A foolish Dream Of The Fallen [Short Story]


Dec 6, 2020
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Aethris Tar-Anadûnê, Aearion Tawarenion
Drip.. Drip Drop.. The dripping finally stopped as the young woman glanced at her actions' carnage. Bodies of the beings once a part of her home are now gone to the such.. None was left except for herself.. Even her family which she had built was gone.. None was left. She glanced down to her bloodied hands and then back to the dead body closest to her. It angered her the actions she had to take.. After all, it was their fault and not hers.. If only… She shakes her head slightly putting her head into her hands before taking a look once more at the body in front of her. It appeared to be someone very much like herself but much older. The sight of such made her rise to her feet as she took a few more steps towards it now. She seemed taken aback for a moment as she noticed the figure's twisted face before her before she let out a small laugh more so a twisted scoff than anything else. She shakes her head once more moving to use her boot to kick the body once more adding to the marks already along with its long-ago life form.

“I told you.. Not too did I not?”

She enquired to most likely none one as she stepped over the body sighing. She wiped what tears she had with her bloodied hands making her way over the chalk markings which were now scuffed and lay around the stone chamber. They were no use anymore after all this had done was made her vessel stronger.. Stupid mortals and their stupid ideals of families. Why had she ever fallen for such lies it had only made her fall further from the perch where she once stood.



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