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  1. _x_Bjorn_x_

    Remembrance of Asdis Bloodaxe

    Letters would be sent throughout the Collective and the rest of Enarion, the letter would be sealed with the mark of Ordheim. Within the letter it would read; "To all those of Enarion, I invite you to attend to the funeral of my beloved Asdis. As yet she may have had gone down the wrong path...
  2. _x_Bjorn_x_

    The Union Between Ubbe Bloodaxe and Asdis Egildottir

    Letters would be sent out throughout all the holds of Enarion, sealed with the stamp of Ordheim. The letter would read; "To all people of Enarion, you have formally been invited to the wedding of Asdis Egildottir and Ubbe Bloodaxe. The wedding shall take place inside the Forum in Hilltown. After...
  3. _x_Bjorn_x_

    Mjolheim - Shikatanai Trade Pact, 6AC

    The Jarldom of Mjolheim declares their intent to engage in a pact of non-aggression and trade with the peoples of Shikatanai. Thusly, we declare: The peoples of Mjolheim and Shikatanai agree to take no hostile action towards each other, either formal or informal. The towns of Mjolheim and...
  4. _x_Bjorn_x_

    _x_Bjorn_x_'s Feedback Post

    User name: _x_Bjorn_x_ IGN _x_Bjorn_x_ Suggestion, feedback or idea! We need a plugin for when you do drugs, it makes your screen super odd and weird. We should also have effects on alcohol, so when you drink it, it gives you nausea.
  5. _x_Bjorn_x_

    Reviewed _x_Bjorn_x_'s Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? _x_Bjorn_x_ DiscordTag: _x_Bjorn_x_#3003 Age (Optional): 18 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Friends Character Name: Ubbe Character Race: Dwarf Character Gender: Male Character Age: 36 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin on, or send...