A Final Departure


May 14, 2020
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Unto his majesty, King Richard II of house Myrfeld,
and the Royal Court of the Unified Realm,

It is with the interest of my mother, Tasia de Blackford, that I write to you this day, for her health has waned as of late and has caused our family a great amount of distress and burden of uncertainty. The on goings of the past few years have put great stress on her and us as a whole, which has brought much discussion about the future of ourselves to light.

Our decision thusly is to withdraw from your Unified Realm, albeit we do so with a sense of reluctance. For these lands, although they have not been influenced heavily by us, have afforded us a great amount of luxury and security since the ennoblement of our bloodline by the former King Richard I and recognition by your Majesty following the establishment of this Kingdom.

Although this news is bitter to bear, we will maintain a portion of ourselves with you in the form of Aaliz de Blackford who shall remain within our estate until the day she weds her beloved betrothed Edward Radcliffe.
All possessions and holdings of our family in the Unified Realm are bequeathed to Aaliz to do so as she pleases within the coming years, our gift to her burgeoning family.

May the Myrfeld name live on in history for perpetuity,
and the glory of your Kingdom continue on.

In trust,
Lord Jules de Blackford
17th of the Last Offering, 30AC


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