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  1. ChefDeuce

    It's about time

    Ah, well its that time now. After due consideration I've decided to resign from my role of Event Team Member, and pretty much overall stepping away from FRP as a whole. I will say usually people who write posts about leaving come back, and this may be the case who knows. However lets cut to the...
  2. ChefDeuce

    Reviewed ChefDeuce's Event Team Application

    MC Username: ChefDeuce DiscordTag: ChefDeuce#3871 Timezone: EST How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) 20-30 Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate. I was an admin, and moderator on two servers in the past, I was an...
  3. ChefDeuce

    The Final Blow [PK Post]

    "I'll never leave you, I'll always come home, I'll always protect you." - Mason Ekene On this night, a man, a crusader, a dad, would not return to his nation, his city, his home for the first and last time. Dark gray clouds covered the sky on this night, deep rumbling and crackles could be...
  4. ChefDeuce

    A letter to the Emir and the Grand Augur of the Five Divines

    A piece of parchment would be nailed to the ceramic walls of the Qantari Cell, words would be written on the parchment. As you can see, I no longer am rotting in this here cell, One of your 'oh so loyal' compatriots has opened the cage for me. While I amassed a ten gold bounty, it was soon...
  5. ChefDeuce

    Reviewed ChefDeuce's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? ChefDeuce DiscordTag: ChefDeuce#5139 Age (Optional): 14 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Friends Character Name: Mason Ekene Character Race: Human Character Gender: Male Character Age: 21 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin on, or...