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    Just finished being in philosophy, new book incoming

    Just finished being in philosophy, new book incoming
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    You suck

    You suck
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    Fall of a Scholar

    Atlas would stomp up the stairs of the lilac library, his grip tightening around a sheet of paper. “Petro, what is this?” He would say, flinging open the door to the office. When he heard no response, he would look around the room. No one was there. A sigh would be released as he took a seat at...
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    The heart of my enemies

    The heart of my enemies
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    Dont fuck it up~ if you gonna funk it~ don’t funk it up~

    Dont fuck it up~ if you gonna funk it~ don’t funk it up~
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    Atlas in relations when >:(
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    Wedding of North in West

    The researcher would sit at his desk, the invitation in his hand. Slipping the flyer inbetween the mounds of writings that decorated the desk, he would move his gaze to the picture on his desk. “A wedding…?” He was stand up, brushing off his attire. “I suppose I must find something formal then.”...
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    The First Annual Gnorfic Seminar

    The dark-haired man would tidy up the tables as he prepares the Salon de Avice for the upcoming event to happen in 1.5 OOC hours.
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    The First Annual Gnorfic Seminar

    [!] A flyer would hang throughout Aellen, some falling victim to the wind and finding themselves on the grounds of nearby kingdoms. Depicted on the flyer would be an artist' rendition of the Salon de Avice in Aellen, home to plays, books, discussions, and more. Along with the picture would be...
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    Atlas would hold the missive in his hand, staring at it for a few moments after he finished reading. “This…I did not predict this.” He would glance out the windows in the Salon de Avice, looking as the sun sets in the horizon. “Not at all…”
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    As Atlas approached the Salon De Avice, he would rip a copy of the missive off the walls, taking a closer look of the writing. "It's almost like I saw this coming." The researcher would sigh to himself before stepping inside, making his way to the third floor of the building. He would place the...
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    Atlas Crespo

    Changelog (9/15/2021) - Added Regar to relations
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    Atlas Crespo

    Uhhhhhh whenever the dwarves were in the Aellen and they were beating up that one dude for insulting their king or sumn
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    Atlas Crespo

    If you wanted to be added, just comment your character's name :) Might adjust a few things as the time comes
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    Atlas Crespo

    Atlas Crespo General Information Full Name: Atlas Crespo Race: Human + Elf Hybrid Gender: Male Age: 87 Sexuality: ??? Martial Status: Single Death Count: 1 Alignment: Chaotic Good Roles: Riddlesto Researcher Blessed Leader of The...
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    The Return of the Salon de Avice

    Hi hi hello, I will be in contact with you shortly.
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    The Return of the Salon de Avice

    Art link: [!] Above would be a painting by an Artist visiting the Salon de Avice within the Kingdom of Aellen. “Fantasy” Aspects were seen with people floating on weird blue plates, a figurative look on how the artist viewed the Salon to...
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    I once saw a

    I once saw a
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    Salon de Avice [Extensive Addition]

    Atlas Crespo would find his favorite seat in the research lab before unrolling a parchment from his pouch. He would look up at the ceiling, imagine the voices of people filling the salon in a few weeks before beginning to write his application. (OOC: Applying for Lux/Dux) IGN: ItsJerdaddy...
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    Atlas would look up from his book and scratch his head in wonder what herbs Gnorf could be on before resuming his studies. "Speaking of which...where did I put my quill..."