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  1. _Jandy_

    Your mother holds flowers and paces beside you through the stone studded field, tears...

    Your mother holds flowers and paces beside you through the stone studded field, tears threatening to dance down her cheeks. She stops before a tiny plaque that bares your own name- one she's never uttered.
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    Volkmar Mannhardt

    "What are you doing Step-Lidomast?" - Last words of Oleh Orel
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    Volkmar Mannhardt

  4. _Jandy_

    Volkmar Mannhardt

    "To what are you loyal?" THEMATIC I Known as: “Volkmar Hartwin Mannhardt” Nicknames and Aliases: † 'Volk' † 'Lordling' † 'Gremlin 2' Age: Mid 20’s Gender: Male Race: Human Social Status: Noble of House Mannhardt Marital Status: Betrothed. Height: 6'1 Homeland: The Crownlands of...
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    _Jandy_'s Feedback Post

    Or have them upon request by moderators to help deal with specific tricky situations
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    _Jandy_'s Feedback Post

    IGN _Jandy_ Suggestion, feedback or idea! Remove roll combat entirely or put out either a ruleset or guide for the kinds of actions that can be done within it.
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    Spirit animal

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    chicken parm probably

    chicken parm probably
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    Reviewed A New Transformation (LORE SUBMISSION)

    I hate commies.
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    -=- The Return of the Jindles -=-

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    Tons of good rp

    Tons of good rp
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    I'm having fun

    I'm having fun
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    _Jandy_'s Feedback Post

    Perhaps a new horse Stat could be added called "Load" which allows a horse to carry more people or a person with heavier armor. For example a horse with 1 Load point can carry a single player with iron armor. A horse with 2 Load points can carry 2 players or 1 with steel armor. 3 Load points...
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    _Jandy_'s Feedback Post

    IGN _Jandy_ Suggestion, feedback or idea! I'm going to dump a bunch of small ideas rather than address 1 big issue that everybody would bicker over, so here it goes- Amber as a rare drop should come from lumberjacking and not mining. Perhaps this could open up a new kind of rare drop to give...
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    Announcement Calendale vs Aellen: Mission Statement

    Wtf are war goals and why is the ooc system going to impede rp? Seems like a colossal failure on the side of developing a war system.
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    wootdahnoot's Feedback Post

    You won't use 75% of the skins you get because they're boring or just outright worse than another skin you do have. However getting 25 separate staff skins doesn't feel great and I do think it's an issue. I think the best fix would be to somehow be able to skin staffs for other people, something...
  17. _Jandy_

    My Letter too Aellen

    Volkmar Mannhardt grins broadly when he heard that the letter had been delivered to the elves. They were moments away from having Calendale's finest agent release a torrent of Horrors within the walls of their enemies. It would only take a smidge of Aellenite compassion.