Jun 8, 2020
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Calendar of the Aellen Kingdom 42 AC
30th of the Earthshine
As the sunlight flitted through the stained glass windows of most homes in the Aellen Kingdom, they would find that there would be a new calendar of all the yearly events that had been tucked neatly into their mailbox. In the square it seemed that they were also being passed out by small orphan children.

Way of the Current Recollection
First Moon
This First Moon of 42 AC, there will be a night of telling stories of adventures and recalling the events of previous years. This will be held in the Sacred Hollow and there will be inducting individuals that wish to become a part of the Way of the Current.
Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae
[[ OOC: TUESDAY, APRIL 20TH 8:00 PM EST // 1:00 AM BST]]
Pilgrimage to the Corrupt Forest
Blood Moon
This Blood Moon we will have a Pilgrimage to the Corrupt Forest. Here you will be taught a lesson on Druids. This is for INITIATES or newly ordered Druids who've Joined the Druids but still are new to the culture. This is a chance to connect with your culture more. Cool displays and items will be given out to those who participate. Questions can be asked, and those who are not druids may join us to learn more about our culture.
Archdruid Mythri E. Aerdant
[[ OOC: THURSDAY, APRIL 22ND 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM BST ]]
Game Day
Last Offering
The Game Days continue! The Game Day of 42 AC, the Last offering, shall be a chess tournament. Anyone will be allowed to participate and everyone is invited. The tournament will be held in the Golden Light Tavern & Inn and there will be drinks available for participants.
Archon Isabel Airvu
[[ OOC: FRIDAY APRIL 23RD 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM BST ]]
The time has come once again for Aine's Bakery to host their next Bake-Off Contest! We encourage all to participate, regardless of how little or how much baking experience you may have! This may be your very first time baking, so we would love to be part of your first baking experience! Or perhaps you've been baking for years and would like to share one of your signature pastries with us! No matter the case, we welcome all, and look forward to seeing what beautiful pastries you may all prepare for us! The Bake-Off will be hosted in the bakery of Aellen’s Square.
Kleore Avelot
[[ OOC: SATURDAY, APRIL 24TH 3:30 PM EST // 8:30 BST ]]
There will be the first official court session under King Elathion Dagre’sae. It is a time where changes and new updates to the heart of Elvendom will be announced. Along with this, people are free to bring their concerns or needs to the King. This shall be hosted in the palace on the Eclipse of 42 AC.
King Elathion Dagre’sae
[[ OOC: SATURDAY, APRIL 24TH 6:00 PM EST // 11:00 BST ]]
Horse Race
Season’s Turn
The time has come for another Horse Race! Stemming from the festival of the hunt, due to the popularity and enjoyment, it had turned into a horse race. The horse race will commence around the Kingdom with various checkpoints. The winner will receive a prize of five gold.
King Elathion Dagre’sae
[[ OOC: SUNDAY, APRIL 25TH 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM BST ]]

“The heart of Elvendom has become the most bustling Kingdom of Tranquility.”


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