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  1. Karim

    Announcement Frosthaven - A Series of Events For The Winter Solstice

    Frosthaven: On Winter’s Breath A land of dreams and wonders Among the cold, bitter air that began to inhabit the meadows once more, the usual tales followed alongside its whispering gales. It was that wondrous time of the year where carols echoed throughout the bustling streets, garlands were...
  2. Karim

    Announcement Lore Update - Roadmap

    Lore update - roadmap #1 A MISSION STATMENT TO BE UPDATED ON THE REGULAR Having listened to much of the ideas before, after, and amidst the previous lore updates and re-works, as well as having communicated greatly with members of the community and their desires and feedback of late, this post...
  3. Karim

    Playable Creature Lycanthropes | The Afflicted

    Lycanthropy Playable creature Table of content I. Prologue - An introduction on lycanthropy, locution for werewolves. II. History - Brief history on the appearance of werewolves, and their ancient curse. III. Description - A description of those cursed by lycanthropy, physically and...
  4. Karim

    Surlond's End [1245 A.L]

    SURLOND'S END Yonder the outreach of Surlond’s end, Where Earthshine’s warmth dares not roam Ballads weave of foregone treasure lost Worth more than titles, lands, and home ‘Fore dawn heavens strain in ribbon's glow Frigid ocean's labyrinth of serrated frost Fierce winds betray the best of...
  5. Karim

    Karim's Lore Application

    MC Username: Karim__ DiscordTag: Karim#4233 Timezone: EEST How well do you know the existing server lore? I am well versed in it. I was the lore manager for both the Tech team & Playables for around half a year prior to my leave. Why do you want to join the team? What kind of lore do...
  6. Karim

    Lore Release - Obtainable Materials

    Lore Release - Obtainable Materials Table of Contents I - Introduction II - Function III - List of available materials IV - List of Lore Team members I - Introduction Over the past weeks, the Tech Team has been working on new materials and systems for obtaining said materials. With...
  7. Karim

    Dar al-Qadi, Writ of Aellen Reinforcement

    Dar al-Qadi Tribe BY THE SHEIKH’S DECREE. Mercenary Contract - Reinforcement of Aellen Signed the 22nd of the Bloodmoon, 54 AC With Queen Lephilia of the Aellen sacred approbation, it is with this writ, outlining the conditions of the contract, and proof of purchase. The Terms, agreed upon by...
  8. Karim

    Information Tech and Materials - Lore Team

    Tech & Materials - Lore Team Tech and Materials, one of the three branches of the Lore Team, specializes in helping those who need general lore assistance or wish to create an RP item, artifact, invention, and so forth. The following post will aim to serve as a guide by covering the updated...
  9. Karim

    The Truth In The Heavens [1012 A.L.]

    The Truth in the Heavens Peace, Serenity - silent and without terrible motions just like our eternally giving Sun. In its grace and warmth the valley lushes vibrantly; all displays of bold purples, wild pinks and supple lavender spread down the meadow side inextricable from the glowing horizon...
  10. Karim


    RHEYNISH ROYAL ARMY “As sure as the night, so too are times of peril to come, and for that, humanity must stand prepared.” Rulgan of Tarragon The Royal Army of Rheynland is one of many pillars that contributes to Avengard’s prosperity, its primary purpose consisting of keeping the King’s...
  11. Karim

    Nala Thread 10/19/2020

    Hello, this is my kitten Nala This does not serve as a competition to the Oscar thread, as I "do not want the smoke" Dawsy please don't come after me and my child
  12. Karim

    Reviewed brotherkamal's Lore Application

    MC Username: brotherkamal908 DiscordTag: Karim#4233 Timezone: EEST How well do you know the existing server lore? I am pretty knowledgeable about the lore, as I play a scholar who has studied and documented a lot of Enarion's History and creatures. Although I try to keep my lore...
  13. Karim

    Reviewed brotherkamal's Moderator Application

    MC Username: brotherkamal908 DiscordTag: Karim#4233 Timezone: EEST How many hours per week can you dedicate to the team? I can dedicate around 45-50 hours of playtime weekly, but I am definitely able to stay on longer than that if I don't have much schoolwork to complete. My university is...
  14. Karim

    Reviewed brotherkamal908's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? brotherkamal908 DiscordTag: Goatee_trash#7811 Age (Optional): 19 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Other Character Name: Jacor Tarner Character Race: Human Character Gender: Male Character Age: 19 Skin - Either link your NameMC account...