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  1. Lyte

    Announcement FEEDBACK | Wraiths & Necromancy

    Lmaooo yeah😅
  2. Lyte

    Announcement FEEDBACK | Wraiths & Necromancy

    I think that Necromancers should have these following abilities “Corpse Extraction”: With this the necromancer can call forth the body of any dead being/creature (If their will//level/tier is high enough for said being/creature. After trying to awaken the corpse 3 times without success the...
  3. Lyte

    Reviewed Darken's Event Team Application

    +1. With swiftly on this one, this application looks like a lot of thought was given in, with proper guidance I think he could be a good fit for the team
  4. Lyte

    Reviewed Lyte's Event Team Application

    MC Username: Lyte0_0 DiscordTag: Lyte#4842 Timezone: I can work with BST and EST timezones How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) I will be able to provide at least 40 hours per week Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate...
  5. Lyte

    -.- Ko -.-

    where tf is Aarndillll
  6. Lyte

    Reviewed HellsBelles's AT Application

    Met her like 3 weeks ago, pretty sure she's in love with me Jokes Aside she's an amazing person with a great personality and is nice to almost everyone she knows, I'm sure shed be a great fit for the team +1!
  7. Lyte

    Reviewed FloraRp's AT Application

    Massive +1 Really cool, nice and funny person would be a great addition to the team!
  8. Lyte

    dont be shy, gatekeep wws <3

    dont be shy, gatekeep wws <3
  9. Lyte

    school :/

    school :/
  10. Lyte

    A note to all who know me!

    o7 !
  11. Lyte

    Reviewed Vixel_Pixel's AT Application

    +1! Chad guy!
  12. Lyte

    Reviewed Twandhi's Moderator Application

    Definitely add him to the team, nice personality and tries his best to make himself available for the community. +1!
  13. Lyte

    I feel like drinking boba😔

    I feel like drinking boba😔
  14. Lyte

    The Epidemic of Self-Saviourism; 'Letters to' your own amour propre.

    Arndil stared at the missive for a bit before a simple sigh left his lips. “How I wish the army was more discreet and had the Elf power to fight back Calendale’s forces.” He said before leaving the area to continue his duties.
  15. Lyte

    A Flame Extinguished [PK Post]

    "The shadows seem impatient tonight..." "Where am I?" His voice echoed through the plane as he floated through this sort of plane... His soul floated closer and closer towards the light, He saw something that made him smile. "Ah this is the time my brother and I took on our teacher at the same...