A Baker's Farewell


Oct 22, 2020
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A tea-stained letter would be tucked inside an envelope. It would lay on the floor inside Ember Outlet 8, the abandoned housing unit in Tor Ascara. The envelope would be secured with a red wax seal - the design of the stamp would imprint a beautiful letter "A" as the wax would be pressed over dried yarrow flowers. The envelope itself sat closer to one of two ladies also on the floor; they seemed to be unresponsive to their surroundings. As for the house itself, it would look as if it had been unattended for days. Dust would be exposed through the rays of sunlight that peeked through the cracked windows, and cobwebs would begin to form in the corners of the rooms.

On the main floor of the house, there would be a couple of empty bottles tossed around on the floor. Whatever contents were left inside had already dried up. It wasn't quite clear what was previously contained inside the bottles, but based on the tag that would be tied around the rim, it didn't look so good. The tag had a skull stamped on it, with the word "Lethal" written underneath it. The bottles would be tipped over to the two ladies. They didn't stand out too much but they could be easily recognizable to those they had known. Both Kleore Avelot and Lunesta Lavengale - her lifelong best friend - would remain where they were on the floor, as still as a statue.

The letter would be written by Ms. Avelot, hence the "A" marked on the envelope crest. A few droplets stained one corner of the paper. Tears, maybe? Or perhaps leftover droplets from the bottles.
The letter would read the following:

What more can I do?
The second Lunesta & I stepped through the entryway of Tor Ascara, we made sure to do all we ever could've dreamed of. We took apprenticeship from the old Aellen Bakery owner, who was the first one to dedicate the bakery to the goddess, Aine. How long has it even been now? She's gone... Lauxos, you lucky soul... You didn't need to spend any more of your time here. We were left behind with nothing. Your abrupt absence left us helpless. I would await the day where Aine's Bakery would shine and make Aellen proud, so we worked endlessly to raise the bakery up when you couldn't.
Did we do well?

The years go by, but we still show our loyalty to the bakery. Finally, culinary begins to be recognized in this kingdom, but not quite. I wanted to strive for more. Forming The Silver Spoon allowed us to do just that. Aellen's FIRST culinary guild. What do you think of that, Lauxos? There was so much more we could've done outside the bakery. The city would finally be able to recognize the culinary aspect of their own heritage rather than just praising their religions. There was so much for me to do, but was I ready for it? Lauxos, if only you were still here, you could understand how hard it is to let go like this. If you spent your time here the way Lunesta and I did - if you dedicated your life to this passion the same way we did - you would understand that I'm not doing this simply because I want to. But if I could learn one thing from you, it's that I still need to be considerate of those around me.

Emily A. Reykian,
After some time and thought, Lunesta and I have decided that we would give up our titles as Guild Masters of The Silver Spoon. We will no longer be here by the time this news will get to you, but we would like to appoint you as the new Guild Master. Take good care of it. The whole world deserves to know the culinary legacy of Aellen, and we put our trust in you to make sure that happens.

Flora Urswick,
You've proven to be a dedicated member of The Silver Spoon guild, and have shown far more efforts into the guild & the bakery, which is why Lunesta and I wish to appoint you as the new owner of Aine's Bakery. I wish I could've prepared you more for this, but sometimes you need to learn on your own for a little. It's quite bittersweet to let the bakery go, but I know my time has finally come for me to move on.

You took good care of Lunesta and I when we were still so young. You believed in us and I hope wherever you are, you can see how well we did. Are you doing better now? Are you even alive? If you're not... I hope things are better where you are now. I'll see it for myself soon enough.

I always told you I wanted to have more time for myself. I wanted to dedicate everything to my passions, to the guild, and to the bakery. Perhaps it's selfish of me to be leaving like this, after everything with Elionwy and your family. After making you wait for so long. I hope you can be at peace when I'm gone. Who knows, maybe things will work out better in the next lifetime. I know I don't do surprises that often, but //////

The final corner of the letter would be illegible. It looks like the remaining lines were scribbled out with ink.
Perhaps some things are best left unsaid.



Dec 7, 2020
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Lucas Brodvek
Upon having the letter passed to her so that she could read the devastating news, Emily could feel nothing but sadness and sorrow filling her heart. That heart that was once amazed by the bakery, by the guild, by all the fun and happiness she lived, and especially by the two lovely owners that were for her nothing but the best. The poor elf would have her right hand covering her mouth as she was struggling to keep the stream of tears from falling down the letter that she held with her other hand.The young druid would look up towards the sky now smiling through the tears that filled her eyes and cheeks “You two did a job that no one else could have ever done, and i-” She would burst into more tears “And i will make sure that the guild would flourish and continue to be as good as it is if not greater. Thank you for everything you two have done for all of us, i hope that you both are happy and may Annûmara take care of your two kind souls” And by that Emily Archelleta Reykian the new guild-master of the Silver Spoon would dedicate her heart to another new objective, taking care of such an awesome guild..
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