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  1. Vulf

    [Video] Battle of Red Sand

    "Ah ard'boy's noggin' in ah scrap iz ah weird place..." - Xorug of the Redmount Clan, probably
  2. Vulf

    ⛈Clan Stormforge⛈

    The longship rocked in the deep waves. A torrential downpour of heavy rain berated the soaked dwez as they hastily manned various spots along the vessel. Some sought to keep the ropes in check, others the water that sought to drown the wooden voyager. “Brace yeself lads! We’ve weathered maneh ah...
  3. Vulf

    Passing of the Cloak

    Battle of the Northern Way, 31 AC I, Ulvfgar, hereby am retiring from my grandeur and sacred duty as Lord Marshal to this majestic realm. Many may not remember I, nor do I truly care, but I have been here in the Myrfeld court since the days of Harold. I have seen the fires that reforged...
  4. Vulf

    [Video] C.D.F

    On 2/13/21 The Alliance war against Calendale had reached its climatic end. Castles changed hands, field battles were waged, and overall 140 Players engaged in a war that affected the political RP scene on a very large scale, due to Calendale's victory! A Massive Thanks to @Rumpo and the Staff...
  5. Vulf

    [Video] Battle of the Northern Way

    Below are multiple PoVs from the Alliance raid on Calendale. The battle had 50 for Calendale and 60 for the Alliance, totaling 110 Players in a Single area of Combat! All current PoVs in this list are from the victors side (Calendale), we hope you enjoy! Cavalry Infantry
  6. Vulf

    Reviewed Vulf's Event Team Application

    MC Username: wolfdwg DiscordTag: Mead#7648 Timezone: US CST How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) 20-28 Hours, that is if the Build team doesn't require my attention. Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate...
  7. Vulf

    First Training of Calendale

    Just a fun lil kill montage : )
  8. Vulf

    Raid on Rheynland

    (12-22-2020) Aelfwine's Host descends on Adelmar!
  9. Vulf

    Reviewed Vulf's Build Team Application

    MC Username: irrann DiscordTag: Mead#7648 Timezone: US CST/CDT Do you have experience in building within fantasy and medieval themes? I've some minor experience with structures. Mostly within a small scale of the style known as Messy Medieval. This usually includes hovels, ruins, or...
  10. Vulf

    A Mustering Band

    A Mustering Band A Partchment can be seen posted around Westholm and her vassal states, the following would be written below: For as long as the Nornish can remember, they are born in the saddle, and they shall die in one. It has come to I, that a task has been laid before me. I seek all...
  11. Vulf

    [VIDEO] A Vlachian's Greetings

    RP: After some political dissent between a rising human Principality, Vlachia and the Elven Hegemon, Tor Ascara, Tensions are on the rise once more in Enarion. A small scale roadside fight breaks out over the issue of trade, leading to some elves missing their ears...
  12. Vulf

    [Dwarf POV] World Tourney Final Battle

    As the title says, here's a perspective of yours truly on the Ordheim side, specifically cav, enjoy!
  13. Vulf

    Reviewed Wolfdwg's Whitelist Application

    User name: Vulf What is your Minecraft username? Wolfdwg How did you find out about FantasyRP? Friends Character Name: Useth Blackfist Character Race: Dwarf Character Gender: Male Character Age: 31 Skin - Either link your NameMC account with the skin on, or send a screenshot of your skin...