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Jul 13, 2020
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“Transnational, decentralized, institutionalized, fiscal independent, rapid response force”
The Adventurer’s Guild

  1. Purpose
  2. Membership
    1. Registration
    2. Ranks
    3. Promotion
  3. Quests
  4. Rules
  5. Locations

To be Transnational is to serve the entirety of the continent of Enarion.
To be decentralized is to spread afar and inclined towards local issues.
To be institutionalized is to serve the people without our own profit.
To be fiscal independent is to be neutral and impartial towards all governments.
To be a rapid response force is to quell the issue successfully and hastily.

The Guild’s main purpose is repelling outward issues. Though we may serve as mercenaries we are not mercenaries, we represent the people as a whole and not a single nation that had offered coin.

The main way of repelling such attacks on humanity and furthering humanity’s growth is the employment of adventurers via quest boards and bounties to repel monsters, explore ruins, and help the local population during times of need.

Each adventurer can be found with a guild tag upon their person which differentiates them from the rest of the civilian population. Such guild tag serves as identification, rank, and pride of an adventurer.

So you are an aspiring adventurer? Well, then the process to register is rather simple. One must first visit a local guild branch and seek out a clerk on duty or to force onto duty (whichever you prefer).

A clerk will then request 50 silver as a registration fee before proceeding with the questions. These questions are simply about one’s appearance, age, name, and current living location. Some are not necessary to answer while others are necessary!

The guild divides adventurers by ranks of E, D, C, B, A, and the most privileged are S-Rank. Each rank grants its own set of privileges but do note that each rank has more responsibilities.

Rank-S — The highest attainable rank as of current; earned by their hard labor and display of only the finest quality traits; these adventurers have the utmost respect and benefits regarding the guild.

Rank-A — A master in their own craft whether it be monster-hunting, diplomacy, swordsmanship, or otherwise; while many might be uncouth they have truly earned their rank.

Rank-B — Those who have become more than a veteran adventurer and actively made their own specialty; while they have a long road ahead of them, they are still climbing.

Rank-C — Veteran adventurers who have great knowledge of the basics of adventuring and now wish to make a name for themself.

Rank-D — Adventurers who have proven themselves capable of performing the typical tasks of the guild

Rank-E — New recruits who are wet behind their ears and likely know little of the world or of the guild; ascend for the heavens.


A path to reach such ranks must exist for adventurers and as such the points system coupled with interviews and combat exams makes that path. For each quest an adventurer performs, an adequate amount of points are added towards their own personal ledger that clerks track.

After reaching the necessary amount of points one will either have to take a promotional interview or both an interview and combat exam. The combat exams cost a specific fee depending on the rank of the adventurer but by the time these adventurers have reached such ranks, they will easily have enough funds to cover such a minuscule fee. Either way, the necessities of each rank are detailed below.


Ultimately, quest and bounty boards are the main way that the guild functions. Through these, the adventurers receive monetary payment and points and the guild successfully quells the requested issue.

Quests, however, are separated by rank, and the adventurer’s rank ties into whichever rank of quests the adventurer is allowed to take. An adventurer’s rank must be equal or higher to the rank of the quest at hand.

Just the same, an adventure may only claim a single quest at a time meaning that if an adventurer wishes to claim another quest that adventurer shall have to abandon any other quest currently in progress.

Quest parties, meanwhile, require the party lead to claim the quest, and then other adventurers are allowed to participate as long as the average rank of the entire party is only one rank below the quest’s own rank. Official parties meanwhile can claim a quest for the entirety of the party while following the same rules and any of the party members may select their own individual quests to embark on.

Guild Rules
Most rules are simply dictated by common sense while a few are simply about guild functions. Otherwise one does not have to make needless caution and worry of breaking the Adventurer’s Guild Rules. However, one may take a look at the current rules of the guild through the document below.

Guild Branch Locations

「 Triumvirate of Glarenydd, Aellen Confederacy 」Headquarters of the Guild
Incumbent: S. Mythrilpouch,
Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild
Staff: Mythrilpouch (Awhoo), Iluvatar (Kenzo74_), Dain (Creator_Alan)
Location: 1390, 2720

westholmBranch (3).png

「 Westholm, Kingdom of Calendale 」Guild Branch of the Guild
Incumbent: N. Waterlight
Guild Manager of the Adventurer’s Guild
Staff: Noish (A_Good_Fellow)
Location: 1050, 1430

「 Hilltown, Ordheim Reclamation Collective 」Guild Branch of the Guild
Incumbent: TBD
Guild Manager of the Adventurer’s Guild
Staff: TBD
Location: TBD
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Dec 6, 2020
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*The manager Noish Waterlight begins further renovation of the Calendale AG hall as he sets about finishing his expertly carved signs informing other on how to make coin as he watches the traders plying his wares* "Soon."


Jul 13, 2020
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+ Added link to Leaderboard
+ Added link to current Quest Board.
Updated [ Westholm Branch ] as open.


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