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May 29, 2020
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Royal Decree of Governance
18th of Bloodmoon, 47AC


As time grows old so does our kingdom. The Kingdom of Aellen has survived the tests of time and remains victorious. The Crown is pleased to be able to serve and watch the kingdom as it continues to grow and remain prosperous. The Crown is pleased to publish the Royal Decree of the Governance of the Kingdom of Aellen to continue to ensure the safety and integrity of our government and people.

Article One - Government Hierarchy

- Elective Monarch of Aellen
- Wisdom of Espira (Elders) [See Article Two for More Information]
  • Archdruid - Owen | Dairsad @Dairsad
  • Princess of Avko - Lephilia Aria Isilros | Aelleanna @Lleanna
  • High Priest of Droa'Qahna | Jayce Des’Nox | BrokenHelix @Brokenhelix
High Council of Aellen
  • High Judge - Jayce Des'nox | Brokenhelix @Brokenhelix
  • Archon - Isabel | ItzIzzyKat [Elected Position] @ItzIzzyKat
  • Marshal - Aristo Tawen | Inhale__ @Inhale__
  • High Steward - Zetari Reykian | Unbrokenhelix @ephi
  • Head of Trade - Enrico Caetti | AdventureApollo @AdventureApollo
  • Head of Diplomacy - Lephilia A. Isilros | Aelleanna @Lleanna
Lower Council of Aellen

- Religious Sect Advisors
  • Elder Druid - Aelrie | DaddyKai @Kaii
  • Water Sect Administrator - Elnalari Isilros | Xelayed @SWEETIELYRA
  • Priest of Droa'Qahna | Gaelic @Gaelic
  • Lord Protector - Lixis R. @wootdahnoot
  • Head of Architecture - Lephilia A. Isilros| Aelleanna @Lleanna
  • Archmage - N/A
  • Scribe - Avi Riddlesto | Renajaka @Ren_2
Article Two - Wisdom of Espira
  • Those who sit within the wisdom are those who lead the religious sects of Aellen. The Archdruid, The Princess of Avko and the High Priest all sit within the Wisdom of Espira.
  • In the event that the King is missing or is unable to perform their duties as King, the Wisdom of Espira reserves the authority to take control over the city until the King is returned or able to resume his kingly duties.
  • During the Absence of the King the Wisdom of Espira can intervene with diplomatic affairs with other nations around them.
  • The Authority to deny the addition of certain laws, acts and other legal documentation if majority vote is reached.
  • Reserves the authority to elect a new monarch once the previous one is found dead, or has stepped down.
  • Unless assigned by order of the King, The Elders of the sects are expected to leave all diplomatic affairs to the king.
  • If the Council of Elders see the monarch unfit they can move to remove them peacefully. If the monarch refuses to leave peacefully the council may call upon the Order of Azure to assist in the removal of the monarch.
Article Three - High Council
  • The High Council is responsible for the upkeep of the laws within the Kingdom. They are to make sure the Lower Council is consistent in their duties of the creation and voting of proposals. The High Council is a senior class of Government officials, typically people who have been in the Kingdom for long periods of time.
  • The High Judge is an Elective position decided by the council as a whole and the people of Aellen. This position is entrusted with the ability to oversee court cases, lastly they are trusted with making these cases fair and running them smoothly.
  • The Archmage of Aellen is a title granted by the current Elective monarch. They oversee the Kingdom’s magical affairs. They are entrusted with aiding Aellen magically.
  • The Archon is an Elected position which serves like a mayor to the city of Ascara. The job of the Archon is to introduce bills, propose amendments to the legal system and protect the common values of the citizens. The Archon is responsible for listening to the voice of the people and communicating clearly within the two chambers of the council.
  • The Marshal is to oversee The Azure Order (Military). They are entrusted with the ability to lead and protect our nation.
  • The High Steward deals with all housing and their taxes. They oversee a roster of stewards and personally deal with making sure everyone has paid their taxes.
Article Four - Lower Council

The Low Council is responsible for the creation of laws through a system of approval overseen by the High Council and Elective monarch.
  • Elder Druids, Water Sect Administrators and the Priest of Droa'Qahna reserve the right to advise their direct elders. They are able to advise the council(s), though they do not have the power to do much more than advise. These Advisors are typically the future Elders of a religious sect, if an Elder is to step down or be pronounced dead.
  • The Head of Architecture oversees the safety of Aellen’s structures. If a new building is to be added to the nation, they are entrusted with getting the job done.
  • Lord Protector leads the Kingsguard within the city. The Kingsguard is tasked with protecting the royal family, most often the King and Queen
  • Head of Trade manages all trade within the kingdom and also manages shops within the City of Ascara.

King of Aellen,
Princess of Avko
Lephilia Aria Isilros
Archdruid of Aellen

High Priest of Droa-Qahna
ELDER Jayce Des'Nox
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