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    Christ Punchsteel reads this missive and approves.
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    The Birthright Defensive Alliance

    The Birthright Defensive Alliance Signed 9th of Season’s Turn, 42 A.C Preamble With the successful reclamation and the formation of the Kingdom of Delzoun and the removal of Vetroy from the North, Kazadun Punchsteel turned his gaze to his kin in the West; The Reclamation Collective of...
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    Kazadun Punchsteel looks forward to this moment.
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    Reviewed rodmaxgg's Event Team Application

    +1. This guy is dedicated and a good person.
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    Announcement Where could we improve? | Feedback

    I will start off by saying that I am by no means an expert at describing my point. I have a few, and It's not me trying to play the blame game, it's me attempting to just put the opinions of a community out there. 1. New Player Retention I feel like we have plenty of applications coming in but...
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    Return to the Homelands of Yore

    Christ Punchsteel watches as the Vetroy-Zapad people are exiled. He'd begin watching the kids move from the city of Vetroy; a piece of Christ Punchsteels humanity was tarnished on this day."One day ah shall rekindle our relationship, howeva' today is not that day."
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    The Coronation of the North

    The Coronation of the North The 22nd of the Last Offering, 41 AC As the sun dawned over the Iron mountains the citizens of Delzoun assembled before Christ Punchsteel. Invitations were sent out to the multiple nations of Enarion. The Dewi of the collective, the elves of Aellen, the Blood Elves...
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    THE BEARDED HARLOT [!] The dewi of Delzoun would spend many of their riches in the tavern while swigging down ale & vodka. As you approach the building, various lights could be seen and talking and laughter could be heard, it truly is the home and hearth of every soldier and citizen within...
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    The Coronation of Christ Punchsteel

    THE CORONATION OF CHRIST PUNCHSTEEL It was the Artisan Yjdad that sculpted the mountains of the Enarion North, carved rivers into stone, and hollowed the caverns of the land to craft a home for the dewi. The great Halls of Bronze held steadfast as this ancestral homeland for centuries, and...
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    THE BIRTHRIGHT OF 39 A.C [!] An image of the Northern Mines, the birthright of the Dewi. As dwarves were created, the Mountains were given to the Dwarves as their birthright; building great halls and cities within the Heart of the mountain while also producing riches. The mountains are the...
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    Announcement WAR RULES V2. | FEEDBACK

    I don't like the 3 hour minimum play time. I get why it's in place but I've spoken with mikerino about this before. I think if your character pre-dates the war (and wasn't made after) It should be allowed. Because what's to stop a promdor new player from joining a war he sees over the horizon...
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    A Meeting Of Kin

    Christ Punchsteel reads over the missive, he'd smile fondly at the invite.
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    Reviewed Elite Snipes's Event Team Application

    +1. A definite yes no doubt about it.
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    Reviewed Wizard0fNOZ's Lore Application

    I've known this guy for a while, +1. A quality roleplayer and I genuinely don't +1 and comment on all post sent to me. This one I saw posted, checked it out and knew this guy was a great fit.
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    Qhrist's Feedback Post

    IGN Economical Fluster Suggestion, feedback or idea! Hello, I’m a bit of an old grinder on the server. I more so grinded my professions earlier into the server when the prices and cost for resources fluctuate constantly. I’ve run into a problem with my return and I've noticed it’s because of...
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    A Grudge Casted Towards The Sea

    Christ Punchsteel stands tall, holding a battleaxe well over his head as he shouts "Hoorah! The bond we share is thicker than the blood we spill!"
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    ♱ Clan Punchsteel ♱

    Punchsteel Clan ᛈᚢᛜᛋᛏᛖᛖᛚ᛫ᚲᛚᚨᚾ “The bond we share is thicker than any blood we spill.” - Thorsten Bronzebeard ♱ History ♱ Ordheim had offered a home to the dewi, a culture, a purpose but most importantly a Bond. Bleak winters would shine through the front gates of Ordheim before it had fallen...
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    ⛈Clan Stormforge⛈

    (( Really good post! ))
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    The Expansion of the Fyrmáni People

    Christ Punchsteel would chuckle shaking his head before looking towards the other dewi and saying, "Who teh fock are these guys?"
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    Reviewed Vermy's Lore Application

    use me as a -1