A Lament for Godfrey


Dec 8, 2020
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A Lament for Godfrey

Þir is now none levyng,
tú vhome ae dare
kithynlij speak
af me innermost thoughts,

Ae knou truly,
ayt is is yne menn
a noble custom,
ayt aien shoulde keep sekkur
hys minde
guarde hys thoughts
urlegen as hij wishes,

Þen sorrow en schlys
both thegidir
oft tie upt
Þe wretchede solitary aien,

Hij thinks yne hys minde
ayt hij embraces en kisses
hys keng,
en one hys knees lays
hys hands en head,

an before hym as hij wakes,
fallow waves
zee birds bathe,
preenyng en calling,
frost en snow vall,
mixede med hail,

‘twas alle a droom,
en voyyd more

Jastach ae kannocht urlegen
vhicht me spirit
does nocht darken
vain ae ponder one Þe whole
leven af menn
throughout Þe werelde,

Wald Þey suddelij
left Þe hall,
Þe pruid thanes,
sa dit fleetyng earth,
a bit each dag,
droops en decays -

here koinnvelcht is fleeting,
here freund is fleeting,
here mann is fleeting,
alle Þe foundatioun af Þe werelde,
turns tú waste

en sa none kan be wys before earnyng thir portioun af winters,
Þe wys aien stays patient:
nocht te hot blooded, nocht sa hasty tú harp,
nocht te weak, noir te weak headed,
noir te fearfal noir te fey noir te fee-felching,
en nimmer trippyng Þe tongue te much, afore heten trips Þaen.

vwer now Þe horse en rider?
vwer is Þe horn ayt vas blowing?
vwer is helm en hauberk,
en Þe bricht hair flowing?

vwer is Þe hande one Þe harp string,
en Þe roege fire glowende?
vwer is Þe spryng en Þe harvest,
en Þe talle corn growing?

Þey cael passede lyk rain against a mountain,
lyk winde yne Þe meadow;
Þe days cael duun yne Þe west,
behint Þe hills yntill shadow.

vhú shalle gather Þe smoke af Þe deidaed woode burning,

or beholde Þe flowyng years frome Þe zee returnyng

The whole poem is written in the dead tongue of Everardan.
No other translation is attached to the copies.



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