Jun 7, 2020
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Calendar of the Aellen Kingdom 38 AC
13th of the First Moon

As the sunlight flitted through the stained glass windows of most homes in the Aellen Kingdom, they would find that there would be a new calendar of all the yearly events that had been tucked neatly into their mailbox. In the square it seemed that they were also being passed out by small orphan children.

Tavern Night
First Moon

The Golden Light Tavern and Inn is hosting a Tavern Night this First Moon! All drinks will be 50% off. There will be drinking games and gambling for the entertainment of the tavern goers. The winner of the drinking game shall be given a prize of one gold! The Golden Light Tavern and Inn is located in the main square of Aellen.

Tavernkeeper Freya A. L. Caelum

[[ OOC: MONDAY, MARCH 29TH 6:40 PM EST // 11:40 GMT ]]
Farmers Market

The Farmers Union of Enarion is hosting a Farmers Market in the main square to invite all to come visit and shop. Other nations shall be invited to share their local crops, cuisine, arts and crafts! There will be more information in a new missive on how to get a stall and what stalls there will be. If you have questions send a messenger bird to Aerenia Dagre’sae [[Discord: Cepheid#9520]]

Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: TUESDAY, MARCH 30TH 4:30 PM EST // 9:30 GMT ]]

At the start of Midyear there shall be a festival hosted in honor of exploring and expanding on Elven history and culture. This festival shall be hosted in the Sacred Hollow and there shall be many stalls, games, and activities of cultural significance to partake in. From a Javelin Throwing competition, a feast for all to enjoy in old ways of revelry, to a historical seminar and firework show, it is certainly going to be packed full of things to do. There shall be gold prizes for the Javelin Throwing contest as well as a drinking contest to go along with the feast. This is certainly an event you don’t want to miss.

Elder Elathion Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31ST 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 GMT ]]
A Forest Walk
Last Offering

During the Last Offering of 39 A.C, the Order of Druids will once again be leading people within a tour. Previously, the Order of Druids had led a group to the ruins of Valora. Stories of its past buildings and events were told, and disclosed information about an ancient-creation was now announced to the public once again. This time, the Order of Druids will be leading people through a tour of the Forest North of Aellen. Given the name the /Corrupt Forest/, this forest has been known to have interesting creatures and events. Join the Order of Druids as you tour the area and hear of past events. Perhaps you’ll even spot an interesting creature in which you might not have seen before.

Archdruid Mythri E. Aerdant
[[ OOC: FRIDAY APRIL 2ND 2:00 PM EST // 7:00 GMT ]]
Elven Yoga

This Eclipse of 38 A.C. the Water Sect shall be hosting a yoga and meditation class in the Sacred Hollow. This class is to teach how to better channel your thoughts and clear your mind while also stretching out and improving your physical health. After the yoga class there shall be a brunch bar available to fuel your body with good foods.

Tributary Aerenia Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: SATURDAY, APRIL 3RD 3:30 PM EST // 9:30 GMT ]]
Union Under Mayir

This Eclipse of 38 A.C. there shall be a union of two souls, Ardreth Rohana and Thomas Braxley. The wedding shall be held in the Sacred Hollow and anyone is invited to attend the occasion. The ceremony shall be conducted under Water Sect traditions by the Elder.

Elder Elathion Dagre’sae

[[ OOC: SATURDAY, APRIL 3RD 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 GMT ]]
Fashion Show
Season’s Turn

The Water Sect shall be hosting a fashion show this Season’s Turn. The fashion show is meant to show off various styles and cultural garb of the Kingdom of Aellen. Tailors from around the Kingdom are invited to partake in this lustrous event. If you have any questions please send a bird to Lephilia Isilros [[ Discord: Lleanna#4524 ]]

Tributary Lephilia Isilros

[[ OOC: SUNDAY, APRIL 4TH 4:30 PM EST // 9:30 GMT ]]

“The heart of Elvendom has become the most bustling Kingdom of Tranquility.”
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