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    Currently wanting to CRP

    Currently wanting to CRP
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    I have a question! :)

    I would like to see some sort of thing, similar to the Resurrection stone in the Harry Potter series, where it brings someone back, but not they aren't happy in their own life, or not happy with existing, and this stone or whatever you use to resurrect someone could harm the persona its being...
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    A Little Homesick

    How dare you kill avi off!
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    [PK] Keno's Roots. [1 Year Anniversary]

    Brooo, thought you were pking Keno, R.I.P Apples
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    Announcement FantasyRP's Path Forward - Community Discussion

    I no longer play on this server, due to some of the restrictions on my personal preference of rp. While that being said, I firmly believe medieval roleplay servers, that exist in a medieval time, could have extreme benefit from villainy rp. It causes conflict, that doesn't require staff (E.T...
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    It's about time

    Don't make me cry my mannn ;-;
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    It's about time

    ;-; That makes me feel so sad, but I'll definitely still be in vc (in one with you rn) but thank you for everything man, and I'll definitely miss the kites, and pvping especially our first one when you threatend me with some sort of ice trickery shit, was terrifying but yea, thanks for...
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    It's about time

    It meant more! Just making sure you dont get banned for flying with n build to pugsy me!
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    It's about time

    = Im sorry your pvp skills were so forgettable (JK JK Love ya woot, ill miss ya)
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    It's about time

    Pfft, i'd clap you dont even, but yea we should sometime
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    It's about time

    Ah, well its that time now. After due consideration I've decided to resign from my role of Event Team Member, and pretty much overall stepping away from FRP as a whole. I will say usually people who write posts about leaving come back, and this may be the case who knows. However lets cut to the...
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    Immortalshadowz's Feedback Post

    Every team requires a unique talent, whether it be being good at dealing with people, writing, coming up with ideas, developing, or making videos. Some even require multiple.
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    Immortalshadowz's Feedback Post

    I do like the idea of more travel on the roads, as from my past experience as a bandit, and as an E.T there is an extreme lack of rp on the roads however I do not feel like removing soul stones is the answer.
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    Reviewed (EDITED) TotallyToobular's Event Team Application

    All I gotta say is: Hell yea! Took my advice, reached out, asked questions, shows an incredible drive for creating a good enviorment and a good event, wonderful to work and discuss with. +1!
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    Reviewed Darken's Event Team Application

    I enjoy the concept for the first event, very well done with predicting all the scenarios and ironing it out. Also we need GMT ET's. With the other event I like the concept of a pop-up event not being just ohoho crocodile go munch and eat someone, but rather a tame injured knight. I also like...
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    Reviewed (EDITED) TotallyToobular's Event Team Application

    I agree here with dark, I do like the concept of the events, however I feel while it may be a good concept, it will be very difficult to make it a enjoyable event. Not saying that every event must be CRP based or PVE etc. Just saying that when doing an essentially world wide scavenger hunt. Its...
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    Guild The Clan Resistance

    Arnold Craig stood next to his father, and began chanting and clapping his hands along side his bandit father "Let it die, Let it die.. let it shrivel up and die!" then laughing as he too looked around the square which they took residence in "No one else agrees?!"
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