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  1. Lyte

    Reviewed Lyte's Event Team Application

    MC Username: Lyte0_0 DiscordTag: Lyte#4842 Timezone: I can work with BST and EST timezones How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) I will be able to provide at least 40 hours per week Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate...
  2. Lyte

    A Flame Extinguished [PK Post]

    "The shadows seem impatient tonight..." "Where am I?" His voice echoed through the plane as he floated through this sort of plane... His soul floated closer and closer towards the light, He saw something that made him smile. "Ah this is the time my brother and I took on our teacher at the same...
  3. Lyte

    Reviewed Silverrr's Feedback Post

    IGN Lyte0_0 Suggestion, feedback or idea! Genasi’s What I feel should be changed: I don’t know how this would affect the flow in the lore but I feel that The Playable race should be something that one could transform to. Maybe during Combat situations or just Regular roleplay, it would take...
  4. Lyte

    Reviewed SilverDreamer1's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? SilverDreamer1 DiscordTag: Silver._.#7858 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Other Character Name: Silver Character Race: Elf Character Gender: Male Character Age: 17 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin on, or send a screenshot of your...