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Jul 6, 2020
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Reason for ban?
During my time as a FRP player, I have had many infractions. As the stereotypical “pvp goon” type player, I have had multiple infractions and bans relating to pvp related issues, such as combat logging, using alternate accounts to spectate, and bug abusing. In addition, though not against the rules, I have been part of a group responsible for banditing and creating a hostile environment for new players and roleplayers alike, and fostering new members to do the same. This has led to me gaining a bad reputation as a troublemaker amongst the staff and many players.

The primary reason why I was permanently banned is for using racist slurs in a discord group and using grave insults against a FRP staff member (Milkyi). In addition, as the owner of said discord group, I allowed others to openly threaten and insult the same FRP moderator, all over something relatively insignificant.

Why should you be unbanned?
First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to Milkyi, both for using racial slurs against her, and for allowing others to insult her in even more despicable ways. I have previously already reached out to her to do so, but I understand that the words that were said are almost unforgivable. I feel deep shame for even allowing and facilitating such hatred on my own discord.

I believe I should be pardoned as I unintentionally used the phrase “fat baboon” to insult Milkyi. I had no idea that she is a person of color, and I would never have used those words if I had known that. In addition, I should not have insulted her in the first place, over a LC building and discord moderation dispute for a Minecraft server. I showed pointless anger in something so minor, and should have shown more restraint in my response. As a minority of Middle Eastern descent myself who has faced real racism in his own life, I wholly condone racism, and am ashamed that I took part in it here.

In addition, I wholly apologize for spamming the N word in the discord channel. I had no racist intentions when using the word, and was using it to tell the other members in my discord in a toxic manner that they could say whatever they wanted in it without any repercussions from myself. However, this was the wrong decision to make as it brought out racism from other people, which was shocking to even me at the time. Still, I did not speak up or stop other people for saying what they did. I sincerely apologize for this, and promise that I will never use the N word on the server, a public discord channel, or even a private discord, nor will I allow others to openly spew hatred towards another race.

I truly realize that though my actions may be outside the jurisdiction of the server, they have impacts that reach the server and harm the community in general. When I spam racial slurs in a discord, it gives the signal to multiple other people that they can be toxic and say whatever they want regardless of others feelings. This behavior manifests on the server, where groups like my own terrorize other people both irp and ooc-ly. I should be doing the opposite of what I did, and should be teaching new and existing players within my group to not do what I did, and to benefit the server.

I would also like to point out that my previous “pvp-goon” ways have been on the decline for months at this point. In the first few weeks of the server during the Helheim era in which I was a key part, I was responsible for terrorizing many people on the server irp. However, I honestly felt bad for my actions well before this permanent ban, and stopped doing bandit/villainy roleplay and have not partook in it for months at this point. I realize that such actions not only lead new players to leaving the server, but encourage even more people to engage in it. The purpose of the server is to roleplay, not to lead a survival faction. I should be protecting players from such behavior, and done so recently in the nation of Innse Brenna, rather than being the toxic goon that I was once (and still partially am). I have been on a better path recently, and have sought to fulfil my pvp desires through friendly, ooc skirms that bring players from different nations together rather than put them against one another.

Rumpo told me that one of the primary reasons for my ban outside of racism was that the staff does not want the server to end up with the same toxic community that LoTC has. As a former member of LoTC, I wholly acknowledge that that server has the environment it has today due to players like myself existing, and for current and past staff who have facilitated such behavior. I realize if we want FRP to be the best Minecraft roleplay server, that players like myself must not only change themselves to be positive people, but must also encourage new players to do the same as veteran members. I will prove myself to do this if given another chance on the server.

Lastly, I would like to point out that I have never had any issues on the server or on other discords with regards to racism. I have never said the N word on server, nor have I insulted any other community members with racial slurs of any kind. The other person who was permanently banned for this has done so in the past on multiple mediums, and has shown no remorse for this. I ask to be judged on my own actions, rather than on those associated with me. All I can do here is promise that I will never engage in such behavior again, and ask for a second chance. If I do something like this a second time, then I am truly deserving of a permanent ban. Please let me have this second chance to both show that I am not a bigot, and to start bringing good to the server.


May 12, 2020
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So, after some consideration and discussion, the team wants to give you another chance on the server. Two weeks from now you'll be unbanned, and allowed to resume where you were on the server.


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