Jun 8, 2020
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Calendar of the Aellen Kingdom 44 AC
21st of the Earthshine

As the sunlight flitted through the stained glass windows of most homes in the Aellen Kingdom, they would find that there would be a new calendar of all the yearly events that had been tucked neatly into their mailbox. In the square it seemed that copies of the Aellen Calendar were also being passed out by small orphan children.

Tavern Night

The Golden Light Tavern and Inn is hosting a Tavern Night this Earthshine! There will be drinking games and gambling for the entertainment of the tavern goers. The winner of the drinking game shall be given a prize of one gold! The Golden Light Tavern and Inn is located in the main square of Aellen.

Tavernkeeper Freya A. L. Caelum
Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: TUESDAY MAY 4TH 6:00 PM EST // 11:00 PM BST]]
Museum Tour
Blood Moon

This Blood Moon there will be a tour of the Aellen Museum hosted by the Elder Jayce Des’Nox. This will be a chance to learn about various artifacts and important history of Enarion that is still relevant to this day. The tour will begin in the square in order to be taken to the museum.

Elder Jayce Des'nox

[[ OOC: THURSDAY, MAY 6TH 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM BST ]]
Fight Night
Last Offering

The Farmers’ Union of Enarion is sponsoring another Fight Night, this time in the new training grounds. There shall be concessions available for those watching the tournament. There shall be a predetermined bracket beforehand and all you have to do is speak with Aerenia or send a note to be added! The Grand Prize shall be a dragonwood bow and a gold coin, the runner up shall receive a gold for second place, and third shall receive fifty silver coins.

Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: FRIDAY MAY 7TH 6:00 PM EST // 11:00 GMT ]]
Lothelia Excursion

Having taken plenty of time to prepare, The Aellen Kingdom is once again ready to head into the ruins of Lothelia, intent on breaking the curse laid on Oremonthier. Citizens are adviced to bring weapons to deal with both Kobolds and the Undead alike, and to bring some medical equipment and armour for their own safety, and the safety of others around them.

King Elathion Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: SATURDAY, MAY 8TH 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 BST ]]
Season’s Turn

A ball is to be held in celebrating fifteen years of marriage between Lephilia Aria Isilros and Aedrin Norna Isilros. The celebration of their anniversary will take place in the ballroom within The Aellen Kingdom, on Season’s Turn of 44 ac.

Elder Lephilia Isilros

Aedrin Isilros

[[ OOC: SUNDAY, MAY 9TH 3:00 PM EST // 8:00 PM BST ]]

“The heart of Elvendom has become the most bustling Kingdom of Tranquility.”
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