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  1. Callum

    Enarion - Political Map (70 AC) The Land Beloved by the Goddess

    Anyone complaining about the Bias of the map needs to hush. This is a player made map and it is at the discretion of Haseroth what he wants to add. For this reason, it was already removed from Guides
  2. Callum

    Why do you not play a dwarf?

    Rockmen r based. Play a rockman.
  3. Callum

    Touch grass. its nice outside this time of year

    Touch grass. its nice outside this time of year
  4. Callum

    Reviewed Villainilla's Lore Application

    +1, was cool to run events for this guy. Seemed very excited about the prospect of roleplay for what it actually is.
  5. Callum

    ~ An End of a Chapter ~

    Send the video.
  6. Callum

    Reviewed Ttsim's Lore Application

    Return of the King
  7. Callum

    Announcement FantasyRP's Path Forward - Community Discussion

    People quit after wars because of how toxic it is. The Enarion War (aggressed by both sides Vermy is a liar) could have been a great opportunity. But nope, I had DPM on my ass even before it started, purposefully doing shit for the reason of building ooc Tension. Such as taking some land and...
  8. Callum

    The Administration Legacy

    Ratio him again. Like Totalore's post.
  9. Callum


    This is not the reason I quit...
  10. Callum


    Nardual Aeleth would hear of the demands from the people of Yaen. A small smile showing his protruding fangs - "Finally. Some good news" he comments, slipping into his lair. Taking some time to ponder on the recent developments
  11. Callum

    A Griffinthorn's End

    I don't remember saying you could leave
  12. Callum

    Announcement Ownership Update

    Hate this guy
  13. Callum

    Announcement Calendale vs Aellen: Mission Statement

    People need to realise that not once did Inde say it wasn't the truth. Not once was it said the system wasn't flawed and not once did he say he wasn't trying to fix that. People need to understand that even if what he was saying is the truth, there is no reason to be a dick about it. As for the...
  14. Callum

    What would you do with a 150x150 plot in Enarion or Zhul

    Finally be able to fit ur mom in a 150x150 bed
  15. Callum

    [!] A letter written in her own Blood.

    Xi Qigui sweats in Vampire
  16. Callum

    -=- A letter of apology -=-

    I hate Vampires. Please stop bringing them up they are toxic especially that pkdon guy...
  17. Callum

    About new players..

    Get off my name.
  18. Callum

    Announcement EVENT TEAM | STAFF REVIEW

    This just isn't possible. Can't control who comes to events. Lothelia for example. I was messaged to do a sneaking event where I was told only a handful would attend. I arrived to forty players waiting for the event and no available help