Jun 8, 2020
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Calendar of the Aellen Kingdom 43 AC
20th of the Earthshine
As the sunlight flitted through the stained glass windows of most homes in the Aellen Kingdom, they would find that there would be a new calendar of all the yearly events that had been tucked neatly into their mailbox. In the square it seemed that they were also being passed out by small orphan children.

Druidic Hunting Event
During the Midyear of 43 AC, the Druids shall have a ritual at the Sacred Tree before proceeding to conduct a hunt in the nearby forests.If they are successful in the hunt, they will bring back the animal in order to perform a purification ritual at the altar in front of the Sacred Tree.
Elder Owen Aerdant

Druid Aelrie Haevathar
[[ OOC: WEDNESDAY APRIL 28TH 7:00 PM EST // 12:00 PM BST]]
Tea Under the Stars
Blood Moon
This Blood Moon we will be hosting a starry-themed tea party. Such will be a night of conversing, watching the Blood Moon, pointing out constellations and more. There will be a few games and the likes, however, it will be picnic style with blankets laid out and the likes. It shall be an evening of tea and pastries. The evening of tea will be held in the clearing next to the road to Azure Keep and Elathion’s home [[ 1680/76/1995]].
Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae
[[ OOC: THURSDAY, APRIL 29TH 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM BST ]]
Festival of the Current
This year's festival shall be one held in honor of Mayir for all she has provided us with. During the festival, there will be a feast held in the Golden Light Tavern & Inn. In the main square there will be a plethora of games to participate in such as the following; Archery, Arm Wrestling, Horse Shoe Toss, Skittle, and a drinking contest. Anyone will be welcome to join in on the Festival of the Current and enjoy the afternoon of gratitude and revelry. When the festival comes to a close, there will be a meditation led by Lephilia shortly after in the Sacred Hollow.
Elder Lephilia Isilros
[[ OOC: SATURDAY, MAY 1ST 3:00 PM EST // 8:00 BST ]]
Tour de Enarion
Season’s Turn
The Followers of the Droa’qahna are hosting a tour of Enarion this Season’s Turn. The tour is meant for those who have recently returned to the continent to get accustomed to the land as well as learn a bit of history about the realm. Along with this, there will be a small lesson on the dialect of the Droa’qahna included in this tour. The tour will gather at the cave of the Droa’qahna.
Elder Jayce Des’nox

Rel'amruth Mari'drath

[[ OOC: SUNDAY, APRIL 25TH 7:00 PM EST // 12:00 PM BST ]]

“The heart of Elvendom has become the most bustling Kingdom of Tranquility.”


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