, or else it won't have a full effect. To see this recipe in greater detail, refer to the 'Soothing Incense' recipe! They're the EXACT same!

Final Word
As with before, the approval of a Lore-Team member before creating a custom brew is important, along with the proper recipe and preparations to create it! My personal intention is to aid in smaller medical issues in roleplay .. such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more, in the hope of encouraging having smaller, more roleplay-based injuries as opposed to "I GOT CUT, GIVE ME AN ANODYNE ESSENCE THANKS."! Having a brew that solves a dragon's fire-breath is important, but if you can't get over watching your friends get incinerated, what's the use of it in the first place?

Anyways, thank you for reading! Peace.

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