A message to those who flee, and those who remain...


Jun 7, 2020
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Adelemphii & Adelemphi
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Gagnir Adresin, Tour Guide, Adelia Yvrel, Orda Orel


A message, to those who may flee, and those who remain.

I, Gagnir Adresin, may be a wee lad in the fields of Ordheim, simply enjoying the life of farming. However I still greatly honor our halls, the dwarven fire deeply roaring within me. The lot of you may not know me, and my word means little to the larger man, but it deeply saddens me when I see the dwarves torn apart once more similarly to how it was before the calamity.

You argue over who should be ruler, you split apart and go off on your own to leave our great keep behind. The previous king of Ordheim gave his life among many other great dewi, and you all forsake their sacrifices for us to continue on. To run when we are at its weakest is a sign of a weakness within your mind and heart, unwilling to help our kingdom grow to be glorious, even greater than it was before!

I, Gagnir, will do whatever it takes to help guide our kingdom to be great once more. If we cease disharmony with each other and come together we can begin our climb to be a respected kingdom among the three large cities despite our lesser population. We as dwarves have what they do not, great sturdiness within our keeps when at our prime. It is hard to invade our lands and survive upon them, yet we have managed to do so! If you run off on your own to join our foes and other nations, you only weaken your kin. I seek the day where we can drink and celebrate peace and harmony within our walls, without fear of bandits and wars from the elves and humans!

That being said, if you have any need from my help, feel free to get in contact with me. You can find me around the keep, or at the farms. Or if I’m not around, leave a message with the Goldmisers.
Contact me on Discord @Adelemphii#6213,
Find me in-game.))
Jul 3, 2020
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Ranger Thomas Smith
Tom Shadow reads the note on the post in Ordheim and says to himseld, "It will be great honour to work with you and help expand the life of Ordheim"


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